Novel Short Stories

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
novel short stories: 25 stories/100 words each. "a new way of writing and reading.

after many-many years of writing and scribbling; i developed a style uniquely my own.

i take stories that are hundreds; even thousands of words long and reduce them to one hundred words. a good story is then edited many times before going to the editor.

i like to think of myself as a wordsmith/ storyteller from a world gone by. my style is a blend of rod serling and j.d. salinger (short stories); with will rodgers looking over my shoulder as i write.

the stories are meant to enrich, inspire and deliver a good 'gotcha' every once in a while.

they are clean; free of gratuitous sex and violence. rated g reading. peace-love dakat

Submitted: December 07, 2015

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Submitted: December 07, 2015



Ten Novel Short Stories from:



 Time grows Old 


It didn’t matter anymore what time it was. He stopped wearing a watch many years ago. In his youth, he obsessed over time; he loved the sound of a finely tuned instrument keeping time. His fascination with time and timepieces slowly became mundane. From years of hearing seconds tick off, he had become a fine timepiece within his soul. He slowly heard his life ticking away and it was maddening. He resorted to ending his life. He sat on a lonely, secluded park bench getting ready to pull the trigger. A jogger running by asked, “Hey buddy, got the time?”



Tell of the Blind Man


Returning home on the ferry, a husband and wife were enjoying the holiday festivities. A blind man and his incredibly ugly dog were perched near the eatery. They saw him and felt something was odd about the man. The wife asked, “Are you really blind; it looks like you’re staring at us.” The blind man took off his sun-glasses and revealed his opaque yellow eyes. The wife gasped and apologized profusely. The husband put money in his cup. Leaving the garage, the husband spied the blind man’s ugly dog in a new BMW. The blind man called out, “Beats acting.”










 Machiavelli’s Intern


It was a conference between the sales and marketing departments. All the primary speakers kept on using the phrase “think outside the box.” A young intern struggled with the box metaphor. He asked himself, “What’s outside the box?” The dialog heated up with ideas; all were struggling to get the best concept. The young intern remembered from a movie, “Would you rather be feared or respected?” The young intern felt the magnificence when an idea hits the target. He was aggressive by nature so fear was his instant choice. “What’s outside the box?” he asked. “Fear sells better than Sex!”



 Tree of Life


It was a beautiful day to take his son to the arboretum and look at the different gardens. They meandered around, had lunch, then wandered some more. The next exhibit was a tree seed weighing more than three tons. The information card said the tree grows at a rate of one inch every ten years. They looked, and next to the seed was the beginning of a shoot pushing the soil aside. “How big do you think the tree will get?” asked the son. “Well, look at the seed and imagine the tree from which it fell,” said the father.




 An Old Soul


He was a very old sea turtle that had come ashore to sun himself one last time. He never expected what was about to happen. The sun felt good upon his shell. His thoughts drifted back to when he was young. A little girl came over and said, “Hi Mr. Turtle.” Several of her friends joined her, petting and stroking his nose, head and shell. One little boy kissed him on the beak. These are very sweet children thought the turtle. Slowly he slipped away. He saw himself from afar and realized he was surrounded by friends he never knew.





 The Shell Game


He was a three card Monty specialist following a long line of tricksters and masters of deception. By hook and crook he managed to find himself in politics. Using his heritage of deceit as his divining stick; he snaked his way to the presidency. He was the “true man of the people”. He knew how to play the game better than all the politicians and carpetbaggers. No one really knew what to make of the incredible success of his familiar platform: “bring government back to the people.” Upon his election, his first words were “I’m glad to have your confidence.”









 Ambitions Reward


It was the best law firm in the city. Her goal was to make partner. The day drew near when the new partners would be announced. She worked harder than ever before. Her confidence grew in leaps and bounds when her boss praised her skill and drive. To treat herself, she bought a sophisticated business suit for the announcement of her promotion. The day came and she was passed over for a sniveling idiot. She asked her boss why she was denied what she rightfully earned. He said, “Honestly, if you made partner, you’d have my job in a week.”







Waking the Dream


He woke cradling his newborn baby sleeping like an angel in his arms. He stared down at the infant and recognized his own smile and chin. Maybe his son would grow to become a great man, a man of respect and power. He knew he was going to be a great dad. His father was a great dad, but he never listened to his son’s dreams. He promised himself, that when his son spoke of his dreams, he would listen well. His coach was yelling, “Wake up son; practice is over”. He woke with the football cradled in his arms.








 A Beautiful Soul


It was an industrial chemical explosion that disfigured his entire body. After many years and many operations, he looked more like a ghoul than the handsome man he once was. He became secluded; his fear of going out in public prevailed. He desired human interaction but was afraid. One day, he said to hell with it all and went to the mall. People gave him terrible stares; he would smile at them. They in turn would smile back. It turned out that his stunning eyes and crooked smile made people smile. He shed his skin and became human once again.










 Footprints in the Sand


There are moments in life that will stick with you forever. They were father and son. The father was an old man and the son old enough to know that everything passes. They parked on the compact sand. Both lit a cigarette and looked at the beautiful memorable day. The father walked along the shore. The son looked at his father’s footprints getting washed away as he walked. The cigarette smoke wafted in the breeze. The father looked around and waved to his son. The son had tears streaming down his face. Over the years, they had become great friends.

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