The Locusts of Second Earth

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This is a first attempt at a sci-fi short story. I have currently only written a the introduction/first chapter, buy will hopefully add more as time goes by.

Set during a 200 year war with a species claiming joint ancestry with humanity, the first chapter explores the origins of the Locusts and the beginnings of the war

Submitted: February 05, 2018

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Submitted: February 05, 2018



Everything starts the same way, with violence. The creation of the universe was by means of a violent explosion of gases and elements. Birth itself is a violent, painful and stressful experience – for both mother and child. The events that lead up to this point are pretty much the same; violent. The war had gone on for over 200 years. It had been going on for so long that the current soldiers of misfortune didn’t truly understand what starter it all. They, just like their fathers before them, relied on the stories told by the previous generation, but as with all stories, the tale became twisted. The elders always had a way of.... embellishing their version of events. It started with small, little things, such as over exaggerating the actions of a single individual. Over the years this lead to strongly held beliefs of men being borderline god’s, and the enemy being solely to blame for everything leading up to the war to end all wars. Truth be told, the enemy did make the first strike. It was by their actions that the surface on the planet became the scorched wasteland that it is today, but they weren’t the ones responsible. As the legends go, the enemy came from a distant world, with the sole intention of enslaving everyone on their planet, to use them to stripmine the world of its resources, before discarding it and moving on to the next planet. It is for this very reason the enemy became known as Locusts – they come, destroy and move on. The truth of it all couldn’t be much further from the truth. The Locusts came when civilization was recovering from the greatest of plagues. Mankind had suffered a near extinction level event, leaving the population of the planet at a mere fraction of what it once was. From a colossal 12 billion people in the year 2100 to a miniscule 500,000 by the time the Locusts arrived in 2197. Nobody ever fully understood the plague, just that it was airborne and wiped out the vast majority of the population. No cure was ever found; one day it just disappeared, leaving a handful of survivors. Some thought it was a conspiracy, a mass culling of mankind by the Illuminati or the likes. Others thought it was down to genetic defects caused by the mass consumption of pharmaceuticals over generations, weakening the gnome. The one thing that everyone agree with though was that it seemed to be an unlikely coincidence that the Locusts arrived less than a decade after the plague had subsided. It would probably be beneficial at this point to make you aware of a few things about the Locusts. For all intents and purposes they were almost indistinguishable from humans. They looked almost like your average person – two arms, two legs, two eyes etc, just average, but with two major exceptions; they were all built like body builders – overly muscular and defined, and their skin. Their skin was the major spectating factor from humans; their skin had a dull greyness about it, almost like they had never seen daylight, but that wasn’t the most defining feature. At times their skin seemed to go almost translucent. If they were deep in thought, had a sudden brainwave, or if they were excreting their incredible physical strength, their skin would turn translucent, enough to make their cardiovascular system visible, and at times enough to make them almost invisible. The strange though was that, from the moment of their arrival, they seemed determined to help mankind, claiming that they had a common ancestry. Their claims lead back centuries to earth’s first journeys outside of the solar system. The Locusts claimed that it was on humanities very first voyageboast the outer edges of the solar system that lead to their beginnings. Humanities early days of space exploration were rife with disasters, and the mission in question was no exception; the star ship Discovery, with its crew of 200 of earth’s too scientific minds, was meant to travel for a total of 10 years outside of the solar system, then return to earth. Unfortunately, once the Discovery has passed Pluto and left the system, the last contact with earth was a distress call indicating that it had encountered a solar storm and was experiencing system malfunctions. When all attempts at further communication failed, the mission was classed as a failure and left to the history books. In all the years since then, when earth finally made it across the Milky way galaxy, and had come to the conclusion that mankind was alone in the universe, there had not been any signs of the Discovery; no wreckage or anything. The Locusts however, claimed that the Discovery hadn’t encountered a solar storm, but had in fact stumbled across a highly unstable wormhole sending them hundreds of light-years from earth and leaving them stranded on an uninhabited planet. Given the scientific and technological knowledge of the crew, they were able to build a new society on this planet, which they had dubbed Second Earth, and had made huge scientific advancements, which over the generations had allowed the Locusts to return home to Earth. They claimed that their super human strength was due to the high levels of gravity on second Earth, and their skin was due in part to high, yet non harmful, background radiation. All this aside, the arrival of the Locusts shortly after the plague left many to believe that they were the ones responsible, that they wanted to eliminate mankind to steal the planets resources. And unfortunately for mankind, it was these misguided beliefs that lead to the current state of affairs. And it all boiled down to the actions of a single individual....

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