Twin birds of the sweet valley

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This poem describes a beautiful valley consisting of fruitful trees supply food to birds,grass carpeting the valley, pond with fresh water and the sun giving light.

it then describe birds flying enjonying the riches. Then it narrow to describe the good friendship existing between twin birds.

The twin birds represent my friends who have a good relationship.They sing in a choir.

Submitted: December 01, 2008

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Submitted: December 01, 2008



View, the sweet valley below
There scattered grasses dressing in greens
With plantations fashioning the fresh fruits
And flowers blooming with colourful crowns.

Sense, the cool wind blowing,
Triggering the smell of manure within the moisture
The sky scattering the mist to air
The sparkling pond reflecting the sky
The sun flashing the sweet valley.

Wow, Birds gliding like jets sliding in air
Their wings spreading the magical bodies
Listen to bird’s choral choir
Singing the sweet songs.

See, twin birds under a bush plantation
Being of the same kind
Flapping their feathers and cooing
While sharing a single fruits
Which slashes riches
And the twins testing sweeties.

After a while the twins creeping
Soaring to the quiet blues
Plunging their mouths to sip the blues
And float on water like boats.

There twins shares stories
Cause they are mouths and saliva
Friends mirror each other.

Earnest 16 August 2008

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