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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
A story about a guy who gets dumped by his girlfriend. Instead of being bitter he chooses to stay positive. Will positive thinking get him his girlfriend back? This is a first draft. Please leave Your comments so I can make it into a real book!

Submitted: February 22, 2016

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Submitted: February 22, 2016




Chapter 001

This is a story about John! He is 24 years old guy, who lives in Riga, Latvia. At the moment he works at the biggest bank in Latvia as a client consultant. It's a good job, cause it took him 7 job interviews to get it and the pay is somewhat good. He doesn't have a clue what he wants out of life, yet he has a gorgeous girlfriend. With his salary he can't afford to live with his girlfriend alone, so he is renting a flat with another couple. A small two bedroom apartment, but somehow John doesn't feel the need to change anything. He is too lazy. John is average height guy, good-looking. He has brown hair and blue eyes.

One day he comes home from work. He goes to his room to find his girlfriend waiting for him. She looks sad. It's week before Christmas. This girl is absolutely amazing. She's funny, good-looking and pretty much everything a guy looks for in a girl. Amanda – that's her name.

  • How was Your day? - John asks

  • I don't want any Christmas gifts from You! - says Amanda.

John is shocked. He stutters for a second .

  • Is everything ok? - He asks.

  • Everything is fine. Don't bother! - Amanda replies.

When a girl says, everything is fine, it means that she doesn't care anymore and everything's is pretty much over. And this is exactly what happens here.

A few days later before Christmas after a long day at work they meet in their bedroom.

Amanda breaks the silence in the room by saying.

  • It's over! I don't see You as a man anymore! -

John drops on his knees trying to convince her to stay, but nothing helps. She has decided everything. John is crushed. After two years of relationship it is over. Just like that. That feeling of helplessness is undescribable.

The next day John has a day off. He wakes up alone in bed. His now exgirlfriend is gone to work. He feels just awful. It's hard to get out of bed. The life is over, but giving up is not the answer here. An hour goes by and John finally gets out of bed. First thing he does is turning the computer on. He looks through the pictures. The good old times when they were a happy couple.

  • I have to win her back! - John thinks, but how to do that. Let's ask Google. There are lots of articles on this subject. The most common advice on this subject is to find Your legs as soon as possible and be the best version of Yourself as You possibly can. John decides to act on it. Without even thinking about it he calls his best friend to help with the moving. I have to get out of this place as soon as possible, John thinks to himself. In two hours Peter has arrived. John and Peter studied in Highschool together, so they go way back. John leaves a note to Amanda saying “are You sure about this?”. Everything is packed in Peter's van and John leaves. It's not an easy decision, but it's for the best.

John goes back to his parent's house. Since he can't afford to live on his own, that's the only option. Parents are happy to have him back. So John returns to his childhood house to start over. He is devastated but he promises to himself that no matter what he's going to be strong.

Later that night Amanda calls. She is crying. I didn't expect this from You, she says. You are a good man and I wish You the best!

Chapter 002

The next day John has to go to work. He wakes up early without an alarm. I will be happy no matter what! - John declares to himself. We only live once. I will enjoy this day as it if was my last. In fact I will live each and every day as if it was my last from now on. John makes a promise to himself. So he puts himself in a great mood for a day. Parents have already left, that means John is home all alone. He turns the music on. His favorite artist fills the house with great tunes. This new approach feels great. Usually it's hard to even get out of bed, but this monday is different. Energy flows throgh John's body. He puts his suit on and leaves for work.

At 8:30 there's the usual meeting. Everybody notices John's energy and it makes him feel even better about himself. He is now more confident than ever. At 9:00 bank opens it's door and John has his first customer of the day. It's a beautiful girl who wants to take her card out. She smiles at him. John checks her passport. Her name is Jane. - You have a beautiful name – John compliments her. - Thanks!- She responds. As a professional John doesn't allow himself to flirt with this girl. She gets her new bank card and leaves. Today John only has nice customers, as if his positive energy only attracts positive people. Just before lunch break an apparently homeless alcoholic comes in. This guy goes to John's desk. He wants to take out his card also. Normally John would have tried to get rid of this client as quickly as possible but today John is open minded and wants to be a good consultant. The card has not yet arrived, John tries to find out when the card will be available for collection. John makes a phone call. Card will be at the bank after 14:00 o'clock. John informs the homeless person.

