Doom Kitty Kicks Butt

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just a dream i had, it was interseting to me so i wrote it down, plz enjoy

Submitted: November 27, 2008

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Submitted: November 27, 2008



Name: Chrystal
Occupation: Assassin
Personality: Loyal, but will go against any orders she doesn't like. If someone breaks her trust, she wont trust them for a long period of time. She's Nocturnal. Sleeps during the day, and is awake and alive

during the night. When killing someone, she can be a tad Sadistic(crueally, bloodly). She takes turns being an assassin and a college student. She goes to college online and is a straight A student, she's 19

and people say that she's a prodigy.
Assassin Name:Doom Kitty

Chrystal was experimented on when she was 16, the doctor, Dr.Jozack, added cat genes to her genes, diamond particals to her skin cells, and steele to her bones.
After everything, she has the agility, balance, flexibility, speed, and reflects of a cat. Her eyes are green and slited. Her nails are long and sharp and her canines are longer and sharper then a regular human's.
Her skin is flawless, perfect, and almost unpenetratable(sp). Plus it shines in the sunlight, or any bright light in the right angle. So she stays in the shadows.
Her bones are almost unbreakable. Almost.
And any injuries she gets heals at 10 times that of a regular human. So if she broke one of her bones, it heals within a week.

"Chrystal" million of voices said in hush whispers, but it seemed deafening.
One voice stood out among the others though. It sounded quiet, but deadly all the same.
Velvet through steel. The voice got closer, till it sounded next to my ear, sending shivers down my spine. All the other voices around me seemed to just fade away.
I wake in cold sweat, still hearing his voice, still feeling his breath on the back of my neck, hir fingers on my lower back, trailing up to my shoulderblades, as though tracing something.
I shiver, but not from the chill in my room.
Sighing, I run a hand through my short pixie-cut white hair. I look at my clock. Groaning, I realize it's six, and the sun hasn't even set yet. Getting up from my tangled sheets I grab my still on laptop and sit

back down. Putting on my earphones, I sign into my college account.
"Hello Miss Moore, do you hve your assignments done?" A man asked on the other end of my headset.
"Yes sir, I'll e-mail them to you now. And may I ask if I could come in tomorrow? I have something I need to ask you."
"Oh? I thought you slept during the day?"
"I do, but I can make it in. And your assignment is sent Mr. Greene."
"Thank you, and yes, you can come in at noon tomorrow, i'll inform everyone now. Have a good night" With that, I signed out and shut down my laptop.
Unknown to me, miles away, a vampire was awaking in cold sweat just as I had. From a dream.

-Torick's POV-
"Lord Torick? Are you alright? You were groaning in your sleep." Mary, my personal caretaker and maid, asked.
"Yeah, I'm fine" I said through pants.
Mary left with a scowl, and I sat up, my silk sheets pooling at my waist, showing my marblelike chest.
That woman in my dream, she seemed so real. Her hand, I could still feel it warmly on my cheek. Her lips on my neck. And her body pressed up against mine. It was almost rock hard, like a vampire's,

but warm like a human.
And her voice. How couldI ever forget it? It was venom dripping off of something sweet. Tame but deadly.
Against my neck she said my name.
That was when I woke up.But what was funny, was that I didn't see one detail of her. Just felt and heard her.
I slightly jumped when my still on laptop beeped, letting me know I had a new E-mail. Sighing, I grabbed my laptop and checked it. It was from The Ancient Order. A powerful group of the oldest vampires.

Great. It read:
'Lord Torick,
The Ancient Council wants you to kill an Ex-vampire. His name is Normon Huntington'
Thats all it said, but I'd dealt with Normon before, so I knew where to find him.
Again,I sighed, annoyance laced it. I got up and threw on black jeans and a red t-shirt and left.

-Chrystal's POV-
I quickly run across the rooftop. Stop. Listen. Run. Grabbing a dagger, I fling it at the man ahead of me. Stabbing him deep in the back of the neck. I killed my target. I am an assassin. I kill for a living.
Turning my head slightly to the right, I recognize the scent of my employer, Normon Huntington.
"Good job Chrys. I dont have a lot of time, but I need one lastjob done. By the time this job begins however, I'll be dead" he explains.
"Understood. The person I have to kill, is it who is going to kill you?"
Nodding, Normon says: "Yes. Now, good bye. You need sleep, I hear your going into the college tomorrow, have fun" I didn't even bother asking how he knew that. He keeps tabs on all his assassins' lives.

