Death and the Angel

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The surgical team worked on the girl, unaware of the unseen struggle taking place.

Submitted: April 09, 2007

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Submitted: April 09, 2007




Death and the Angel

The blood ran thick from her wounds.

The white sheets absorbed the liquid thirstily as the dark red stain on the bed grew larger.

Around the corner Death awaited.

He stood silently watching, his intertwined fingers clawing each other in anticipation.

His green marble eyes watched intently as he tried to remain quiet, maintaining his stealth.

If she had the will to look to the corner of the cold room she might have seen him there, just around the side of the large steel medicine cabinet.

She had the will, just not the strength.

Her eyes had already shut from the anesthesia, and her body had gone limp in a suspended animation.

She could no longer force her eyelids open but she wouldn’t give in to the deep sleep just yet.

Under her eyelids all was dark but she could imagine the team working over her, just as they were when she shut her eyes.

They conversed back and forth, their voices a bit muffled under their covered faces.

Slowly, their voices trailed off until all went silent.

A voice spoke to her then.

At the time it was loud and clear.

In the room, she lay under the bright lights motionless.

Through one of the white walls came out a figure; he was tall and muscular, his face without eyes, his wings folded behind him the color of charcoal.

Death peeked out from behind the cabinet only to be startled by the Angel’s presence, though he knew he would come.

Anger shown on his face as he watched the eyeless winged one walk toward him with intentions even a child could foretell.

With a quiet leap, Death landed on the girl’s bedside ready to embrace her.

A strong grey-skinned hand gripped his throat just as he did so and began to crush it.

With one wrinkled, bony finger Death reached to touch the unconscious girl but the Angel pulled him back away from her, never releasing the firm grip around his neck.

Death’s claws brushed lightly on the girl’s skin and a second later the entire team surrounding her stopped what they were doing to look at the EKG machine.

There was a strange feeling in the air yet they chose to ignore it.

They were oblivious to the Angel and Death’s struggle in the room, though they knew the girl may not live through the surgery.

Death clawed at the Angel; managing to tear the grey skin of his seemingly lifeless skin.

He bled from his cheek, his blood black and thick but it did not seem to impact him.

In retaliation Death took a powerful blow to the face, deforming his already wrinkled, misshapen head.

He fell back against the wall, free from the Angel’s grip now.

He appeared “lifeless” and broken when he landed.

The Angel saw this as an opportunity to rid the room of the pest, sparing the girl’s life in the process.

He leaned in towards him, ready to force his fist into Death’s chest when Death reopened his creaturistic eyes and with swift movement pushed the Angel using his unnatural powers and making the Angel land on the opposite side of the room.

He landed, his right wing folded inward, his back against a steel table.

His eyelids were shut but his body struggled to get back up.

Inside him, his anger grew and it brought strength to the rest of his body.

The crew continued working on the girl despite the loud thuds in the bright room.

The lights had been flickering so they worked faster now, ignoring the tipped-over trays and fallen instruments.

They had only looked at each other, their eyes meeting and quickly letting go, as they hurriedly continued their work.

Death took this chance to try and get near the girl again.

He saw on the other side of the room the Angel, seemingly unable to awaken and nothing seemed more perfect to the green creature.

He reached the bed with a greedy smile on his wretched face as he placed his green-skinned clawed hands on the sides of the girl’s head and brought his face close to hers.

He shut his evil eyes and bit his lower lip in excitement. 

A red smoky mist came from his slimy mouth and when the girl breathed she inhaled it.

The EKG machine let out a warning as two assistants rushed to her aid.

A grin came to Death’s old face as he looked into the face of another victim.

He didn’t expect what would happen next.

His wings open, the Angel flew over to the girl’s would-be deathbed slamming into the green creature and sending him tumbling over the bed and onto the machines.

Wasting no time, the Angel flew past the bed and landed piercing Death’s chest with his black claws.

Death instantly turned to dust.

This would not be the end of him, for one cannot kill Death, of course!

The girl recovered her heartbeat when the Angel kissed her forehead, and the surgeons then finished up their work.

He stood silently still the rest of the time watching, while the girl’s limp but breathing body was carried onto another bed.

He watched with hollow eyes as she was hauled off to a recovery room.

The room was fairly quiet, a few voices here and there as the staff passed by behind the curtains.

 The girl lay on the bed, the Angel’s cold grey hand on hers.

She opened her eyes to find him standing there, a man dressed in scrubs with a smile on his face.

With a nod goodbye he let go of her hand and walked out of the room, right through the white wall.


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