  • I want to take out some cash then – the client says.

  • Ok, but we have a fee. It's 3 eur. But if You take out up to 9.99, then it's free – John answers.

  • I'll take the 9.99. -

John doesn't small change in his cashbox so he just give the whole 10 euros. And that should be the end of it. John takes a break.

After his lunch break John gets back to work. On his way to his desk the homeless guy from before stops him.

  • Here's 5 cents. I didn't want to stay in debt. - says the guy handing John the money.

That's nice! John takes the money and says goodbye. What a nice gesture! That man only had 13 or so euros in his account, yet he came back looked me up and gave me the money back even with interest. There's something here. John noticed that while he had only nice clients today the rest of the collegues at least the ones he had interacted with complained how today was a total nightmare. Since he is living this day as if it's his last, he went to his chairman's office. I should shake things up, - he thought.

A minute later John walks into the boss'es office. He explains the situation and how the bank could profit from it. Then he asks for a raise. Boss turns him down. Just like that the good idea didn't find hearing ears. John is a bit disappointed but he reminds himself his new way of living and goes back to work. When the workday has ended he thinks to himself. I should go and talk to the board tomorrow.

The next day he is even more energized. He gets ready. Today he doesn't go by bus but gets a cab. It's upsetting how he lives so far away from the center that it takes him 40 minutes to get there. Cab ride takes only 20 minutes and takes him right to the main building of the bank. It's 9:00 am. He goes straight to 25th floor where the board members should be. It comes as a surprise to him when there are only empty rooms up there. So he makes himself comfortable and just waits.

The big bosses come in about 20 minutes. John is waiting for them in the conference room. Surprisingly they listen to John for about 10 minutes but still turns him down. That's not how our business work is the ultimate answer. John quits his job at this point. I have the secret key here to all good things and nobody listens to me. John says goodbye and leaves.

Chapter 003

What I didn't tell You in the beginning of this story is that John is in fact a public relations specialist. He just has never worked in his profession. Now it's 10 o'clock in the morning. The day has just started. I have about 300 euros in my account. John thinks to himself. Since he now knows the secret he is going to try something noone has ever done. A public relations campaign that costs less than 300 euros but has the potential to reach the people around the world.

John has a good friend whom he met in university. She now works at the mayor television company. He calls Alice, tells her his story and plans. She's onboard.

Two hours later they meet at the Central railway station. It's the perfect place for this because there are lots of people here. She has her crew with her. They are going to shoot. John has already taken out his last 300 euros. He gives 100 euros to Alice and her team.

John is ready. He puts all his money in the basket in front of him. He has a poster prepared that says. Take everything I've got! He stands there for about an hour but nothing happens. People just pass by and doesn't pay attention to him. Then some guy puts a fiver in John's basket. He didn't even read the sign.

John takes the basket and his poster and says to Alice. That's it! Our experiment is over. Alice now interviews John for the final touch.

John's speech.

Today I wanted to give away all my money, yet somehow I didn't loose a dime. I even made five euros. All because of one thing. I now know the secret. I'm a human. I don't know how long I have left on my clock. I want to live my life to the fullest. Live each day as if it was my last. I'm now without a job. Cause they only care about the money. I care about humans. I'm a professional PR specialist. So if Your company needs a guy that knows how to reach people and make money, call me!

That evening John watches the news where his friend Alice presents his story. Ten minutes later a different bank calls. They need a public relations specialist. They arrange a meeting the next day.

So what happens next? John gets a new job with a month's pay of more than 5000 euros. He gets his girlfriend back. And ten years later he has changed the whole world. He could have given up but he didn't.



© Copyright 2020 Dainis_G. All rights reserved.

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