Fight Club: Legacy

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Toby learns first-hand the true meaning of what it means to be human. Filled with a life of sorrow and hoping to become more confident, despite suffering from insomnia and depression. He enters a world, never been seen or touched by man's hand. Only felt mentally. Will he find himself and will he ever conquer his inner demons? Only time will tell...

Submitted: October 03, 2014

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Submitted: October 03, 2014




It's kind of funny how things never turn out the way you planned it, or how you perceived it'll turn out. Eventually you turn the other cheek and call it quits. Life is one bitch that leaves even a grown man to question his own capabilities. -Toby Freeman


I had a very distinct childhood. I grew up with the beliefs that the goosd guy always wins, but I've learnt that over the years, the bad guy is much smarter than the good guy had predicted. I took out my big cup, poured in 6 spoons of sugar and I sat down. I got up again, forgetting that I left my laptop at my home. So I took out my dad's old typewriter and sat down, started typing a few words to see if it still worked but I then realised that there was no ink. By now it was already 12am and I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. But after a while of going through my dad's closed boxes. I finally found what I was looking for and sat down, and I wrote what came from my heart. It's what I did in my spare time, hours went by and I don't know if I had fallen asleep or not, but it felt to me I had insomnia, but after 3 hours I woke up in a really uncommon manner. I found myself in my mother's garden; barefoot, I sat there in distraught.

Maybe I was sleepwalking again, but I hadn't been through something like that in years. I grew out of it. Or was it now that I was back at my parent's house? I was a little confused, actually very scared that something like that occurred, even when I'm all grown up. I got up, wiped the dust from my pajamas, opened the door and headed straight for the shower. A few minutes after I was done, I saw that my mother had already got up, and as usual...she was busy in the kitchen

'Good morning son, how did you sleep? I hope you had enough blankets, it was awfully cold last night.\" Asked mother.

I nodded my head, wasn't actually in a mood for a morning conversation. Although I knew my mother enjoyed having me spend time helping her to arrange the funeral. I'd say eversince my dad passed away, it must've been hard for her to not see him anymore. Heaven knows I've had trouble myself, coming to terms with my father's death. So whilst I was there, I did my own little investigation, with hopes to find the man responsible for my father's death. And the only lead I had, was a man no cop could find. But I was determined to make this man's life a living hell. I would avenge my father. My partner at the bereau had some very important information about the man I was looking for, but unfortunately he never came with that information. I figured he wouldn't come through; same old Matthew, eversince our senior years, he's been by my side. My best friend, and bereau partner.

' Son...I forgot to ask you, how's Catherine doing and do you have any idea, when she'll be expecting?\" Asked mother.

\"Anytime soon mother.' I said.

'Since we're speaking in general, I figure now is the right time to talk about this, before it's too late.\" Said mother.

\"What are you talking about mother?' I asked curious...

\"You know your dad was a real quiet man, always kept to himself, and the never spoke much, but before he died, he told me something, something which I don't wish to tell you. But I also can't keep it from you, because sooner or later you are going to find out, and I really don't want you to hate me for it.' Said mother.

\"Mother, I don't have time for this! I have to find dad's killer.' I said.

\"When your father was young, he did something really terrible, something he was never proud of, something he wish he could change. He was different back then, he cared less and he was consumed by bad thoughts, thoughts that left him overwhelmed and throughout all these bad sins he committed, he started a talking to himself and his life just wasn't normal.' Exclaimed mother.

I stood there in anger and frustration. I knew I had no time to listen to mother. I had to find my dad's killer. Time was at the essence and I wasn't even close to finding the killer, and as mother cried, the phone rang.

\"Mother we'll talk about this later.' I said.

I picked up the telephone, and as I answered, Matthew said:

'Hey buddy, I got the information you wanted, and I know who it is, but I can't tell you. I am sorry.\"


'Why not? You promised Matthew.\"

\"Yes...Matthew made a promise, he kept it, but, you see...I can't allow it.' The man said.

