Pray tell me it is not lost...

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Submitted: January 09, 2012

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Submitted: January 09, 2012




Before, I thought it...but now I see it...

This hell, this torture I see in thee,
Your eyes so deep, so dark, they bleed,
With tears and crys of pain, You need,
You need the release I would hate for You to recieve.

But what is my word against Your mind,
So distraught, apart, so utterly untwined,
 I know Our Love remains as a bind,
From You to this wretched world and to mine.

I have no remorse of giving it forth,
Nor will I think I should have altered course,
The day I gave my darkened heart,
Onto to You to tear apart.

A tear forms in the pin of my eye, 
As I conjure up the next line,
I am soo sorry, I thought I had tried,
I fall into this pit of mine.

You still stand at the very top,
At the brink to my fall I stop,
A hand reaches further up,
Please no, please, please just do not jump.

The world without You is soo dim,
I see it and I turn back again,
I run to You, needing You probably think,
But You are my hope, my joy, my release.

You are the most and the greatest to me,
And Your wishes should be commands to me,
But this thing You ask, this act, this crime,
Pray just delay the thought for a while.

I am still not done trying to make You see,
Trying to help You up, up off Your knees,
There is soo much more to see, to believe,
So I ask of You won't You walk with me? 

 Just a little more, just a few more steps,
Then We both may see how far the road behind us does stretch,

May I dare to imagine Our life together,
The warmth of a house, the tiny pitter-patter.

Just the thought makes me realise,
That with You We can both define,
The life that We both do for strive,
The rest of my years staring into Your eyes.

Hear me when I say that this is true,
Sometimes I just feel liking shouthing at You,
Trying to shout some sense, some sort of meaing,
To try and stop Your continuous bleeding.

Screaming and yelling at the tiny demons,
Those little creatures, so small, so weak,
You are soo strong, the mightiest I've seen,
Just a little more time and those demons You shall defeat. 

All I want is for You to breathe,
All I see worthy is to exist with You,
Please reconsider the magnitude of Your request,
I long for Us, You and I, together to rest....


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