Before I Put On The Mask

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As I do

Submitted: August 12, 2011

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Submitted: August 12, 2011




I feel

Absolutely stunning,


All done up,

And beautiful.

But what's it worth?

I am alone;

Unsure of everything,

And everyone around me.


I think,

They should all want me.

I am well rounded,




On the inside

And out.

But how can anyone see that

When they won't take the time,

And when they only one who ever has

Is gone?

How do I replace that?


A bond like that

Can never be replaced.

But still,

Who will I turn to now?

This new friend is sweet,

Seems sincere and kind,

But when they say they don't care for people

I worry if I should try and make this something worth while.


Is it worth it?

Should I stop this act

And create a friendship?

Or is it all in vain?

Would that attempt of friendship

Turn out how I think it will?


And again,

Here I am,

The same as before;

Just a simple girl.

Softly curled hair

Tousles and turns through my fingers,

When it should be tangled in his.


I lay on the floor,

My heart in pain,

As those same grey tears

Flow down this cold and lonely face once more.

Pale it has become,

Lonesome in its own way,

Just like my heart.


And when my body rises

From its grave of tears and sorrow,

I grab that happy mask,

That everyone knows so well,

And before I put it on

I look in the mirror

And remember

What happiness looked like

When he was here.


© Copyright 2019 Dakota Lockheart. All rights reserved.

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