Then he kind of dissappeared into the darkness.
I groan, but quickly run back to my apartment. Looking at my alarm clock, I see its only five in the morning, long before the sun rises, but gets into bed nontheless. Setting my alarm clock to go off at

Eleven-Thirty, I drift into a dreamless sleep.

-Torick's POV-
Iquickly track down Normon, which was particularly easy. I found him and pinned him to a wall. All he does is laugh in my face.
Growling, I shove my elbow into his throat cutting off his air.
But he managed to choke out one word: "Revenge"
I let him go. "What did you just say?" I growl.
He chuckled, a smug grin on his face. Oh how I wanted to ruin that face of his.
"I hired an assassin to kill you. She's a fighter, and will probably give you a run for your money."
A feral growl escaped from the back of my throat. "What makes you think she'll get past the gates?"
"Oh, she's already gotten past your barrier, didn't she? You dreamt of her,
did you not?"
The dream cut through my thoughts like a knife through butter.
"What are you rambling about?" I snap
"You know what I'm talking about. The vampiric like body. Seductive voice. You know what I'm talking about Lord Torick"
"How do you know that?"
"I know a lot of things Torick"
Growling, I bring out my silver knife.. "Do you know what silver does to a vampire?"
That smug grin never left his face. "Know she dreamt of you too"
I was tired of this little game of his. I plunged the knife into his chest and turned to leave. Anything silver in a vampire's body stops their healing process and they will turn to ashes in the sunlight.

Just incase he could walk, I shot both of his legs with silver bullets. A cruel death fit for an Ex-vampire. To burn in the sun.
But unknown to me, just two floors below my very own feet was the assassin hired to kill me the very next night. Sleeping. Andvunerable.
An hour later I reached my mansion.
"Mary!! Get down to the lobby! NOW!" I yelled, knowing it would ring through the whole place.
An elderly woman of perhaps her early fifties, came runing into the lobby, completely flustered, but otherwise unfazed by his tone.
"Yes sir?" she asked. She knew something was wrong, but he wasn't angry.
"Lock up the gates, get the servants, maids, and yourself somewhere safe. Tell the guards to stay on their toes, theres going to be an attack"
Mary couldn't believe her ears. Lord Torick...sounded afraid. But of what? Death?
She scurried off to do these things.
I sighed, then slowly walked upstairs to my room, and to bed. The moment my head hit the silky pillow, I was out like a light, into a dreamless sleep.-
-Chrystal's POV-
11:30. Thats what my alarm clock read, all the while beeping like mad. I groaned, but got up anyway. The first thing I do is turn off that bloody noisy thing called an alarm clock. The first thing I did was

check my e-mails.
One new. It's from Normon. Hmm, he must've sent it before he got killed yesterday.
I chuckled. It was because he was an Ex-vampire.
Ex-vampires are vampires that reject blood, then go crazy from the lack of it, killing possibly dozens at a time. Pureblooded vampires, or born vampires, and Nobles, turned vampires take care of them.

Hunting them down if they're a threat and killing them cruelly.
Getting dressed in a black tanktop and army green cargo pants, I grab my keys to my smart car and leave. When I get to the college, I park my car and quickly walk inside, as to not gather attention to me,

with my sparkling and such.
Iwalked to the office and knocked loudly. The voices that were talking stopped suddenly, and the door opened, showing an older woman in the doorway.
She smiled. "You must be Miss Moore. It's good to finally meet such a talked about student."
"I see. Could you turn down the lights, my eyes are sensitive" I asked.
Once the lights were turned down, and I wouldn't sparkle like a brand new diamond ring, I walked in, and sat down
"It's nice to actually be here. As Mr.Greene told you, I'd like a favor. I came today to ask you if I could graduate early. I can't continue for a long while probably, and I don't want to drop out."
The five people in the room, two men and three women, talked amongst themselves. Some nodding, others shaking their heads.
Them they settled down. "Miss Moore. I'm Mr. Greene. You've surpassed our our terms. We, surprisingly, don't have anything else to teach you. I and everyone else here, agree that you, Chrystal Moore,

