My Sin

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A man who can bring out the talents of others and his influence.

Submitted: April 13, 2013

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Submitted: April 13, 2013




My Sins


 I risked all that I had for this. Sacrifices need to be made for something better.



I could always spot talent whenever I saw it. I could see it in other people, clear as day. I also had my own talent: To bring people’s out. Not in the sense of an underpaid teacher encouraging a student, I am far different, and intimidatingly more effective. I was a catalyst, and the only one of my kind. If someone was in their prime and I was close by, their best abilities were displayed. Everybody has their own, but usually they are all minor things; a boost of charisma, heightened senses. Sometimes, however, I find people whose minds open up and I find some unique and beautiful talents, talents such as small premonitions or complete control over a situation.

 MY life had become interesting when I started experimenting with others’ talents. In my small town, I learned about everyone’s talents and related to all people of my age group – I was only fourteen at the time. I thought my generation was beautiful and, if their talents had been exposed correctly, could change the world. I became an instigator for brilliance. I was a prophet of my era.

 The people I had influenced grew up to be millionaires. They were incredible people, who had professions varying from CEO for companies to scientists who revolutionized life for the future youth. Some became college professors, sports superstars, and major movie producers. All of them were benevolent people, too. I had never felt so accomplished.

 This was when I decided to move out, and experiment with other people. I was a vagrant, and helped many people become amazing over my years. I was bringing society to perfection, and aiding good people into creating a paradise. There was only one problem (though I find it menial); I would never be allowed to join their paradise.



 No one ever remembered me. I was always the last person on everyone’s mind. Even after showing the world to my students, I was never acknowledged. It never mattered, though. I was perfectly content with the fact that I had let the futures of people ascend my own self-recognition. After all, sacrifices need to be made for something better.

 That was my mentality before I had changed. I was living in Mississippi at the time looking for potential greatness. My search had brought along three students. A little under the normal amount, but I was happy. Then I found it. I found the greatest of great students, the most beautiful of those who possessed talents – for I could feel he possessed three. “He”, had the powers of omniscience, the power of premonitions…and my own power.

 I immediately took them under my wing. I felt I could actually make the best of the best with this attempt. I was contemplating my methods when “He” came up to me. He was using a premonition, I could tell. He approached and apologized, then left his trance. I was worried, for if “He” has any problems, it could alter his future and could ruin my best project. I had taken him to get medication later that night.

 Training was tedious. I had difficulty for the first time in bringing out talents, but it was expected – something this great was beyond my control. If “He” had strayed too far, I would give him his medications. His companions sometimes had to help him stay close to me, as well. I was very pleased with his companions, as they showed him the society he would be changing. They had minor roles, but still had talents that needed to be brought forward.


 Time was coming to an end with “Him”. “He”, with his companions, had already started helping people. I had never been happier in my life, for what I had accomplished. I could already see myself living out my days watching what will become of the next generation. I would provide guidance for “Him” as he wandered the same streets I wandered, thought the same thoughts I had.


It would never happen.  


 I always thought my intentions were true. I always believed that raising people to express fully the extent of their abilities was good. But now, with my best and brightest, I was proven my stupidity.

 “He” had developed cancer. “He” had stopped taking his medication since the day he departed. Stopping the medication so early made his immune system weak, and cancer cells ravaged his body. It is a peculiar form of cancer, one that attacks the heart directly. In order to survive, “He” needs a new one.

 In his own demise, “He” called for me. I arrived to see the battered state of “Him”. My legacy was dying in front of me. My own representation with much more potential had called to me, begging for life. As I listened to his cries, I noticed:


I had done this to “Him”. I had found an amorphous being, equipped with fantastic talents, and imposed my burdens unto him. I had tried to create a God based off of my image. Something so evil would have never crossed my mind if he had not been so talented. I had never left such an impression on another. Now I stare at the one I molded in my self-image. My greediness for someone like “Him” caused me to change my righteous intentions. I desired to change the world by using someone else. That is my sin.


 So now I wait outside the Operation Room for the surgeons. They prepare for a heart transfer. It was obvious what my actions were, but with a special request. I have arranged for someone to take away his memories. “He” will forget everything about me. He is destined for something greater than I, and it was not in my place to change that. I am content though, as I know full well:


Sacrifices need to be made for something better.



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