Roses and razorblades

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Umm depression of a 16 yeAr old

Submitted: July 12, 2011

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Submitted: July 12, 2011



I came from noting born to belive i was dead...its hard for me to live in life with these suicidal tendences...i got noting to belive in..i feel like everyone is just lieing to me......i dont know who to trust or who to belive anymore....the bigest mistake i made was taking tha bullets out of that gun....drowing my sarow with hate thinking of regerts of my life....i try hard and things arent going to be okay...i see my funral people crying like they miss me cuz death is the only thing thAt shows people how much you ment to them when your gone....people dont seem to notice how much i mean to them...saying i just get harder to care for well guess whAt i am as dead As can be thank you ..... Yah when im dead you will have noting to care for.... ROSES AND RAZORBLADES what makes me feel this wAy......

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