are now a graduated student. Congradulations"
After everyone shook my hand, I bowed my head and left, yawning.
Once I was home, I crawled back into my bed, snuggling into the sheets.
At 5:34,my phone rang. My urge to throw it across the room was strong, but when I looked at the number, I blinked, fully awake. It was Normon's number.
"Ello?"I croaked
"Chrystal? My name is Brian, Normon's brother. He left me a note, saying I had to give you something, and I think he e-mailed you about it too."
Fully awake I ask "Whats your address?"
He gave me his address, and hung up.
I groaned, for what seemed like the hundredth time today, and got up, putting on my assassin attair. Next I strapped on my weapons.Four knives in each boot, five small throwing knives in each fingertip of

each glove. A gun on my thigh and a packet of bullets above that, on my hip. Not to mention my claws and nails.
Before I left however, I checked that e-mail Normon sent me.
Dear Chrystal,
As your reading this, knowing you, I'm already dead and your laughing because I got caught. Brian probably already called you, but anyway, I left you some gifts.
The person I want you to kill is a Pureblood named Lord Torick Spandorz. In fights he's cruel and sadistic, but other then that he's a lovable puppy. If you fail, you die. Even if he doesn't kill you, I've set it

up so that my other assassin's will stop at nothing to kill you.
Torick will know of you, and he'll be ready. Knowing him he probably hid away all his servants and maids, and set up a lot more guards.
Good luck,
Normon Huntington.
Chuckling, I ran from the room, through my window, and towards my first destination, Brian Huntington.
I snuck into the top floor window, and sat on the window ledge.
Brian walked into the room, and jump, startled when he saw me. Brain had scruffy blue black hair, with grey eyes to match.
I laughed. "You must be Brain" It wasn't a question.
"Yeah, you must be Chrystal" He stuttered nervously.
"Dont worry, I dont bite. Often" I offered, flashing a smile that showed my sharp teeth.
"Umm, here" He mumbled, striding over to me, giving me a box as long as my arm, then going back to his spot by the door, as though ready to bolt if I tried anything. Oh please.
Opening the box, I found twenty or so silver bullets and a silver dagger as long as my arm in the box, a note sitting snuggly on top.
The note had onlysix words on it: Silver stops a vampire's healing ability
I put the bullets into my bullet pouch and the silver dagger in my boot.
That done, I turned to Brain and said: "Well, goodbye" and left out the window, the way I had come.
When I found the mansion Torick was hiding in, I stealthly killed most of the guards.
I literally walked in through the front door. This was too easy.
I grab an already loaded gun and pointed it at an elderly woman walking past the lobby. She stopped dead in her tracks.
Suddenly a very pale, yet handsome man walked out, gaurding the elderly woman from harms way.
"Torick?" I ask, not warmly.
"Who are you?" He hisses. I know that voice from somewhere.
"Dont you remember Normon? I sure he told you Vampire" I hiss back through my teeth, trying to be imitidating. It didn't work very well.
Thats when it hit me. His voice. It was from that stupid dream.
"Ah, so your the assassin Normon was talking about, huh? I was expecting more, but this might be fun. Mary, get out of here"
The elderly woman, Mary, scuttles off.
My gun went off,butonly grazing his shoulder. Not even enough to draw blood.
Suddenly, he's infront of me, only a foot away.
Instinct kicks in as I grab a blade and stab at him. I miss and feel his fist make impact with my jaw, giving a satisfying CRACK, but not breaking it. A normal human would have been beheaded, cause I

could tell he used all his vampiric strength and speed behind that blow. HA! He thought I was already dead. I feel warm liquid run from my forehead, but nothing major. Well, there was that cut he gave me