I was angry, and I feared for Matthew's life, I didn't know what to do,and I felt hopeless. I looked at my mother, saw her crying, then I said,' Listen here! If you don't let my partner go, I assure you I'll go out of my way to have the whole bereau on your ass!\"

The man laughed, and for some reason he found what I said, very amusing.

\"Toby my boy...we own the law.' He said.

\"I'm coming for you!' I said. He just laughed, and said,' well then...I suppose I'll need to give you a proper reason to come after me, wouldn't you agree?\" ( I heard a gunshot) \"Now Matthew is officially dead thanks to you, I await your arrival Toby, don't be late.' He said. The call ended and I grabbed my coat, along with my gun and badge. \"What did you want to tell me mother?' I asked.

She cried and said,' your father started the Fightclub. The very same fightclub you and your men are trying to end; this is for the same reason your father is dead. You see, he knew they'd come after him, so for this reason he changed his name and he married me, so that you won't be influenced by his past. And due to what he did, and what he saw his nihilistic actions had led to, he shot himself through the mouth, but he survived. Only to end up in a mental facility, that's where I met him. I took care of him, I was his nurse, and I made him again. When he finally came to his senses, he lived a normal life and we married soon thereafter. And that is when he became better, he wasn't sick anymore, and the voices were gone.\"

\"I have to go mother.' I said , grabbing my gloves. My mother begged me not to leave, but I just wouldn't listen, I knew now, I had more reason to hunt this man down and end his reign of terror over the innocent for good.

I opened the door, walking out and I got into my car. As I drove off, I reminesced about the things my dad and I used to do together. I just couldn't believe that he was the reason for all this chaos. For the first time ever, I doubted my dad. It was by all means iniquitous that Matthew had to die for such a reason, I felt bad and mourned his death with vengeance in my heart and tears in my eyes. And I so badly wanted to believe that all this was just a misapprehension, but truth be told, I'd be lying to myself if I wanted the whole matter to be prior to my imagination, perhaps in another life...but everything felt so promiscuous.

It was going to be dark soon and I had to find a place to stay for the night, I went on my cellphone to search for a map, and the map showed there was a motel in the next town, about 7 hours to where I was headed, so I quickly rushed to the next town, and I booked in, paid in cash for one night. I went straight to the bathroom, and just forgot about all the unwanted memories. I didn't stay long in the bathroom, then I found myself in bed; television wasn't working, so I went through leads on how to catch this guy, and for that entire night, I didn't sleep at all. I worked straight through the night, trying to come up with some masterplan as to how I'll catch these people. Morning came, I walked over to the coffee shop, bought me a strong cup of coffee, and sat down for a few minutes. Nodded my head in disbelief, and as I sighed, this waitress walked my way, touching my shouIder, taming me with words that everything was going to be okay; I got up, gave her a tip; I know it wasn't necessary, but I felt she needed the money, then quickly rushed to my car, went on to drive to the next town, and whilst driving, I noticed a catholic church. I went inside, realising there was no one there, I got down on my knees, praying to God for some guidance and protection. Later after I thanked him, something within me said words in a rage, I was so filled with anger that I argued with God. \"How could you allow this to happen? You let my dad die, and now I'm headed for what I believe will be the end of me! I don't have any leads and my bestfriend and bereau partner got killed because of my dad's doings, I don't know what to do!' I said. I walked out, still angry, got into my car and as I drove, a call came through to my cellphone, but it was from Matthew's phone. I answered and it again was that same man, saying,' Toby, Toby,'re in for one big surprise, you're going to like it, trust me.\"

\"You know what I'm going to do to you when I get hold of you? You're a dead man!' I said. I said nothing. I was so determined and filled with ideas, as to how I'd kill them. I was not myself, and I had nothing but hatred towards these men.

