Revised demise of the human mind

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a towns sink into insanity

Submitted: July 04, 2010

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Submitted: July 04, 2010



Madness has over taken us and we welcomed it,

almost as if we enjoyed it.

It came through our windows, it crept under out doors

And silently it changed us,

but we all knew,

the voices that came to us when the the crickets slept and the fireflies turned off their lights they where there... They were always, there.

We basked in the thought of no return and we relished in our blue veins how could something so crucial to our existence be so exposed..

Our minds turned to mush overheated and underused Monday melted into Tuesday and the rest of the days became one.

We also became one or maybe that is what we taught ourselves to believe.

Our mission was to live but it soon turned into survive and then it molded its self into accept.

The world was going its own way get on or get off, drop out of the universe and come back when the skies are red and the grass is gray.

Looking back on madness you never realize that we are one, we are alone, we are together, and we are insanity.

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