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Speakers view on Humaitys down fall

Submitted: November 13, 2011

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Submitted: November 13, 2011



You are all dead, feeble shells, katatonic eyes,

Souless fusions of rotting flesh and decaying bone,

As I walk through the masses,

Your rotting corpse reaches out, reaching,

A touch soo cold,

I feel Your blood tinted skin, your decietful eyes,

Your unfaithfil mind,

Your wretched soul does then ignite,

Ito you cast into the Night,

Finally, listen to the Fall,

For this is the End,

The End of it all,

Ignorrant, mindless, meconium filled cages,

You shall not take my lifes' worth,

This was written throughout the ages,

You will not take captive my insanity-filled World,

To think I had once love such beings,

And strived to be like soo many,

For years and years you have fought over meanings,

Among you the great they were soo few,

Brick by brick you create all around you,

Only to be the cause of its' fall,

Now is the Time of His Reign,

Now, now I rise as you crumble,

For when I began you surely ended,

With Me it stops,

With Me its' over,

With Me the sun is blackened,

With Me the light shall fall,

This is the End, This is your defeat,

This is Your fucking reward,

For I.....Listen!

For I, AM....

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