I sat in my car and immediately I phoned my mother, and asked her what my dad's real name was and she said,' his name was Jack.\"

I then noticed an old apartment that looked as if it would give in any minute, decided to go inside and there these old men stood. I looked at then and they looked at me. \"Who killed my father?' I asked. They just laughed, then the one fat man said,' all depends on who your father was and if he has lost everything, because only if you've lost everything, are you willing and capable to do anything.\" Next thing I know, I found myself surrounded by hundreds of men and all of them chanted the same phrase over and over again,' first rule about Fightclub, no one talks about Fightclub!\" I pulled out my gun, and they moved aside. Although I attempted to shoot them, I chose not to, and I just wanted to make a clean ruin for it. As heading for my car, a man hit me right on my forehead and grabbed hold of my gun and shot me at the back of my neck.

I thought I was dying, I really thought my time has finally come, but I was wrong...

My time had just begun.

I was dying. I could feel the life vanishing from my numb body. I could hear the old men ordering the others to carry me down to the basement. They picked me up, and carried me all the way to the basement. There I met her, this blonde haired girl. She quickly took out the bullet and wrapped my head with bandage.

Then one of the old men said,' put him in a cell. We'll need to break him, just as his father had requested.\"

It was raining. And I was in cell, all locked up. 5 months went by, started suffering from insomnia and eversince the shot to my head I started getting nightmares. Everything just felt so different. Whilst in my cell, they sent a man to question me, or as I liked to say,'interrogate.' UNKNOWN MAN

\"The old men you met, are some of your father's old fightclub buddies. I can't remember all their names, but I do know...among them were that fat slob called Bob, then there was Ricky, Steph, Angel face, oh! And me.'


\"Who are you? Why am I here?'


'Who I a question you shouldn't ask, because it's an answer you're not ready for oh Toby boy.\"


What is your name!\" I asked irritated...


Oh! My name (laughter) why didn't you ask so in the first place? It's Julian Durden. Happy now?\"


\"What do you want with me?'

Julian looked so thick-skinned and filled with sorrow in his eyes. But there was also something else I saw, something that I think was not at all soundly but I could feel the tension. Or perhaps I was hallucinating. From the way he dressed, to the way he spoke, nothing about him at all seemed hallow, but the man was more nefarious and that just nauseated me that these men treated me like an idiot. This effect made my emotions more fiery and It felt to me as if the whole world were against me. And that just. And his presence just made me nervous as hell.


'Hey! Where's your head at? You're over-thinking it Toby.\"


'What are you talking about? I'm not over-thinking anything.\"


'You're trying to avenge your old man's death, and upon're actually doubting whether you're doing the right thing or not.'re observing me, least you're trying; but, take my advice: ' you'll never know yourself, if you're continue to read people for the rest of your life.\"

NARRATOR 'What do you mean?\"


''re a people's pleaser,'re an overthinker, and're a bitch.\"


'Now you wait a minute pal! You don't know me at all, you don't get to tell me what I should do and how I should live my life!\"


'But you're wrong Toby...I know you better than you know yourself, you're dependant on others, your entire life' you've been spoonfed, a little mommy's're a good specimen of these God damn low life liberals you hear of these days. Infecting people's minds with all this fortune cookie bullshit! Jesus! Christ!!! God damn hypocrites! All of them! You know why people don't like liberals? If liberals was so fucken smart, why do they lose so God damn always?\"

I said nothing further. I just sighed in disagreement, but I remaind silent. Julian got up and told me to follow him, I followed him and as walking down this very dark passage, I could hear voices of men chanting 'fight' and my heart, mind and body altogether became anxious. As walking down the stairs, Julian opened another door and took out of the stair-case, a bottle of strong Vodka.


'Here, drink're going to need it once you're done.\"


'I don't drink, sorry. It's not for me, and why would I need it in the first place?\"


'Okay...suit yourself then. But enough with the talk, it's time. We've been waiting years for this and now our reign will go farther than what we had intended.\"

He opened the door, drinking continiously without stopping. All was quiet when we stepped foot inside the underground arena. Julian took off his shirt and shoes, then said facetiously...