on my cheek from the blow, but that was already aminor throb.
Through the dust and debris, I see Torick lick my blood from his knuckle.
"Aren't you not suppose to drink the blood of the innocent?" I ask, struggling to get on my own two feet.
"Babe, your anything but innocent" His voice answers back, I hear a twinge of impression in his voice, so, he did think he killed me with that blow?
I aim my gun towards his voice, and fire. I look through the still floating dust to see it had landed solidly in his left shoulder.
"Bitch!" He snarls
"It's my job" I sneer.
Then I'm slammed painfully into the wall, Torick pressed suffocatedly close to me.
Its now that I realize how angelic he looked. Of course, he's a vampire. They say the devil himself carved them out of marble way back when the world was young.
As fast as lightning, his fangs rip into my neck.
My knees buckle from under me, Torick pressed up against me is all thats keeping me up. The dagger Normon gave me is in my hand now and I stab his abdomen, his own blood running over my hand.

Howling in pain, Torick rips away, ending up ten or so yards away from me. But without Torick there, I fall to my knees.
Torick grins victoriously, that is until he realizes he isn't healing like he'd hoped he was, a pool of blood was already at his own feet. Then I raise my gun again, but past him. He looks puzzled, then looks

behind him. He stiffens. I smirk, my new target is Mary, his little human pet.
My vision blurs for a moment.
"Move and she dies" I say to Torick, who stands glued to his spot.
-Torick's POV!-
The assassin's life was almost over. But she stayed unfazed.
What happened next surprised me, the assassin too I think.
The assassin finally gave up and fell into the pool of her own blood. Mary ran over, and kneeled next to her.
"Lord Torick! Please help her! She was forced to do this. I know it! Please! Help her! Heal her!" She pleaded, tears running down her wrinkled cheeks.
"Why do you care?" A small voice asked. The assassin. So, she still lives.
Mary smiles despite her tears. "Maybe because you remind me of my daughter. Stubborn. Beautiful. Determined. And she died when she was your age. At age 20."
-Chrystal's POV-
I opened my eyes. Wait. What the hell. I should be dead.
I looked around, I was in a mahogany(sp) room, and an arm was slung over my stomach. Not letting me roll off the bed, let alone leave, easily.
Following the arm up to the owner of the arms' face. My eyes meet the yellow ones of Torick.
"Your awake" was all he said, but still did not move an inch. Ok, so he blinked, but that doesn't count.
Then it all of last night came rushing at me, seeming to slap me in the face. Oh well, I failed, the other assassins would be coming for me soon, might as well enjoy myself 'til then.
I yawned, actually comfortable. I looked over at Torick, whose eyes were roaming my body. Realization dawned. I only had on my bra and shorts, that were skintight, and barely covered anything.

But it was easy to move in.
"Like what you see?" I tease, wiggling a bit under his arm, getting his attention.
"Mmhmm" was my reply, not to mention he turned his head away from me.
"Your not too bad yourself" I muse, looking over his well toned chest and stomach.
Then I quickly crawl from under his arm and walk across the room.
-Torick's POV-
I didn't try to stop her as she crawled away, and to the other side of the room. No, I justed watched her. How her hips swayed, in rhythm with each step.
I just realized how catlike she really was. How her hips swayed like a cats, and how she hadsharp canines and longer, more sharper nails.
She grabbed one of my longer button up shirts and slipped it on, letting it hang on her like a small dress.
But when I got up, and was suddenly next to her, a gun was instantly aimed at my heart. I put my hands up and backed away. Where she got the gun, I wouldn't know. I also watched her put the gun

down and bowed her head, her short white hair covering anything that would be shown of her eyes after she bowed her head.. Even as she was doing that though, I knew her eyes were closed. She was

She looked at me again, somehow apoligizing with her eyes, and walking back to the bed.
"Whats your name?" I hear myself ask.
She looks up surprised, then narrows her eyes slightly"Why, so you can gloat to all your vampire friends that you killed the allmighty assassin sent to kill you?"
"If I wanted to kill you, you'd be dead by now, I dont gloat." I growl out between my teeth.
"Chrystal Moore" She grumbles, then lays down in the bed, and turns away from me, so her back is facing me.
Sighing, I pull myself back to the bed and climb in, quickly falling to sleep. Before I do however, I feel Chrystal push over, so we're close enough to feel eachothers bodyheat, and put my arm around her.
Waking a few hours later, I find that Chrystal is no longer beside me. I jump out of bed and quickly gettting a pair of sweats on and at-shirt, then hurry out the door. Whizzingaround my whole mansion, I

