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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Flash Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Was it a coincidence or destiny that caused to ex-lovers to reunite while they were one dates and attempting to move on in their search for love?

Submitted: January 18, 2014

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Submitted: January 18, 2014



As twenty-one year old Brenda Carlson’s date drove through a lightless tunnel, she seized the opportunity of being covering in complete darkness, to quickly run her hands through her hair, fixing any imperfections that may have flawed her image. Despite being uncertain whether or not she had actually fixed these imaginary flaws, since the darkness had been so obscure she couldn’t even see her hands in front of her face, Brenda felt that she had tamed any loose hair follicles that may have ruined her image.

When her date exited the tunnel, Brenda stared out the window casually as though she had not moved an inch during the ten seconds the vehicle had traveled through the tunnel. She glanced over at her date who was focusing on the road as he drove them to the movie theater. 

“Which movie do you want to see?” asked her date, Ryan. 

He was a man in his mid-twenties with lengthy brown hair that he had tucked behind his ears. Ryan was an athlete, possessing a body that had been chiseled from perfection, that had the ability to lure just about any girl within his grasp. However, his body was not the theme of their date tonight, for he simply wore plain jeans, a dark shirt, and a black jacket for his date with Brenda. 

“It doesn’t matter,” said Brenda. “Anything that won’t put me to sleep would be nice.” 

“Well,” said Ryan while quietly laughing to himself. “I’m sure there has to be at least one good movie that can keep you awake.” 

Brenda and him laughed to themselves, both secretly studying on another in the darkness, relying on the street lights to provide them with an efficient view. Brenda was a tall, young adult with silky, starch blonde hair that draped over her shoulders. Brenda had thick eye lashes, which served as a curtain for  her bright blue eyes every time that she chose to blink. 

She had been dating various different guys from her school over the last couple of weeks, searching for a potential mate in a sea men, hoping that one of them could possible become her future boyfriend. Brenda hadn’t had a serious relationship in about two years, which is why when Ryan approached in their university’s cafeteria, portraying himself as a charming, caring young man, she was hoping that after their first date their relationship would evolve into something more serious.

The pair spent the remainder of the car ride joking with one another about the classes that they were taking at school and seizing any opportunity they could to flirt with one another. Brenda found herself laughing the entire car ride, often thinking to herself how much fun it was going to be and how she enjoyed the beginning stages of relationships because they often brought her happiness and joy.

When Ryan reached the movie theater, he parked his car in a large parking lot that could quickly become a maze of cars lacking any distinction if they were to get lost there. Ryan quickly denoted the lot they were parked in, taking several photos of signs that hung on light poles near his car, to ensure sure that they would not get lost.

They talked amongst themselves as they made their way through the large parking lot and approached the ticket booth where Ryan purchased two tickets for them to see a romantic comedy film. They had agreed earlier in the car that they would watch something funny and romantic to make the night feel light-hearted.

“I heard this movie was going to be very funny,” said Brenda, as she took a hold of Ryan's arm and tucked her own arm under his, moving closer besides him, as they walked slowly into the theater. “Are you ready to laugh?”

“You're joking, right?” he asked in an amused way. “Humor is my specialty. I'm known for being funny.”

Brenda and Ryan entered the theater, pausing in the lobby among a crowd of people who were shuffling through the mob to enter or to wander off and purchase food and drinks from the concession stand. They paused in the center of lobby, waiting for the mob of people to move, so that they could make their way toward the theater that was airing their film.

“Oh really?” said Brenda, with a warm grin on her face. “Make me laugh then.”

Ryan smirked, thinking to himself for a moment and then he flooded his cheeks with his own breath, transitioning his once handsome face into a foolish blow fish like state. He widened his eyes and stared at Brenda in an amusing way, as a desperate attempt to get her to laugh. Brenda couldn't believe how easily she found herself laughing, not because there was any actual humor in his actions, but because he looked extremely silly and such a face would make anyone watching him burst into giggles.