\"This is Fightclub! I'm sure by now, many of you are wondering, what it is we'll do this year, after so many many years of silence. Well...since my father isn't here to mentor and lead us, I suppose I'll have to lead the fort.'

\"What did you have in mind?' Asked Angel face.

As Julian stood there gushing, he said,'well...this is going to sound rather distinct coming from me, but...I was thinking, how about we take this to a whole new level? We start by inducting women, so that it doesn't look as of we're sexist men, you know how women are these days, they want to do all the shit we do; also...I've been thinking we should get the word out, tell some highschool kids that if they're interested, we suggest they join fightclub and in that way we pave the way for stronger men in the mere future. What do you think?\"

Bob stepped forth and asked Julian a specific question, but he didn't respond, so Bob asked again,' are you doubting yourself Julian? It must be hard continuing in the footsteps of your old man.\" Julian got upset, walked up to Bob, punched him repeatedly in his face. Julian had him on the floor, then spat in his face.'

He got up, drank more vodka. Turning around in circles, pouring Vodka over his head, licked off his blood-stained fingers and laughed.


'Now...if there's anyone here tonight, among you oh so Inglorious and undeserving bastards who has something cute or smart to say...hear my words, let them speak now or forever shut the fuck up!\"

Julian then rephrased one of the old rules. And in a blink of an eye, I found myself fighting one really big guy they called Paco. We fought shirtless and without any shoes, just as their rules stated. And as fighting I looked straight in the eyes of Julian and watched him smile at me. As if he had malicously planned this, so that I could look bad, or maybe I was just plain paranoid.

Paco beat my face repeatedly, bashing my head in the dirt. He then picked me from the ground up, onto his shoulders, then stretched out my body' screaming in celebration that he has defeated me, by now I was half unconscious, but I pulled myself together and wiggled myself off from his shoulders, luckily I landed on my feet then I gave him an upper-cut, then I slapped his ears with both my hands as hard as I could, but it didn't help and I tried again and again, so I attempted to try a fourth time, unfortunately I could not accomplish to restrain him and he grabbed my hands; I saw the anger in his eyes, the rage and frustration, so unpredictably he spat in my face,he laughed and in a rush he broke my nose hitting me with his forehead and as the blood dripped, I spat the blood into his face blinding him for a few minutes, that gave me some time to regain my strength and as partially bending over, I jumped on his back, gave him the sleeper hold and he slowly gave in, passing out. I was declared the winner and the next fight went on up until everyone had a chance to glorify in this moment.


'You get two kinds of fighters. Those who fights for pleasure and those who fights for a purpose. Those fighting for pleasure, mostly goes after blood, but those few who fights for a purpose, “Hopes to raise an empire painted in blood; now that is art.” The fighting then continued and when everyone was bruised. We all just sat there, planning ways to expand our movement to much broader locations. We wanted everyone to know about us, we wanted the whole world to be part of fightclub.

Julian got up from his chair, with his hair all messed up, his left eye swollen and surprisingly a tattoo of his father's face tattooed on his chest.


'Some men, killed to become kings. I'm prepared to do much more. We are all destined for greatness, all chosen amongst the misfits, screw ups, losers, failures, fuck ups! Fuck it! You name it, we were it...we have suffered long enough, endured pain. We have been through all the shit and the fucken government has poluted the minds of the young boys and girls out there, everybody wants to be the same, wearing the same motherfucken clothes, fake eyes, fake boobs, fake hair, fake women, and bitch ass men. It's time we took back what is righteously ours to begin with, it's time they know not to fuck with the bull! \"

All the men chanted with admiration, and he continued.


