Forget Me Not (Sci-Fi-Fri # 7)

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A man wakes up one morning unable to recall the events of the night before and after a brief investigation, he realizes that he took a pill that was designed to erase memories, however for some odd reason he feels that the memory he erased was of something important.

Submitted: May 02, 2014

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Submitted: May 02, 2014



My head was aching, the result of an approaching headache which  was causing my head to feel like a bowl ball. I tried to pull myself up, only to have the weight of my aching head drag me downwards into the comfort of my pillow. I tried to recall what had occurred the night before that had led me to end up feeling this state of sickness, however the events of last night were a blurred memory that I could not recall.

I lied motionless on my bed for several minutes until eventually I found enough strength to roll over. In the process of turning on my side, my eyes were immediately drawn to a small pill bottle that sat on my night stand. I reached for it and with the single grasp of my palm, I was able to grab a hold of the tiny bottle that was so tiny it was only capable of holding a single pill. 

Its presence struck me as odd, mainly because I was middle aged man and I currently was not taking any prescription medication. The bottle had a red label surrounding it and only three words were printed on the bottle in large white letters that read, “Forget Me Not.”
After processing the name of the drug, I magically discovered the strength to sit up and I abruptly flew upward on my bed and began to stare at the bottle with a horrified look on my face. Everyone knew what the “Forget Me Not” pill was responsible for, mainly because there were storms of controversy over what it was capable of doing. If taken while recalling a particular memory, then the medication could remove recollection of the memory forever from the existence of your mind.

I began to rub my eyes, desperately trying to recall which memory I had chosen to erase, but unfortunately the medication had done it's job because I couldn't recall anything that had occurred the night before. The pill was designed to remove the memory and along with any traces leading up to your taking of the pill. I probably wouldn't have known that I had taken the pill if it weren't for the pill bottle that I had left visibly on my night stand. Why would I erase a memory, and then leave proof of doing it out in the open, when I could risk recalling it? Unless....unless I wanted myself to recall the memory.

For a moment it began to make sense, I knew myself well enough to know that this sounded like something that I would do, especially since I worked at one of the world's most top secret agencies.  The agency I worked at was a secret government company that employed and trained spies to execute individuals that were a threat to the public or the country as a whole. If I had chosen to erase a memory from my mind, then I most likely did it for something that related to my work.  

I climbed out of bed and spent ten minutes in the bathroom washing my face, combing my hair, and brushing my teeth. While going through my morning preparation, I was thinking to myself, trying to figure out why I had chosen to have my memory erased, but it was a pointless endeavor because after taking the pill it was impossible to recall the memory…unless a strong enough trigger was able to cause the memory to resurface.

Once dressed in my casual clothing, I wandered through my apartment, trying to find clues to my actions. The most surprising clue came when I found a “to do list” attached to my refrigerator. It was strange because I had signed my signature at the bottom of the list, which was odd since I had signed my full name and I never signed my full name unless it was for legal documents. I had most likely done this to ensure that I follow through with the things on the list.

The list had five things that I needed to do scribbled on it which read:
 1)Watch the movie “A Million”
 2)Listen to C-clown - Justice
 3)Eat a large plate of shrimp and pizza
 4)Play the piano for an hour
 5)Skim through several pages of my favorite book

The note was obviously written by myself, but it didn't make sense because everything written on the list were things that I enjoyed doing. Why would I write a list of leisure activities when I had so much work to do? In the past, I typically fit one or two things  that I enjoyed into my daily schedule, however the list was created to invest an entire day in those things that I enjoyed.

At first I thought about ignoring, but then I decided against it because I had obviously written the note for some reason and I trusted myself  enough to know better than ignoring it. Whatever the reason my previous conscious self had chosen to write the note, it must have been important, so I decided to stick to and follow through with the list. I spent several hours going along with each of the items on the list, following each of them in order.  

I watched the movie “A Million”, which was a foreign movie about a group of people who had been chosen to take a trip to an island to compete in contests in hopes of winning a million dollars. Unfortunately, at the end of each round one person was eliminated, but the downfall was that elimination meant that they were executed and in order to ensure their survival they had to play to live. It was one of my favorite movies and I had watched it nearly twenty times, however for some odd reason, watching it at that moment made it feel even more special.

I then quickly listened to my favorite song while consuming a pizza I had ordered and leftover shrimps I didn't recall buying, but they were sitting on plate in my refrigerator, as though they had been prepared for today’s event. 

After this, I made my way over to my private piano that I had purchased a year ago and I had managed to convince my apartment owner to let me keep in my apartment. Once seated in front of the milky white piano, I began to play one of my favorite songs that had taken me years to learn.

The song was warm and soothing, but I couldn’t help but feel sad when I played it. Almost...almost as though it would be my last time ever playing it. Afterwards, I found my favorite book on the book shelf and took a seat in my recliner and began to flip through each page in the book, glancing over certain paragraphs and pages that I had favored in the past.  

My mind was half devoted to the book because now that I had completed everything on the list I was unsure of what was suppose to happen now. As soon as this thought crossed my mind, the answer was revealed to me. I looked up from my book just in time to see a women wearing black walking down the hallway, straight towards me, with a gun in her hand.

I immediately rose from my chair, not due to a fear of the gun she held, but instead to the shock that an intruder had somehow managed to enter my apartment without making any noise. The sight of the gun wasn’t enough to startle me because I had spent my entire career working along side with them, training people to use them, therefore I had grown accustomed to them  nearly   a decade ago and I was not afraid of them.

