Trying To Rebuild The Past

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A woman takes in a man and his three corrupt children and gets more than she expected.

Submitted: March 28, 2013

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Submitted: March 28, 2013



At a first glance, anyone would be under the impression that Marianna Ginger was staring up at the ceiling in her kitchen searching for God, however she was not seeking a message from the Lord, but instead an explanation for the loud thuds taking place on the floor above her. She was sitting at her kitchen table, tightly clutching the a coffee mug, with her eyes fixed on the ceiling.

The steaming coffee in her mug vibrated in response to the strident shaking that were frequently taking place in the room above her. The forty year old woman, fixed  her glasses that were beginning to slide off her nose, due to the elevated position of her head that stared at the ceiling for some indication on what was taking place up there.  

Marianna placed her mug on the table and then slowly rose from her chair. The only thing that the forty year old woman would have liked to do was sit peacefully in her comfortable chair and enjoy her scorching hot cup of coffee, but instead she was being forced to take on the role of a detective who was forced to take on a minor, inadequate case of investigating a series of noises.

She made her way from her kitchen and climbed a nearby stairwell that was attached to the house directly outside of the kitchen door. Marianna had moved into the small town house two years ago after her adult children moved out of their large home. She detested living in an empty house with only the insects and ghosts roaming the building to keep her company and so she decided to rent the town house out to some needy strangers.

Marianna had wanted her new tenants to have children to replace her own that had moved on to establish their names in society. She also heard that children keep people young. It was this reason that she agreed to take in a single father and his three children. Marianna didn’t carry out a thorough background check before accepting the family because if she had then she would have learned that the father, Mr. Monty, was an ex-con who was struggling to keep a job.

He had won sole custody of his two children, after his ex-wife was arrested and sent to prison for arson. When Mr. Monty gained custody of his children, not that he was capable of raising them, but because the system couldn’t afford to take anymore children under their wing, he had an epiphany that made him realize he had to pull his life together. It was this realization that encouraged him to find a job and lead his children in the right direction.

Mr. Monty had three children. His oldest was a sixteen year old troubled teen named J.P. J.P was following in his father’s footstep’s racking up a criminal reputation for himself of petty theft and drug possession.

The two twins were Kelly and Mike.  The ten year old pair were known to cause a great deal of trouble in any setting they set foot in. They had been living with Marianna for barely a week and she was starting to grow weary of their presence.

Mr. Monty and J. P were rarely home, the adult was at work, while his teenage son was out exploring and participating in the dangers of the street life. Their absence left Marianna to baby sit the trouble causing children.

She reached the top of the stairwell and gazed gingerly down the hall, half expecting the twins to jump out and shove her down the stairwell. It was odd how silent and placid everything had become.

“Kids,” she called down the hall, making her presence known. “What are you doing up here?”

Silence. Marianna made her way down the silent corridor, searching in each of the nearby rooms that she happened walk by for the two ten year olds. The loud thuds had become silent. She should have welcomed the silence as an opportunity to return to her coffee, but instead found it’s sudden presence to be suspicious.


She reached the room at the end of the hall, which happened to be the room that was directly above the kitchen. Marianna slide the door open revealing an the empty bedroom that belonged to Mr. Monty. She stepped inside of the room and studied the interior. The room was neat, probably due to the fact that Mr. Monty rarely slept in the room. He was out until all hours of the night.

“Hi Ms. Ginger!” shouted a small girl.

Marianna was startled and swiveled around to see Kelly standing in the door way of the room. Her palpitating heart beat caught her off guard for a moment. If this were a movie, then the director would have added some kind of horror music that indicated there was some dreadful horrific scene about to occur.

Marianna adjusted herself, standing upright trying to peer behind the girl in search of her genetically identical by DNA clone, however distinctly different by appearance, twin brother. The two were never seen without one another which is why Marianna found Kelly’s desolate presence cyncial.

“Ah, Kelly,” Marianna said trying to compose herself to the firm adult she wanted to be perceived as. “Where is your brother and what was all that noise I heard?”

“Noise?” Kelly turned her head sideways as if Marianna was speaking a foreign language. “What noise? There was no noise Ms. Ginger.”

“I know I heard something. Now you kids need to come downstairs with me. I don’t like you two up here by yourself, unsupervised.”

“Oh,” Kelly said innocently. “Okay, but I have a better idea. You stay up here and let us go downstairs.”


Before Marianna could fully grasp the logic behind what Kelly had said, Mike startled the woman by leaping out of a nearby closet in the room. He darted from the room, closing the door behind him. Marianna overcame the shock in a few seconds and raced toward the door. She began tugging on the door knob repeatedly, but the door had been bolted shut by the lock on the opposite side.

Frustrated, she began slamming her palms against the wood of the door screaming for the children to let her out. Their response was loud giggling that floated through the door. Marianna banged, screamed, and kicked the door for nearly half an hour before she decided to give up.

The children had long lost interest in her and had made their way downstairs, shortly after imprisoning the woman in a room in her own house. Marianna walked over and took a seat on Mr. Monty’s bed, trying to imagine the damaged that the twins were causing on the floor below her. She was unsure of how long she would be trapped in this room.

She shook her head and began to wonder what on Earth she had gotten herself into when she agreed to take in this family. Perhaps the retirement years were suppose to be when adults rested, instead of trying to relieve the glory of the years they had when they were younger.

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