Rae's Starlight

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Echo and Rae, forever lovers caught in the mystery of the world.

Submitted: April 08, 2011

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Submitted: April 08, 2011



“Never knew I could feel like this.” Rae whispered, medium length brunette hair flowing behind her. Her bare feet made no sound as they traveled up the many levels and steps. Her pale arms rested at her sides, black dress swishing about her knees.

“Like I’ve never seen… the sky before.” Her blue-green eyes looked upon the starry night sky above her as she looked through the open door. Blinking once, twice, she stepped onto the chilly concrete ground and shut the door with a click. Her bangs cast shadows over her moisture lined eyes.

“Want to vanish inside your kiss…” Rae’s fingertips brushed across her slightly chapped lips. Goosebumps rose across her skin as a breeze swept past. She sauntered over, closer to the ledge that plunged into darkness.

“Seasons may change… Winter to Spring.” her voice echoed on the building top. Tears dripped from her eyes onto the cement below, but she didn’t bother to wipe them away.

“But I love you… Until the end of time.” Rae’s voice cracked and she faltered in her steps, stopping to sink down to her knees. Black fabric pooled around her as she let her face fall into her hands. Her shoulders shook and her body trembled.

“Come what may...” Her alto voice resounded through the night, filling the air with a broken melody.

“Come what may…” Rae didn’t let her voice crack or let the tears obscure her vision as she stood on two shaky legs.

“I will love you…” her eyes closed and her hands rested over her chest. Rae’s hair and dress flowed around her shivering body with the next gust of wind.

“Until my dying…” she opened her eyes and looked up to the stars, the starlight shining on her tear streaked cheeks. “Day.”

Echo had woken up early. There was a sudden coldness beside her and she knew without even opening her eyes that Rae had left. She rolled out of bed.
"Where is she?" Echo murmured to the cat lying curled up next to the bed. It lifted its head with a "merh?"
"Well, you're a lot of help." Echo left the room. She could feel cold air rushing down the hallway. Echo could hear a familiar voice coming from the stairs that led up to the roof - that husky voice that she loved so much.
It sounded sad.
"Rae?" She called, padding down the hallway to the stairs in her bare feet. "Rae, come inside. It's cold out there. You'll freeze."

I don't want you to freeze” she thought to herself.

Rae quickly wiped her eyes of the tears and cleared her throat. The last thing she wanted was Echo worrying for her. Walking to the door she saw her lover standing there. Echo’s short dirty blonde hair was frazzled around her face, her grey-green eyes tired and murky looking.

Echo held out a small blanket she had picked up for Rae on her way out of the room. “Didn’t want you to freeze.” Echo spoke softly as Rae grew nearer.

“Thanks.” Rae mumbled, keeping her bangs over her eyes to hide the redness. As Rae pulled the blanket around her shoulders, a pair of arms encircled her waist.

Echo dropped her chin on Rae's head, holding her close. She closed her eyes. She was tired - but Rae was here, so she was comforted as well. She took in a deep breath.
"Are you...sniffing me?" Rae's voice came muffled from somewhere in the vicinity of Echo's collarbones.
"Can't help it." Echo murmured. "You smell good."

“Okay, but that means cuddling.” Echo spoke, not unwrapping her arms from Rae as they walked back to the bed together. Rae wrapped her arms around Echo in return and they fell onto the bed together, spooking the black cat awake.

The cat stalked away with a hiss - but it was just show. The cat was used to this.
Echo curled around Rae, more than a little catlike, and draped an arm over the smaller woman's shoulders. She hummed deep in her throat, content.
"Promise me one thing?" She murmured into Rae's hair.

“What am I promising?” Rae asked softly, relaxing as heat spread through her veins and warmed her frozen extremities.

Echo smiled, reached down, and pulled the covers up. "Don't get cold again. Your feet are freezing."

“That’s what I’m promising?” Rae asked looking up at the lazy expression Echo showed on her face. “Not to get cold?”

"Yup." Echo said. She smiled lazily, and then the smile shifted into something more serious. "Every time you go away you get cold. I can't stand it. I'm cold enough already. I can't stand it."
Echo paused for a moment.
"So I guess what I'm really asking you to promise is not to go away. I'll keep you warm."

Unexpectedly, Rae’s eyes filled with tears once more. Echo’s own eyes widened at the sight. Pressing in more, Rae managed to wrap her arms around Echo and embrace her tightly, whilst burying her face in Echo’s collar bones.

“That’s really what I needed to hear right now…” Rae sniffled.

Echo held her awkwardly. She still wasn't comfortable with emotions, but she held her nevertheless. She laid a gentle kiss at the top of Rae's head.
After a few moments Rae began to relax again in Echo's arms and Echo felt sleep beginning to overtake her. Her eyelids felt heavy. She snuggled closer.
Rae felt Echo snuggle as close as possible. Tilting her head up, Rae gave Echo a kiss under the chin to say ‘I love you’. Knowing Echo was about the fall into her dreams, Rae closed her eyes and was soon enveloped by the blissful darkness they called sleep.



Rae smiled and snuggled into Echo’s body. She nuzzled her nose into the taller woman’s neck and sighed a happy sigh. In turn she inhaled Echo’s scent and grew more and more drowsy.“You can smell me all you want later… I’m tired now.” Rae said with a slight laugh, face warming at the closeness of Echo‘s chest. Her spirits perked up a bit at Echo’s silly intentions though.

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