Urboman: a hero is born

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An officer from Russia, is sent all the way to South Africa to bring down a corrupted criminal but ends up making enemies with another force.

Submitted: October 03, 2014

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Submitted: October 03, 2014



‘Deep in the streets of Russia, there lived a family, but not any family. They were not as the other families living in Russia; the father, John Foyer- a mineworker and local hero, weren’t actually a very polite person, nor was he the type to make friends. He didn’t drink or smoke at all or a man who worried with outside quarrels.

The year was 1977 and John and his wife Yasmin Foyer decided to move somewhere else- and they decided France but then later moved to Spain. By this time it was already a year that had passed by and Yasmin fell pregnant and gave birth to twins; two boys; un-identical ones though. Although they were poor, he was not the man to complain. Yasmin gave birth to her two sons; the one that came out first John named Jonah and the younger one Yasmin named herself- as Neo.

But nevertheless this story does not concern the parents, but the sons. John was working as a farmer, he was working the entire day, but anyway’ when it was time for him to go home, an old lady stopped him and asked for some money, but he just couldn’t give of the money he worked so hard to earn. So he said ’no” in a polite manner and walked away, but as he walked pass her he could sense an evil in her. She cursed him, telling him that within three years she will come for him and his wife. John felt scared and rushed home. When he got there; as tired as he were, he embraced them/ his little infants. Time went by and he forgot all about what the old woman said and went on living life as he normally did; yet should she come, she would probably not come alone.

3 years had passed, the year was now 1981 and they were both 3 years old. It was night, and she came and ironically she came not alone. She had but one ally with her; another old woman. She and her companion went inside without touching the door, they moved objects with their minds and they looked as though they belonged in a psychiatric centre for the mentally ill. They killed John and Yasmin and came upon the boys who she hid in the cupboard. But the old women knew exactly where they were and took them. She and her ally stripped the babies of their clothes, cut their own wrists and wiped their blood all over the babies’ bodies; on the face as well. Then the unthinkable happened, and they did a ritual on the two boys and as they said these words, figures of smoke or mist came from within and without their bodies, coming from their mouths and entering into the bodies of young Jonah and Neo. When the old ladies were done, they became beautiful young women again. They did not look so crazed anymore, they were beautiful and had smiles on their faces, then one of them said to the boys, ‘We have spent centuries looking for twins and you couldn’t have come at a better time, so make use of the new powers we gave you, and remember if you do not use your powers, it may kill you.” They left and took them to an orphanage then went their ways then a lady came down on the boys and took them inside, cleaning them and wiping the blood from their bodies. They were now orphans and all they had were each other. Years went by and they were older; Jonah and Neo both the ages of thirteen. The year was now 1991 and they were still orphans; bullied orphans. Jonah didn’t like how the older boys treated them and he was the one who lost his temper quickly. Now there was one guy, he had only one year left; he was the one that hated them more than anyone. His name was Nicola .On this day, Nicola decided to trap them and beat them, and so he did, grabbing Jonah by the neck, choking him till his face changed a colour. He slapped Jonah in the face repeatedly and spat on him then he and his friends pied on him and his brother Neo. They walked away laughing and making fun of them. Jonah was angry and looked as if he wanted to kill Nicola but he couldn’t risk the sight leaving his brother to take care of himself. Nicola and his friends bullied and pied on them everyday. Only anger showed in the eyes of Jonah and no love at all. But he waited, he was patient. He waited to the last day Nicola would be as an orphan. That day, they were celebrating Nicola’s journey to manhood and giving him presents. Jonah had only one intension. He was angry, his eyes changed colour (blue) and he vomited on the shoe of Nicola; Nicola was angry and slapped Jonah, his body was in pain and it made him cry. And with all that pain, he got up, looked Nicola straight in the eye and his turning black, then out of nowhere a figure appeared behind Nicola and Jonah ordered it to kill Nicola and it did- taking Nicola as if he were a feather and took him by his hands and feet then split his body in two, then the ghost figure returned to the body of Jonah.