finally find her in the living room, talking with Mary, drinking something that smells like hazel coffee. Yumm. Coffee. I race into the kitchen and pour myself some coffee, adding some milk and 4 teaspoons

of sugar to it.
Then I realize, with disbelief, that I've already grown attached to this...Mortal. The assassin hired to kill me. Even though A) she tried to kill me, B) she threatened to kill Mary, and C) She hasn't been here

for more then a week(she was asleep, recovering, for 3 days).
Then the doorbell rings, breaking me from my train of thought. Damn. Nota good time. I reached the door before the second chime and open it. It's Rose and Izzy.
Rose has long, silvery blonde hair, a small full lipped mouth, and a small nose to add to her pixie like face. She has long legs and is naturally tanned. She's one of the most beautiful vampires I've met over the

Izzy has hedgehog like hair that sticks up in all directions no matter what you do to it. He has caramel colored eyes to match his light brown colored hair and a nicely angled nose. His lips are big, but not too

big for his face. He's well toned, has long legs and arms and is a good 5inches taller then me.
"Yo, what brings you here?" I ask, letting both in.
"No reason/We were and are bored"Izzy andRose say at the same time.
Rose and Izzy have been together for and century and a half, and will probably be together for the rest of their exsistence.
"Wow, shocker." I say sarcastically.
They're always coming over, saying they're bored. I believe it's to bug me.
"Be careful guys, there's an assassin in the living, very jumpy bitch" I warn.
Rose and Izzy snort.
The moment they enter the livingroom, however, they stop, because there is a gun pointing directly at them.
Izzy connects his mind to my own.
'She wont reallt shot, will she?'
'Don't count on it' I break our connection and walk infront of my friends, protecting them from the bullets' way.
"Chrystal, this is Rose and Izzy, and they're friends of mine, if you shot them, I'll have to kill you" I spoke calmly, and watched as she put the gun down on the coffee table, but still keeping her hand on it, as

though getting comfort from its cool metal.
"Touch me, and I'll kill you" Chrystal growls, and I think we all know who it was directed to.
Then I remember my coffee, sitting, forgotten, on the counter. I gesture for my friends to sit, while I grab my coffee.
The moment I sit down however, Chrystal gets up and climbs up the stairs.
I'm sure all of us hear her screams of rage. And the five bangs from a gun. Or two guns. Three from one, two from the other.
I'm the first one up the stairs.
The stench of blood is so strong I have to hold my breathto stop myself from losing control.
I walked into the room, stopped, then ran to the bleeding Chrystal.
"Oh shit, Chrystal, what happened? Oh shit! Mary, get some bandages, quick! Chrystal, you're a magnet to death, I hope you know that. Rose, get in here, help me stop the bleeding, but don't breathe." I

yell, panicking, next to Chrystal.
A pitiful laugh comes from Chrystal, which turns into a choking cough. "Why are you panicking so bad? I've had worse then this, I'm surprised that more didn't come to finish me off while I'm like this" She

Everyone was moving around us, as we stayed, unmoving. Rose came to my side and knelt down. But the moment Rose went to touch Chrystal, she, somehow managed to raise a small throwing knife at her.
"Don't touch me" Chrystal tried to threaten, but it came out quite pitifully.
"Relax hun, I'm only trying to help you" Rose assured her.
The knife lowered and Chrystal nodded. Then passed out, from lose of blood.
Mary came back with the bandages. Now to find the wounds.
Rose and I both took off her shirt and found that the bullets had penetrated her stomach, but it hadn't hit anything totally important. Rose worked on getting that one out. The second bullet was found

just above her bra line, again it hit nothing totally important. I worked on getting that one out. If I could, I would be blushing.
Within an hour, we had her completely bandaged her up and gotten rid of the other guy. Chrystal had hit him in vital places, killing him almost immediately, but he still managed those two other bullets.
~Chrystal's POV~
"Ow, crap" I growled out between my teeth.
"Wow, your awake?" Torick asked from beside me. Only in jeans. I felt my face light up, as my eyes wondered his smooth chest. Why hadn't I blushed before? Why is this any different? I notice I'm

dressed in another one of Torick's shirts that smells like him, and some shorts that go to my knees.
"How long was I out?"
"Four days"
"Why do you sound surprised?"
"Well, usually, a human-"
"I'm not a naormal human" I say, cutting him off.
"Anyway..." he drawls "Who was that guy?"
"Hmmm, never met him but he's an assassin. Normon said that if we fail, any mission, we're suppose to die. If our target doesn't kill us, then our own organization will stop at nothing to find us dead. I failed.