Ryan's face quickly returned to it's natural state as he found himself laughing too while Brenda, playfully hit his arm.

“Alright, alright, you win,” she while trying to subdue her giggles. “Just please promise to never, ever, ever, ever do that again, okay?”

“No way,”

Brenda shook her head, still amused, but froze when she looked up and caught sight of a familiar face. It was a face that she had spent two years of life with and could recognize it even if were mixed in among a crowd of thousands of people with similar features. Barely twenty feet away from her, stood her ex-boyfriend with whom she had broken up with nearly two years ago after having a year long relationship with him.

In a matter of seconds, her body became paralyzed taking on a stiff, statue like state, however ironically her heart rate was actively palpitating within the walls of her chest moving with enough intensity to cause her to faint. She felt her legs go numb and despite her thoughts screaming at her to look away from him, her eyes seem to possess a will of their own as they refused to remove themselves from her ex.

Her ex-boyfriend, Keith, was a tall man about the same age as Brenda. He had light brown hair that was draped over his head like vines, concealing his forehead and neck, due to the excess length of his hair. He had recently shaven, but still showed traces of a thin beard forming around his face. Keith's appearance and cool demeanor immediately placed among the cool young adults of his generation.

Brenda could hear Ryan saying something to her, but her mind had blocked his voice out while she tried to focus on a hundred of different thoughts that were running through her mind and the several different feelings that were quickly generating in her heart. She nearly skipped a beat when she realized that Keith was not alone.

At his side was a short girl, who had thick brown hair and a round face. The mystery girl that he was with was dressed in a thin, red sweater, and a black skirt that stretched to the tips of her knee caps. She wasn't over weight, but was definitely on the curvy, husky side when it came to body composition. The mystery girl had a recently gotten a tan, for Brenda could see areas on her legs and arms where the tan didn't completely cover her paleness.

Ryan continued to talk, his voice becoming a background noise that seemed to be drowned out by Brenda's thoughts. She could not help viewing the mystery girl that he was with in disgust, for she certainly didn't suit Keith and she knew him well enough to know that she wasn't his ideal style of girl. Though, the last thing Brenda wanted was a confrontation with her ex-boyfriend, who she truly believed she would never see again, while she was on her first date with a man in several weeks.

Brenda desperately searched among the crowd, hoping to find a place where she could escape to with Ryan before Keith spotted her, but the crowd was tightly compacted together, making it impossible to move about without drawing attention to herself. She adapted to the situation by moving a few inches behind Ryan, hoping that his tall stature could possible hide her from Keith's view.

Unfortunately, just as Brenda had looked away, Keith had looked up just in time to spot and recognized her. He quietly experienced a similar reaction to her presence as she had to his, however he was more able to control his line of thoughts that she could. Keith knew that it had been two years since they had mutually broken up with one another and the last thing he wanted was to reunite with his ex, especially while on a date with a girl he had been chasing for nearly a month. Any confrontation with Brenda would ruin the date, therefore he decided that he would simply pretend that he hadn't seen her to avoid any conflict.

After five minutes had elapsed, the crowd eventually began to move forward. Brenda pretended to be looking off into the distance, when in reality her eyes were locked on Keith's back as he and his mystery girl moved forward with the crowd.

“It seems like a lot of people are going to see this movie, huh?” said Ryan.

“Huh?” asked Brenda as she was ripped from her train of thoughts. She quickly repeated the last thing she had heard Ryan say to make it seem like she had been listening to him. “Oh, um, yeah.... a lot of people.”

“Are you okay?” Ryan asked curiously. “You suddenly seem distracted.”

“Huh?” she said in startled way. “Oh, no I'm fine. This movie should be really good.”

The crowd of people quickly began to dissipate and thin out as people ventured into the different theater rooms. Brenda felt her eyes widen in shock as she watched Keith and his mystery girl enter the same room that would be screening the movie that Ryan and her were going to see.

