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Submitted: November 18, 2011

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Submitted: November 18, 2011





The noise inside those four walls sickened me. These wasted lives mindlessly moving to sounds that I found decietful, that i found draining and shallow. I looked at her, she was smiling, smiling at every other body that walked past her. She knew...she knew the way i felt, the way I was powerless to her. But now I saw, she was just like everything else in this room. Just as mindless and as without purpose. She only chased pleasure, not meaning, not lasting...just split-second feelings.

I was selfish i know, but I looked at her one last time, ensuring she saw the pain that poured from my eyes. Just making sure she saw me one last time before I...

I turned and walked through the door. ''Have a good night'' I heard a body say. I didn't respond. My mind was set. I had made up my mind. Ten minutes before the only living thing in that room I could see was her...the only one. But now, just ten minutes later...she had become like the rest of them. Lifeless.

I walked through the streets, looking for something to keep me here. Perhaps someone would see my need, perhaps someone would inquire as to how i was...perhaps that would change my mind. Nothing stopped me, nothing stood before me to ask me. I turned the corner. Making sure I was on the right song I had chosen for this moment, I placed my mp3 back into my pocket. I saw the place where I had planned it.

I walked closer to the edge. The lights dashing behind me, rushing to and from unkown locations. Just floating past. The dark flow beneath me beckoned as I lit my last cigerette. I looked up to the sky, just before I was to die. The song played through its last seconds....playing through my last. I let the butt fall from my fingers into the depths below, its light being extinguished as it was caught by the current.

I heard a few cars slow down as I stood on top of the wall. I think I heard one or two doors opening followed by the rapid stepping of feet on the wet road...but I may have been mistaken...perhaps my mind was hoping someone or something would stop me.

The wind took me up in its arms, casting me overboard. It was only seconds but it felt like hours as I descended to my throne under of cover of darkness.

I spotted a few figures leaning over the edge, some with arms out-stretched. I smiled as the water en-gulfed me. My eyes blurred...I slipped away.



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