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Short Ghost Story

Submitted: May 25, 2010

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Submitted: May 25, 2010




She appeared before me on a winter night. A girl who appeared to be 16 sat before me alone on a bench, her face buried in her arms. Curious, I approached her wondering who or why she was out here in the blistering cold. As I neared her, I was amazed to find she was wearing a kimono. It was as white as the snow that blanketed the world that night. Embroidered in the fabric were intricate designs of dragons drifting through clouds. She must be from out of town and maybe she has lost her way I thought. “Miss” I asked, hoping to get a reply. At the sound of my voice she shifted a little but maintained her position in hiding her face. As she stirred, I noticed her lush vibrant raven colored hair draped over her elegant shoulders. Concentrating my thoughts on her, I enclosed her body with my jacket shrouding her from the descending snow. She suddenly but very slowly started lifting her head but it was impossible for me to see this maiden and her natural beauty for her hair obscured her face. “Why are you out here all alone?” I asked her. But her only reply was “Thank-You”. “For what?” I asked. “Keeping me warm.” She replied. Smiling warmly I said; “Proper thanks would be to tell me your name.” For a moment we sat in silence. She finally turned to face me. I was amazed by her beauty. Her eyes were gray, her lips full and crimson red like a blossoming rose. And her skin was milky white like marble. “My name is Yuki-Onna.”

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