Can this get anymore awkward?” she thought to herself. She would soon find out that the answer to her question was yes, as both pairs entered the packed theater, and Keith and his mystery girl took seats that were directly stationed behind Brenda and Ryan.

One might define such circumstances as a coincidence because it was Keith's date and Brenda's date that had chosen the seats that they would be sitting in, along with the rows, not having the slightest clue that they had placed the two ex-lovers within close proximity of one another. Awkwardness quickly seized Brenda and Keith as they quietly whispered to their dates, in voices that were inaudible to those around them, that it would be a better idea if they were to switch their seats.

“Why?” asked Ryan. “What's wrong with these seats?”

“Because,” said Brenda fighting everything inside of her to keep from glancing over her should at her ex-boyfriend who was sitting directly behind her. “I just don't like this seat and I would like to sit somewhere else.”

In the seats behind Brenda and Ryan, Keith was having a similar conversation with his date over the issue of changing seats.

“What do ya mean?” she asked, staring at him intensely while chewing on a thick wad of gum. “This place is packed, we're never gonna find another seat.”

“Look, I don't care if we have to sit in the aisle,” he said quietly, but with thick intensity lingering in his tone. “We can't sit here,” 

“You're acting so weird,” his date commented. “Maybe my friends were right about you.”

“Listen,” Keith said while sighing. “You don't understand, I-,”

Before Keith could finish his sentence, the lights in the theater went out and the movie screen began to glow, indicating that the movie was preparing to start.

“Well look,” said his mystery date. “Now we're gonna have to stay here, 'cause the movie is startin.'”

Keith's date leaned back in her chair, making herself comfortable, revealing that she didn't have any intention of moving. Brenda found herself trapped in the same situation, however she felt far more awkward than Keith did, mainly because she was sitting in front of him, allowing him the opportunity to gaze at her as freely as he wished, while she could only sneak glances at him and his date by causally looking over her shoulder.

It's okay,” she thought to herself. “Maybe he doesn't even see me. I'm the last thing that's on his mind. I know he's just watching the movie and not paying any attention to me. It's really dark too, so just relax.”

As the movie began to play, Brenda was hoping that it would take her mind off Keith, but she found herself unable to focus. She began to replay every moment she had spent with Keith in her head from the day they met all the way to the day that they had broken up. She found herself, slightly turning in her seat to glance over her shoulder, trying to get another look at Keith's new lover, since she had only gotten a quick view of her when they were in the lobby.

Keith hadn't even tried to focus on the movie because his eyes were drawn to the back of Brenda's head. He was trying to figure out what she was doing with a guy like Ryan. Keith didn't know Ryan, but he knew that it was certainly a change in his ex-girlfriend's typical taste of men.

Nearly half an hour into the movie, Brenda could no longer resist the urge to look over her shoulder and found herself turning around in her chair and glancing over the shoulder of her seat. The second she swiveled her head to get a look at Keith, his eyes moved from the screen and locked on hers, both of their gazes locked on one another. They stared at one another for a moment, words unable to express the feelings of jealousy they felt towards one another over having moved on so easily after investing so many emotions in one another.

After nearly a minute of staring at one another, Ryan gently touched Brenda's elbow, making her feel as though she had been struck by electricity as he had pulled her from such a deep train of thought, causing her to jump, slightly startled as she turned to face him.

“Hey, are you okay?” Ryan asked curiously, glancing over her chair, trying to figure out what she had been staring at. “Is everything alright?”

“Um, yeah,” Brenda said, causally, running her hand though her hair. “I'm fine, I thought I saw something.”

Ryan, nodded, feeling half convinced over the suddenly strange demeanor his date had taken. He gently placed one arm over her shoulders, unknowingly receiving angry glares from Keith who watched them jealously from behind them.

Brenda couldn't help feeling embarrassed over the minor incident that had occurred and as a result she didn't stir any longer throughout the remainder of the movie. Even when she heard someone quietly coughing behind her, who she suspected to be Keith, she refused to look back at him.

