The Little Bug

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The little bug just wants to live.

Submitted: May 19, 2013

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Submitted: May 19, 2013




 Pestilence. Parasites. Bugs and other insignificant forms of life. The daily annoyances which we live through, so much that through mythology pestilence has gained a terrible name. The little bug means nothing to the human but annoyance. Its life is meaningless, just like other little bugs. The little bug needs to eat, needs to live, needs to survive, and does so by molesting everything around it. The little bug is a pest.

 So that’s why we need to kill the little bugs. Humans are dignified creatures; humans destroy the lives of bugs, because they are that. Bugs are disease-ridden creatures with the power to destroy all around it. Bugs have capabilities beyond human imagination, so we need to kill them. Bugs are mindless creatures with no specific goal, with no general understanding of what is beyond them. Bugs are mutual parasites, they work together to destroy the precious earth, and the billions and trillions of them kill each other after the ravaging.

 Bugs do not care for the things around them; they are not that advanced into thinking like humans. The bug just wants to eat and mate. The bug couldn’t understand desires for knowledge, power, or love. The bug lives its petty life doing what it has to do.

 Poor, ignorant bug. It does not understand happiness, like we do. It does not know beauty, like we do. It does not know elegance, like we do. It is nowhere near as good as we are, as a species. Yet, humans hate the bug for its misfortunes. Humans hate, kill, and capture bugs. Humans are envious of bugs, you see. Not for its stupidity, its reason to live, its lack of understanding or emotion. Humans hate bugs, because bugs aren’t hypocrites.

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