The head mistress saw this and so did everyone else and phoned the police and they took Jonah. But Jonah wouldn’t go without a fight and he unleashed hell on the policemen. Not only did there come one ghost out of Jonah’s body, but twenty more followed and they killed all the policemen except one. Jonah looked at Neo and told him he would return then he offered himself to the police man. And he was gone.

The year was 2007 and Neo was not an orphan anymore, but a man. He was 29 years old and so was Jonah if he was still alive.

Neo was married to a beautiful woman named Sonja now and had two daughters whom he named Isabelle and Mila; he also worked as a detective for the Russian Police. He was job was simple, catch the boss of the KGB. It was reason to believe that they saw the big boss in South Africa, so they sent Neo alone. When Neo arrived in South Africa, a month after staying in the city of Cape Town, he was attacked. They tried to take his but he controlled them with his mind throwing them against the wall using his telekinetic/psychic powers. And as he turned around a man shot him to his head and said,’ When you mess with KGB, you will never see lights of day again.” The man walked away and Neo was near to his death; he was having flashbacks of the day when they took Jonah. He got up in pain and used his powers to take the bullet out of his head. And when he did he collapsed and laid there for about two weeks till one of the beggars came along and took him to their shelters. They gave him some ‘Spirits’ to drink and he woke up spitting the spirits out of his mouth. He looked at the beggar and could remember nothing. He was crying then he heard a sound, a very strange noise. He walked away from the beggar and followed the sound and when he got there, he found a child but not an ordinary child. It was a big baby, a very big baby-as big as a five year old. He pushed the huge cupboard aside and got hold of the baby and walked the crying baby; the beggar came to him and gave him a trolley to put the baby inside and he pushed the baby until he could no more. And as he pushed the baby he realised it got bigger and bigger. A man came his way and asked for the baby but he refused, the man grew frustrated and called his men to confiscate the baby from him, but he fought them; and although he had amnesia and even tough his mind had no memory of his life anymore, his powers were not forgotten by his body. His powers were limited. He could fly, by only his telekinetic power and he could also order figures of people and animals to come out of body, and do as he commanded. The man was still not afraid and said he would not be leaving without the baby. He said they called him ‘The Weasel” and his two companions were ‘Bad Cupid”,’The Mime”; they were brothers. And they were bad men, very bad men who killed innocent people. Bad Cupid opened the doors to his mini-van and released two lions. The Mime threw him with knives and blades. Weasel just sat there laughing, with his animal skin mask on his face. Bad Cupid and The Mime were no threat to him but he had a problem with the lions. He was afraid and couldn’t handle the amount of pressure they put on him so he unleashed his ghost; three women, two men and six eagles. Weasel saw this and fled, but not Bad Cupid and his brother, The Mime. No, they enjoyed violence and continued fighting him. As they fought, the Big Baby opened its eyes and saw them fighting. He grabbed hold of him and teleported him along with itself to another safer place. They found themselves in a laboratory and met the man that would change everything in their lives. They called him Dr. Holloway; he was a scientist and a great one. ‘One of the six best, South Africa had to offer.

He asked the baby what its name was and it said without speaking, ‘KX24” and he could hear. But the baby preferred he call him Cosmo. So when the baby asked his name, he told the baby that he has amnesia and could remember nothing of his past life. He and the baby decided on a name to call him and they were satisfied with James Anderson. They sat there and Dr. Holloway gave him some clothes and some food to eat. They watched TV and saw how the men he recently fought against was fighting against the hero South Africans loved. Captain Quest. But even they knew he wouldn’t last forever. And soon South Africa would need a new hero, a new rise of hope, but when that time would come- only he knew, so when it was his calling, it would be the rise of a new era, a new hero, the end of violence in South Africa.

‘The End …

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