I poem that has a lot of symbolism. See if you guys know what it is that are symbols and what for. Leave in comments.

I was driving alone way up in the morning, driving down some interstate

I was getting a little hungry, so I thought I’d go down Exit 78

As I went down the exit it seemed like forever, not a single car passed me by

Another thirty minutes passed and the hunger got to me, I thought I was going to die

No longer I could wait, I turned the car around, and started back up the hill

But all of a sudden a man jumped in front of me, I hit him, I started to feel ill

I hopped out of the car, he jumped up so quickly, and he asked me if I could take him home

This was the least I could do, so I said sure, and then we were gone

My car was now going back down the hill; it at least took another hour

We were now at a small town, a one lane dirt road, and at the end stood two towers

The towers caught my eye, and my hunger was no more

I could tell there was no food here anyway, because the buildings only four

The two towers I told you about, a courthouse, and what looks to be like an abandoned saloon

I looked at the man and said, will we be getting there soon?

He told me to keep going, I live really near

I kept going until I got to the towers, and he stopped me, and said I live here

He hopped out of my car, and went in the left tower, and all of a sudden he was gone

It must be an illusion of some sort, could it be I am wrong?

I didn’t worry about it, I wasn’t about to let my time pass

I passed up the saloon, and the road was vanished, all that was left was grass

I pulled the car over, went in the saloon, maybe I was just dead

The saloon had been empty, only a piece of paper that read

If you’re wondering why the road is gone, come on down here and meet

The ruler of Exit 78, at the courthouse down the street

I laughed at myself, and I just thought there’s no way

I’m not going to that courthouse, today or any day

Next thing I knew, I went outside to my car, in a frantic

My car was gone, so I fell to my knees in a panic

Luckily I had a cell phone, so I picked it up to call

My darling wife and tell her all the strange things I’ve saw

She answered the phone, and asked me where I’ve been

I told her I was lost on Exit 78; I’ve been here since ten

I asked her if she’d come pick me up, I’m beginning to feel sickly

She said she’s on her way; she’d try to come quickly

My wife was two hours away, that’s also how long she was gone

Then I heard her call, and I answered the phone

She said there was no Exit 78, just 77 and 79

I told her go back again, and double check the sign

At about this time the phone started to cut loose, I began to feel nervous

And then all of a sudden, the phone went out of service

Well it started to get dark, I was getting frustrated and mad

I had to go to the courthouse; there was no other choice I had

I walked to the courthouse, along the old dirt road

The closer and closer I got, a chill ran down my spine, it began to get cold

I was now at the courthouse, I was finally there

A sign up on the lawn, read enter if you dare

I went up the horribly designed stairs, and nearly fell

This may sound strange, but this courthouse had a doorbell

I rang the doorbell, and it began to sound

It played a piano melody, it could be heard throughout the strange town

The door opened on its own, I walked right inside

I’m just glad that with my bad luck, my access wasn’t denied

There I was standing, in a courtroom so big

And in front of me, up on a bench, was a judge wearing a wig

He told me once in my town, there’s no getting out

This made me angry though, and I gave him a shout

He told me you’re on strike one, two more to go

Two more of those you’ll end up, in the tower called Crow

I later figured out, the right tower was called Crow, and the left called Dove

The right was for evil beings, and the left for beings full of love

He said the reason why my wife and many others couldn’t see Exit 78, is because they were blind

Only you and a selected few, can see past the sunshine

Exit 78 is what people call purgatory, the place in the middle

I hold the dead until the Lord comes, but you can return if you get this riddle

The riddle was who doesn’t breathe, has four limbs, and can see through the light

I answered with nothing, for I knew my answer wouldn’t be right

He said it was I who was dead, and went to the light yes you did

The light was Exit 78, and you made it all the way to the end

As you were driving down the interstate, you lost control, and didn’t know where you went

I’m sorry to inform you this, but you had a terrible accident

I figured it wasn’t your time, so I gave you one more shot at life

By this I tried, and let you for one last time, speak to your wife

He then said the saloon represented your shot, to give life another crack

You read the note, but you didn’t get here, so it was a sign you couldn’t go back

Tower Crow represents, the beings that will be going to Hell

Three strikes you’re there, but you’ve only got one, so you’ll be going to Dove, that’s swell

To Dove I went, and I really must say

I don’t regret going down Exit 78, I’m here until the Lord returns, I’m here today

Submitted: June 01, 2013

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