The movie dragged on rather slowly, not that it was boring, but because tension and awkwardness made any moment feel as though it is decades. Once the movie ended, everyone quickly rose from their seats and made their way down the aisles and to the exits.

Brenda intentionally lagged, taking several minutes to fasten her coat, hoping that this would create some distance between Keith and his date, so she could avoid running into him while they were exiting the theater. Keith, on the other hand, was quickly rushing his date to exit the theater with him, not even giving her a moment to make sure that she had all of her belongings in her possession.

Nearly ten minutes after Keith had left, Brenda rose from her seat and Ryan, who had been patiently waiting for her, stood up too and they began to exit the nearly empty room.

“So...what did you think of the movie?” asked Ryan as they made their way into the lobby. “Pretty cheesy, huh?”

“Yeah,” Brenda laughed casually, even though she didn't have the slightest clue what the movie had been about because she had not been paying attention to it. “It was pretty cheesy, alright. I can't believe how long it was.”

“You thought it was long?” asked Ryan. “I thought it went by really fast.”

Brenda and Ryan moved through the movie theater and then made their way outside. She allowed Ryan to do most of the talking, mainly because she was still channeling shock over the direction that the date had taken. She felt paranoid as she glanced in all directions, expecting to spot Keith and his date somewhere nearby. Ryan studied the images on his phone, using them as a guide as they made their way through the parking lot.

“There's my car,” said Ryan as he pointed in the direction his vehicle was parked in. “I had a really fun time.”

“Yeah, me too.” said Brenda, unsure if this were the truth or not, since she couldn’t even relax with her ex sitting so close to them. “We really should do this again.”

Ryan hit a button on his key chain, unlocking the door to his car. As Brenda walked around the side of the car, to open the door and climb into the passenger's seat, she froze when she spotted Keith and his date sitting in a car that was parked directly in front of theirs.

Keith had been in the process of starting up the car, preparing to pull out of the parking lot, but his date had forced him to wait a moment while she looked in the dash board mirror to apply her make up since she couldn't possibly do this while the car was in motion. She complained that she had wanted to run to the bathroom in the theater to fix herself up, but Keith had been in such a rush to get them out of the theater that she didn't have a chance. To compensate for this, Keith agreed to give her a few minutes, feeling that he wouldn't possibly run into his ex again since they were in a heavily crowded parking lot.

He quickly realized how wrong he had been, when he spotted Brenda opening the door to her date's car that was parked directly in front of them. The color drained from his face as he stared at her and Brenda seemed to have frozen in motion with her hand on the car door. They watched each other for a moment, while their dates were completely oblivious that they knew one another.

Ryan climbed into the car and quickly called for Brenda to climb in. She moved in a zombie like state, refusing to take her eyes off of Keith, opening the door and climbing into the vehicle without taking her eyes off of him for even a second.

As Ryan spoke about a scene in the movie, he started his car up, unaware that Brenda was not listening to him. He quickly pulled out of the parking lot, forcing Brenda and Keith to break their gaze as distance pulled them away from one another.

Brenda felt her heart tremble, thinking of the strange set of circumstances that had reunited her with her ex-boyfriend. She began to wonder whether or not these had merely been coincidences, such as them seeing the same movie, sitting so closely to one another, and then meeting again in the parking lot or could it possibly be destiny trying to reunite a couple that had unfairly broken up with one another when they had originally been matched together by fate and truly destined to be together.

Whatever the answer maybe, Brenda couldn't deny that her first date in several weeks had been quite interesting.

Author's Notes

I really like writing in first-person, but to be honest, I think I write better in third-person. Anyway, I had a lot of fun writing this story. Inspiration for this story came from a group called “Baby-V.O.X” and their song called “Coincidence”.

Song Link:

© Copyright 2020 Daisy Ink. All rights reserved.

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