'Fuck MTV! Fuck YouTube! Fuck Twitter, Facebook! Fuck the Media!!! You see men...they say serial killers and paedophiles, rapists and murders, sociopaths, are the worst of men and the world’s greatest manipulators. But so are doctors, lawyers, cops, priests, teachers and politicians, salesmen, dictators. You see these sons of bitches don't give a fuck about you, you think they care if your fucken son or daughter dies???I'm telling you today...that the whole world will forever remember us.\"

We all were filled with hope and courage. Determined to restore order, we masqueraded the city as Julian's father 'Tyler' wearing masks, and wearing similar clothes to what he wore. We planted bombs everywhere.

We continued the legacy.

The riot began, we took over. Joining us were the high school students, boys and girls. The future of fightclub and as we rampaged the city. We noticed a massive crowd of FBI agents blocking the road, leaving it impossible for us to escape, but Julian had guns planted everywhere, and we shot back at them; I being a cop, was confused on which side of the line I belonged, so I stayed by Julian's side. After shooting and seeing some of our men getting hurt. We retreated, and rushed back to the old house, but along the way Julian got caught and as I turned around to witness this, he told me to keep running. Instead of running to save my own life, I turned around and fought back against the cop, as fighting I slipped and fell on a brick that bruised my head.

They cuffed me and same they did with julian.

\"You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney present during questioning. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you. Do you understand these rights?' Asked the officer.

We were arrested. Julian was shot in the leg and I had to go for a head scan. They drove off with us to the hospital, immediately we were taken care of, and the doctor suggested that I stay a while, along with Julian. The police officer agreed to this and waited outside. While laying there, we heard a wrecking from outside and quickly the doctor who helped us, apparently one of our fightclub members all along, had freed us and showed us an easy way out of the hospital without being caught by the cops. We thanked him, and asked him what the wrecking was, and all he said was that they created some sort of distraction to get the keys from the cops. Julian laughed and so we ran. We head for the old house and whilst waiting for the men to arrive, we had some time to recover. Julian took out a bottle of Whisky, and poured both of us a huge glass and we celebrated our escape.

Suddenly all turns quiet. The house suddenly felt uncomfortable and Julian looked at me.


'Hey Toby, I got a confession to make, it's going to make you hate me.\"


'No it won't, were friends forever. Brothers in arms.\"


'A while ago, I slept with your wife Catherine and I think the child she carried was mine, that's why the child didn't survive the pregnancy, because God punished us.\"


'So you slept with Catherine? I asked shocked...


'Yes dumb ass, why do you think it's called a confession? Oh! And since were should know that Bob died a long time ago.\"


'I'm sleep with my wife, and how can Bob be dead? And how could you do this to me, how could you sleep with Catherine?\"


'Why not? Your dad stole Marla from my dad, but eventually he got what he deserved and he lost Marla after he shot himself, so I think it's only fair that my actions speaks for itself, that fucking Catherine was the best thing to do!\"


'I thought we were like brothers, but now all I see is a coward! All I see is a manipulating bastard who only cares about himself, a lying cheat and backstabber!\"


'Enough with the self pitying, and start accepting that I'm better than you. You don't appreciate your life, you're an ungrateful son of a bitch not worthy of life, and boy! I tell you now...if you don't accept who and what you are, you'll never know what you're capable of, and you can't just ask questions without making an effort that you desperately need to know the answer. But you! You're like a fucken couch potato; you're too scared to embrace reality!\"


'You just made an enemy for yourself. \"


'You haven't yet defeated yourself, how do you expect to defeat me? I mean...I'm way better than you, I'm better at sex; just ask Catherine. I'm stronger, faster, more smaerter than you, and besides...I know myself. Your problem fear the unknown, while it fears me. Because I'll tell you something, it fears me due to one specific doesn't get to me, like it gets to you.\"

NARRATOR 'You don't get it! You slept with my wife, you killed my son! It's because of you, everything is your fault! I don't want to hear anythinf further, just go!This is the end of us! The end of PROJECT MAYHEM!!!\"


'You're bluffing, don't lie to yourself and tell me that you don't wish to see the reign of those greedy motherfuckers come to an end!Project Mayhem is the beginning of a revolution!\"

NARRATOR 'Screw you! Screw Project Mayhem! This is the end!


