All of the people that live

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the truth about the people in my life.

Submitted: July 04, 2010

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Submitted: July 04, 2010




There was nothing I could do that would lift this cloud of hate off my shoulders.

Hate for the world that hurt me,

Hate for my own foolish heart that betrayed me,

Hate for the boy that made me crazy.

I was soullessly wandering around.

The food tastes like card board and the water my only refuge cool and wet and untainted, not jaded by cruel words and blatant injustices of feelings not expressed but repressed poisoning the soul until there is nothing left no blood no veins no words, nothing but a black hole filled with misery.

A misery you would gladly afflict upon the world and all those that have wronged you.

Everyone wronged you they thought of themselves first they let you fall to the wayside, your feelings no longer mattered your pain was no longer significant you where a waste or sperm a waste of time and an excuse to do laundry.

Laundry that never got done because you where so bruised and scarred by the world that spit you up and left you to die.

Beautiful and alone you wait for someone to save you but he doesn't come, he never comes. no one does.

They all use you because you give it up your morals, your heart, your body, for them to chew on because that is what you,

are a toy.

You loved and you lost and you wish that he would stop pretending to love long enoug,h so he could see what he lost.

Your hate is your calling card, you hide behind hate and sharp words but your a pet, a small pet that has no home, they don't want you and you know it, you don't belong so you make it known.

Your shoulders sag from the weight of the unknown who am I, why don't I feel like I am part of them, odd one out but why blend in your not like them not like any of them.

Condemnation for the fact that I live and refuse to die for your approved.

Punishing me like I deserve the pain the tears the reprieve of unconscious like the rain fall after a bout of drought.


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