The Thing In the Closet

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To a 13 year old, the dark can pretty scary. Now, what if there was an intruder in your closet?

Submitted: March 04, 2007

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Submitted: March 04, 2007



The night was dark and quiet.

I lay in bed as usual, alone and sad as insomnia had taken over me for years now.

I lay on my back while I watched the colored balls of light float down from the ceiling onto my sheets.

One by one they fell, blue, red, purple.

The eyes watched me.

I had been trying to ignore them for days, not even bothering to open my closet.

What was it and what did it want?

I closed my eyes but sleep did not come to me.

Instead, almost like heat, I could feel the stare coming from the closet.

It became hard to ignore. 

Its presence was so heavy I thought for sure it would come out of the closet.

Slowly, the fear set in.

I ignored the colored puffs and lay quietly under the sheets, sweating and secretly shaking in fear.

My eyes were on the dark closet.

The door was closed.

I remained motionless for hours hoping that daylight would soon come.

It did.

I had no memory of falling asleep.

The thing was still there when I awoke, though.

I spent my day at school, not looking forward to the return home.

When I got home the feeling remained.

I then decided to confront it.

I told him that I wasn't afraid of him and I cursed him over and over that night.

He left my closet.

The following day I was able to open my closet and of course there was nothing there.

So, what was this thing?

It was a man.

It is a man.

His name is David.

He only moved out of my closet and into my life.

Some may say he's my "spirit guide" or "guardian angel".

I overcame my fear of him after he presented himself to me in dreams.

He is a very beautiful man.

To this day, his presence is still heavily felt...

..everywhere I go.

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