The Sun and the Icarus

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
The sun was hot and the Icarus was in flight...

Submitted: March 25, 2007

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Submitted: March 25, 2007




The land was the first thing I saw,

and how eerily bright the day

like mid afternoon

in mid summer;

the sun hugging the soil,

ruling the atmosphere.

There were hills,

stained green by the grass.

Seemingly out of place

was an old broken wooden fence,

lined along the hill

as along it I walked.

It was worn of its color,

drained of life.

The sun was hot.

It was impossible to escape its embrace.

There were no sounds in the air.

Dead silence,

like a silence of the mind;

no ears, no signs of human nor animalistic life.

A trail of worn grass

obviously been walked before,

many a times

enough to wear the grass down

to the dirt.

I remembered nothing.

I heard nothing.

Silence was everywhere.

I squinted for the brightness stung my eyes.

I walked along the worn path,

staggering, drained,


A single green tree

stood out on the next hill;

all alone, the only one

of its kind.

A few more steps later

it was out of sight,

behind me and to my left

as my bare feet

continued the enigmatic walk.

The sun beat down on my body.

My head was hot.

Perhaps I would faint.

I could feel the weakness in my body;

in my stomach.

From nowhere came a shadow,

silent as the day,

its wingspan from hill to hill.

I was instantly in its shadow.

I tried to look up.

The shadow grew bigger

as it neared the Earth.

With a swoop

I was lifted off the ground.

His cheek pressed against mine,

so his face I couldn't see.

I knew who he was.

Around my waist

were his strong arms.

On my stomach his seemingly human

gigantic hands;

grey as the clouds

and his claws

black as the night.

We were in flight.

I closed my eyes

to his familiar voice.

I knew that soon I'd awaken.

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