She was obviously a professional, perhaps a member of my spy agency because she had managed to enter so skillfully and startle me without giving me a chance to react.

She was dressed entirely in black, from head to toe, wearing plain black jeans and a black jacket. She wore flat shoes that were designed to make her feet movement silent. Even her face was partially concealed with black shades that concealed her eyes. The only characteristic of her identity that I was able to make out was her blonde pony tail.

“Sorry Frank...,” she said as she addressed me. “...but you had to know that this was coming.…”

“How do you know my name?” I barked not the least bit afraid. “Who are you?”

“Don't act like you don't know me.” she said in a way that made her sound offended. “We can’t delay this any longer.”

“Listen, I'm not an actor and I don't kid around. I have no idea who you are.”


The woman kept her dominate hand on her gun, in order keeping it pointed at me, and then with her less active hand, she slid the shades from her eyes revealing heart-stopping blue eyes and a beautiful face. She had thick eye lashes and blinked a few times as her eyes adjusted to the new exposure to the light. 
“Do you recognize me now?” she asked, but when greeted by the baffled look on my face she began to curse. “I can't believe actually took that stupid medication, didn't you?”

“I'm still trying to figure everything out myself. Who are you?”

A heart-broken looked flashed through her eyes, showing that she wasn't as tough as she acted, but more importantly it revealed that she was devastated by the realization that I didn't recognize her, which must have meant that she must have, at some point in my life, been someone important to me. Unfortunately it didn't last because she took a firmer grasp of the gun's handle and then narrowed her eyes at me.

“It doesn't matter. I was sent here to murder you and that's what I have to do.” the assassin removed the safety lock from the gun. “The company feels your a threat to our secrecy, so we have to remove you from the picture.”

“Wait!” I blurted out. “Before you do this...,” I said slowly realizing that she was from my company and was trained professionally to go through with this, therefore her hesitation was the last thing I could rely on to save me. “...can you tell me, who you are? I can't remember you, but you seem to know me, so before you do this…can you please tell me how do you know me?”

She was silent for a minute, internally debating over whether or not she follow through on my request or stick to the orders she was assigned to execute, and then I saw a look in her beautiful eyes that revealed that she was on my side.

“I'm Karen...,” she said slowly. “Does that name mean anything to you?”


“You...trained me for nearly two years...we were like best friends, then,” she paused for a moment and then continued. “We fell in love with each other and we secretly had a relationship, but...someone found out and they said you were a risk to the security and they said you had to quit, but you refused. Then they...they said I had to...kill you or I would be removed from the agency completely and suffer the same fate as you.”

“What are you talking about?!” I said sounding the least bit convinced. “That doesn't sound like anything that I would do. I'm not romantic!”

“Of course...” she said slowly. “You'll never understand, it took time for you to fall for me. Seriously, let's stop this. You obviously can't remember. Let's just end this now.”

“Wait!” I said slowly. “Help me remember. I want to, I really do, just help me.”

The assassin named Karen was motionless for a moment, then without any warning she began to approach me while keeping the gun pointed on me. As she closed the distance between us, I didn't move or shiver and I was still and motionless, unsure of what it was that she was about to do. 

When she approached me, the assassin leaned forward and placed a passionate kiss on my lips. At first I didn't move, but as she began to kiss me, I was slowly beginning to recall her presence and as I slowly gave into her kiss, everything from the past began to flood my mind in a single moment, revealing the repressed memories of my past, thanks to the correct trigger for the memories.

Everything that Karen had said had been true. I had been training her for the company, but then I slowly began to fall in love with her. We kept our relationship a secret for nearly a year until fellow agents reviewed hidden surveillance camera of us that revealed evidence of us together in an intimate way.
My boss had ordered that I end the relationship, but my love to her was strong, so I told him I would proudly leave the company as long as we were able to stay together. My boss didn’t like my idea and he insisted that I knew too much to just walk away. He promised me that if I left the company then I would lose my right to exist.

I knew it was threat, but I didn't take it too seriously until later that night, when Karen called me telling me that they said they would murder her if she didn't kill me. I recalled her crying into the phone and after quietly thinking to myself, I decided that she should go through with it. I valued her safety over my own and wanted her to continue in the world, but she was against it and refused to harm me when she loved me so much.

“I can't kill someone I love!” I recalled her crying into the phone last night.

“No, but you can kill someone who doesn't love you. Remember how at the academy we said that for every person you kill, make sure that you have no attachment to them because that will get in the way with your work. I know what I'll do...,” I said slowly as the idea began to grow in my mind. “...I'll take the Forget Me Not...and that way it'll be easy for you...,”

“Frank!! can't!”

“Listen Karen, I care so much about you…even more than myself…” I remember saying. “I don't want anything to happen to you. Please, promise me that you'll go through with it so that you can live. No matter what happens, promise me that you‘ll go through with it.”

After sobbing for several minutes on the phone, Karen promised to follow through on the mission. The night before, I wanted to do everything that I liked for the last time, so I made a list of all my favorite things and aattached the list to a place that I was certain I would see it.  

It the brief time frame of the kiss I had managed to recall everything that I had chosen to forget and I suddenly wished that I hadn't remembered because I was now face with the pain of being separated from someone that I loved.  

Without any warning, while still held together by the kiss, Karen placed the barrel of the gun to my head, pulling the trigger, freeing me from any sadness that I would have felt due to her actions.  



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