You didn't kill me. So now they're all after me, and, like I said, will stop at nothing to kill me."
He nodded.
I groaned."What?" He asks.
"I don't know! Why is it that I can feel comfortable, safe, and secure around you! I never felt that way, and when I did, it was around my parents, which are dead now. Either way, I couldn't tell them

anything like I tell you" I hear myself say.
Look over at him, or the place where he was. Glowering at the place where he was, I realize he left.
~Torick's POV~
(For now)
I didn't know how to answer her, so I left.
I felt the same. Safe. Complete. Comfortable. But in a strange way. Around her, my stomach felt queasy and my legs, unstable. I felt like I could speak my mind to her, but it would come out jumbled,

like my mind was jelly.
Injured, Chrystal looked fragile and weak. I knew she wasn't. It made me want to protect her with my life.
~Chrystal's POV~
(sorry for all the changes this chapter)
I had been walking for fifteen minutes,with no luck in finding anyone.
"Lost?" A seductive voice asked, from behind me.
I spun around, coming face-to-face with my former comrad. "why, you know the way Damon?" Realization dawned, I didn't have any weapon to fight him.
Damon has short black hair, usually spiked up. His body is nicely toned, but nothing compared to Torick (can anyone reading this already tell that she likes him and his body*wink*).
He's a good foot taller then me and can easily overpower me, quickly. But I'm faster and also better balance.
He quickly trapped me between him and the wall, but he was still coming closer, smirking.
"Get away Damon" I growl, flexing my fingers.
"Or what? You don't have anything to fight me with, Chrystal, your defenseless"
He was now inches from my body, and I couldn't do a thing about it.
"You know Chrystal, I always liked you, more then a teammate." He leans down on me.
Just was he was about ti kiss me however, I use my last defense. I last resort.
I bite him. My longer and sharper canines rip into his throat, slicing through artery and his windpipe. Blood fills my mouth, but I try not to swallow it. It falls from the corners of my mouth, down to my chin

and to the floor.
The pain clamps down on my neck. Damon had recovered from my surprise attack and had gripped my neck, cutting off my air.
Even though Damon was dieing, and was weakening, he still had a strong grip on my neck.
I used my clawlike nails to grab his wrist, those also sinking into his flesh. More blood fell. A pool of blood was now around us, at least two feet in diameter.
Then Damon died, his blood covering my body. I let him fall to the floor roughly, then walked a few feet away, coughing from lack of air, then fell to my knee's. I swear Death is watching my every move

like a hawk. Doesn't he have someone else to stalk?
I wrapped my own hands around my now bruised neck, trying to soothe the slightly throbbing pain.
Suddenly cold, firm arms wrapped around me from behind. I instinctivly stiffened. Then calmed down. Torick.
"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I wasn't about to protect you" Torick murmured against my hair.
"I don't need protecting" I snap
A yelp of surprise leaves me as Torick swiftly picks me up bridal style, as though I don't weigh a thing, and walked away from the bloodly corpse of Damon Elizmon.
Torick sniffed the air around me, then wrinkled his nose.
"You smell bad. With all that blood on you. Your original smell is better. But your blood's smell is better then both." Torick states.
"Alright, I'll make sure to rub my own blood on me next time" I growl sarcastically.
Torick laughs, full heartedly.
"Torick, can I ask you a question?"
"How old are you?"
"How long have you been 22?"
"Just Curious"
"Ever hear of curiousity killed the cat?" How twisted did that sound?
"How long?"
"300 years"
"Damn, you look good for a 322-year-old" I chuckled
"What about you? I know your not normal, you even said yourself you weren't a normal human"
"What's not normal about me?"
"Hmmm, your too sexy walk, slited eyes. Canines and claws? How you sparkle in even the smallest amount of light. The durability of your skin. And just how you move, very feline like."
"Very good" I muse. Currently, we're lying on each side ofhis bed. Funny, I haven't seen him get any good sleep. Heck, I hadn't seen him sleep at all.
"When I was 16, in 1934, I was...experimented on. A man named Dr.Jozac added cat genes to my own genes, Giving me the stealth, agility, reflexes, and balance of a cat, plus my teeth got longer and

