The Influence of Demons

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What can happen if you open your mind too much?

Submitted: March 08, 2007

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Submitted: March 08, 2007



November 2005

 The sounds that they made,

never will I forget them.

They stirred around my head;

feeding me thoughts

unwanted and untrue.

Cries of lies in the night they were,


thin but enormous.

The night grew colder

as the thoughts grew

into an evil

too violent and unforgiving to ignore.

The air grew thinner;

colder still.

The trees screamed;

their outstretched arms eager to escape.

But they could not.

And the moon knew nothing

as down he looked

onto the glowing land

shaken by unseen forces.

The thoughts kept coming,

piece by piece,

just taunting me.

From all around they came,

their presence felt

so heavily

as my mind they tried to overtake.

But I was in control.

I let not my eyes deceive me,

nor my mind.

My ears could hear their approach.

My body could feel their coldness.

My soul could sense their intentions.

In the center I stood,

as they hovered all around me.

I shut my eyes to them,

so their faces I could not see.

I numbed my body

so their attacks I could not feel.

But I listened closely,

and from that

their weakness I could hear.

At last,

I shut down completely.

For one moment in time

I felt nothing,

I saw nothing,

and I heard not a single sound

that they,

in desperation,


For one moment,

I was peaceful.

The darkness was calm,

and my mind rested.

All my fears that I

had once felt


like ashes in the wind

blown away

and forgotten.

When I opened my eyes,

they were gone.

All was still,

all was quiet.

The moon shone brighter than before.

The trees were at peace.

The soft, voiceless wind caressed them

and the leaves rustled,

a soft song on a now quiet night.

The shadows became the night,

and the thoughts,

vicious and dark

as they had been


and only the night sky

influenced my soul.

The moon did smile then,

for the first winds

had carried off with them

the chaos

and into the abyss they fell,

growing and waiting,

in anger

their next attack

and what they may take with them.

This time,

it wasn't me.

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