'What you should actually say to yourself and what I think might help you is...repeat after me and confess to yourself saying: 'I am Jack's little seed, I am Jack's thoughts, I am Jack's wrath, I am Jack's voice, his mentallity, his ears and his eyes. I'm the blood in his veins and the rage in his soul.\"

I said nothing further. Suddenly the door opened and the men walked in. They could see we had an argument, and things weren't going too good for Project Mayhem, or for Fight club. Julian and I no longer communicated, he practically took over after our little argument. And those two weeks felt like two years. As it went by, he came to me and asked for my help. At first I ignored him, but then again I agreed to help them, since they pleaded and insisted I join them; Julian promised me that after this last act, he'll personally cancel Project Mayhem.

We had to wait for a phonecall from some lady, and as soon as the call came through we got ready to head out to the city and this time we had black ski masks on our faces so that nobody would recognize us. We ran through the streets of the city butt naked, and we didn't care who saw us. But the police showed up and chased us. So while trying to get away, the police caught me and I saw Julian from afar, hoping he'd help me instead he left me there; and the police threw me in the back of the van, and whilst driving me to the police station, I told them everything. I spoke about Project Mayhem, fightclub, the fact that I was an FBI agent.

The officer then silenced me, and said,' Sir, Sir! Which part of 'you have the right to remain silent' didn't you understand?\"


'But I'm telling you the truth officer.\"

\"I get that sir, but at the moment I'm just trying to do my job and get your naked ass out of my vehicle.' Said the officer.

I remained silent once again. And this time I spoke not a word, so whilst driving I noticed they stop in front of a mental ward, and immediately I pleaded with them, not to send me to that place, but the other was very persistent, and I continued trying to convince the officer reconsider handing me over to those evil scientists. Then the officer pulled over, opening the door then took off the cuffs from my hands and allowed me to go, then said,' Next time...I don't want to see you again, and by the way, you were the only seen on the CCTVfootage running naked.\"

I walked with this blanket all the way to a rehabilitation facility. And booked myself in for exhaustion.

They gave me clothes. They were really friendly, and showed me to my room. The minute the door closed, a man appeared in my room.


'Who are you?\" I asked.

\"I'm Tyler Durden.' He said.


\"Why do you look so young?shouldn't you be old like the others?' I asked distraughtly...


'Because you wanted me to be young Jack. You made me appear in the form of my 'so to say' son. You're finally in control, you just needed some clarity Jack, you needed proof that you really were Jack's wrath. So do yourself a favor and get out of this place, it's killing you Jack.\"

And for some reason I listened to him. I left immediately. I went home and when I got there, a call came through. I answered the telephone, only to hear the voice of my wife telling me that our baby died. I felt so depressed and heavily burdened. I was innerly drained, as if I hit rock bottom and my walls came tumbling down. Tyler appeared next to me, telling me that he'll never leave me, that he's forever with me; there'd be no running anymore. I closed my eyes, imagining that he'll be gone the minute I'd open them; when I opened my eyes and found myself in front of an old typewriter and cold cup of coffee in a locked room with no windows. I then stacked the finished work neatly next to the typewriter, got out of the chair, pushing it underneath the table and left the room closing the door behind me. As I walked down the stairs, I smiled. For some reason I didn't know why, and as walking down the hallway I paused, turning left and sat down at the doorstep, staring the open sky. I then noticed the sign of the place I walked out of, was actually a mental ward.

Suddenly the nurse came running towards me, saying,' Jack! What are you doing outside???'s time to take your medicine.\"

I got up. She held my hand, and as I turned I saw Juian staring at me from afar, smiling.

He walked away and I never saw him ever again.

The End.

© Copyright 2018 Damian Vincent Henry. All rights reserved.

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