sharper, the same thing goes for my nails. Next, after he checked to see if I had died or not, like the rest of his experiments, he added Diamond particles to my skin cells, making it tougher, but penetratable,

and, because diamonds sparkle, I got to shine in the right light too. Then he added steel to my bones, making them almost unbreakable. I was,and am, his only surviving guinea-pig. Unfortunately, it also

slowed my aging process, so I had to watch those I loved, die."
-Torick's POV-
After hearing that, I didn't know what to say. Until a question formed itself in my head.
"So your suppose to be what? 60?" I ask
"Yup, but I only look 19"she says, somewhat proudly.
"You should take a shower" I state.
"Yeah, I should" She says, then a smirk that could only mean trouble pastered itself to her face.
"Do you what to join me?"
Woah, was she serious? I just look at her questioningly, trying to figure her out. Suddenly she's laughing.
"God, I'm only joking"
"You should smile and laugh more, you'd look even prettier." I say, smiling gentally.
Oh? Was she blushing?
"Are you blushing?"
"No, I'm going to go take my shower now" with that, she left.
I heard the shower start.

~Chrystal's POV~

When was the last time I felt this safe?
Over 40 years ago.
Stepping into the shower after stripping, I let the scolding hot water rush over me. I take off the bandage from my tender neck wound. Digging my nails into my palms, I try not to cry out in pain as the

burning water runs over the wound.
For ten minutes or so, I just stand there, relaxing, and letting the tension in my muscles go away.
Then I quickly was my body and hair and turn off the shower. Stepping out, I realize that on the tiolet, there is a towel, a small dress shirt and black jeans that I knew would be too big. Beside that was a

studded belt and spiked earings. A note laid snuggly on top.
'Get ready for dinner hun.
And you might wanna bring some kind of weapon with you, incase someone wants to ruin our dinner'
I easily slip into the clothes and put in the earings and put on the belt. Thats when I notice something I didn't.
A beautiful chocker necklace. Red and white gems patterned on the thin black fabric. A cross made of diamonds dangled from the front.

Picking it up gingerly, I put it around my neck, and shivered slightly when the cold diamonds came in contact with my bare neck. But I couldn't do it up. Growling, in frustration I was about ready to throw

the stupid thing.

Cold fingers wrap around my own, making me freeze. I heard the slightest of clicks as the chocker fastened. The same hands trailed down my neck and wrapped them around my neck, turning it slightly to

the right, enablingme to see the person.

My breathe caught in my throat. Erik. He's the strongest and fastest assassin, he beats me in all of our battles. I was paralyzed. Like a mouse confronted by the cat licking it's lips. But Erik was also like a

brother to me. But we were also as close as lovers. He kissed me, and I let him. He smiles a dazzling smile.

"I'm not going to kill you Chrystal But the others will. And I know you've been through a lot." he murmurs against my jaw, kissing my jaw line, to my chin.

I shivered at the contact.

"Then why are you here?" I ask, finding my voice.

"To finish the job"

"What job?"

"Chrystal? Are you still in the bathroom? I'm coming in" Torick's voice ran through the medium sizedmarble bathroom.


I pulled away from Erik. "You bastard. Don't touch him" I growl.

"What are you going to do? Your too weak to fight and even if you were able to, I'd still beat you and kill him. I thought you knew about my secret? Tsk tsk. I thought you knew whoI really am."

The door opened, cutting him off.

"My, my, Torick, how lovely to see you"

"Erik" Torick growled

Wait, they know each other?

My arms are pinned painfully behind my back, I whimper.

"Hush hun, I want to tell the both of you mydirty littlesecret." Erik mutters loud enough for both of us to hear next to my ear, while nibbling on it.

