Man's Love

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real man love

Submitted: January 28, 2016

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Submitted: January 28, 2016



This Man took his time to open me up, mode me to this  Woman that he wanted; I then grew into this Women that he desired.  As i grew into this Woman, I began to take time to open this Man up to be the man I always dreamed of having!

When Man start loving it could be  a changeless event in his life , they try to love without  seeming weak.

 When a Man love's,  He often forget how to show the gentleness side of the love that he can give.

A Man often fail or lack because they try to stay strong. When all that is required is little effort .
Yet when a man loves a woman, thing tend to come in his way, other women, friends, family, etc....  

The love from a woman is a sincere love, because a woman's  love is very unconditional. That man becomes her everything; that man at times still question himself if he loves her or not. 

Why? because a man isn't intone with their feeling. He not sure if he do love one woman. 

He can sleep with many women and don't catch a lick of feeling for them ! He can love one woman but still play mind games with another woman . (Why!) 

He has eyes for other another woman,  but his heart is pure once he finds the right one. 

Woman do tend to be hard on men. 
Most Woman do except more from a men, that he can offered.

A Woman have to understand, when a man become ready to love, it has to come on his own terms, he will realize;  he do or he is in love with that Woman. His action will show. 

 When a Man truly loves a Woman he will give his life to her.
A Man will do anything to steal the heart of a 

When a Man is willing he will pull his heart out of his chest and lay it in her palm.  When a Woman do receive this love from a Man, she have to be tender to his love; because his heart will easily become broken.
When a Man loves a Woman, he will set aside his own selfish ways.
He will act as God intended and become a protector of his love for his women to the end.
When a Man truly loves a Woman, he will see past all her faults and flaws that she may have. She will become this Woman that this Man will and won't compare to his past. 

!!!!A real Man Love!!!!

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