ill never b the same

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Losing everything

Submitted: December 28, 2011

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Submitted: December 28, 2011



I felt as if everything was mine as if I had it all I had a family friends nd a wonderful boyfriend but den came the time dat I let myself go nd as I let myself go so did everyone they lost hope on me nd I wanted to die I lost my family they all began to judge me nd began to reject me I felt horrible my friends all turned there Bak on me nd pretended to not noe me my boyfriend cheated nd laughed in my face I felt lyk nothing I never thought that all dis would ever happen I tried not to cry I tried to hide all my pain but no it came out all my tears came rolling down my cheeks I felt at dat moment as if my heart had cut my chess wide open came out ran down my arm and shattered on the floor it felt horrible I thought I would feel like dis for a day but no it scared me for a fetime I cried Myself to sleep every night I felt my heart shatter everytime I heard ur name or saw ur face nd now I notice ur forever gone I've lost it all nd it hurts me soooooo bad to admit Bt my heart will forever shatter3

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