Torick stepped forward, but stopped as Erik tightened his grip on me, making me cry out slightly.

"I hate beingso weak" I whisper to myself.

"I can fix that hun,if you'd like" Erik says, but only I can hear him.

A growl is continually rumbling in Toricks chest, as though I stop him from doing something.

"Why don'tyou just go through her to kill me Torick. A pureblood, it's in your nature to not care about other lives other then your own." Erik drawls

Torick deflates slightly.

Using his free hand, Erik moves my head so it's turned slightly, and kisses my jaw line again, testing Torick's patience.

I feel my legs want to give out from under me. Why does he have this effect on me?

"Don't touch her" Torick hisses, but not daring to move an inch.

"Why do you care so much!" I yell, making both males jump and cringe. Silent tears ran down my cheeks. "I was suppose to kill you Torick. I failed. Now I'm paying the price. Don't you get it you stupid

vampire! Not everything is as simple as your life. So shut the fuck up with trying to relate to me!" Now sobs are racking my body.

Erik let me go, letting me fall to my knees.

It had been decades. And I had forgotten, I had wanted to forget.

"Oh shit" I hear Erik say

"Chrystal! I'm sorry! I'm so sorry! Calm down!" Torick's voice echoesaround me, but it seemed a thousand miles away.

It had been 53 years. 53 years since that day. That horrible day i was left alone. Vampires had come to raid our villages of our women, only to kill them later. Ex-vampires. My foster father refused to give

me up. The vampire's laughed in his face.

Then I blacked out.

Blood was everwhere. Chucks of flesh and bone layalong the ground in pools of blood.All but me had died. The vampires, in ashes, being carried to hell on the winds. The last remains of the village lay

scattered around my fragile body, curled on the ground. I had been too weak to do anything.

Arms wrapped around me.

"Let me the fuck go" I growl, now coming back to my senses.

"No" Torick whispers, but I hear it.

Then mocking laughter fills the room.

Erik is still here.

"Damn Torick, your the only one able to calm her down. You've tamed her"

"What did you want to say to me Erik" I growl, my anger building up inside me.

He smirks. Then Torick is suddenly thrown off me, Erik pinning him to the floor. I hadn't even seen him move across the room. No one could meet the speed and strength to hold Torick down unless...

Then I'm across the room in a flush of air, in Erik's arms.

"I'm a vampire" he says loud enough for both of us to hear.

I want to kill him. I want to slash him with silver and watch him burn slowly and painfully in the sun.

But I can't even move.

Again I feel like the mouse.

Laughing sadly, I say "Erik, please. Just kill me."

Erik stiffens, and I see torick also stiffen, half way back to his feet.

"Why" Erick growls

"I don't want to live anymore. There's too much pain. I can't bare it. So if you've ever loved me, do this one thing for me. Kill me and leave me at peace. But take my memories. I know that if you drain me

completely of blood,you'll be able to take my memories with you. So please?"

I feel his breath on my neck, and wince slightly when his fangs gently slide into my neck. My eyelidswere already getting heavy. I lift my heavy eyes to look at Torick, whose being held by two people. Oh

right. Rose and Izzy, his best pals.

'Can you hear me Torick' I think to him. It's said that when your dieing, you can form a telepathic connection with a vampire, even though your human. He stops struggling. I feel the blood being drained

from my body, but I don't show any weakness.

'Yes. Pleasedon't go'

'Shhh, I want you to know that I think I love you'

Tears are running down his cheeks 'I think I love you too Chrystal'

Smiling,it's now that I acknowledge that myvision is blurring.

-Torick's POV(OMG!)-

I only got one thought back before I heard her heart stop.

'Be happy and forget about me'

"No!!! You fucking bastard!!!" Breaking free from my friends, I punch Erik in the face, his jaw giving a satisfied CRACK, but it wasn't broken.

He bowed, kneeling on the floor, Erik looks small. Weak.

"It's what she wanted Torick. You know that. Did you want her to keep living in pain?"

When I looked at the still form of Chrystal, she smiling.

Finally at peace.

© Copyright 2019 Daisy Demented. All rights reserved.

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