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sample from the novel i am writing.

Submitted: May 23, 2008

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Submitted: May 23, 2008



We were the kids your parents warned you about. The kind of kids who dropped out of high school and got arrested. The kind of kids who threw beer blasts and got into fist fights. The kind who treated girls like they were meat and passed them amongst the group. It was all we knew. We were the kids who drove the most beat-up cars and didn't come from a nice family. We were the ones you would hear yelling crude things our the windows of our cars to people passing on the streets. The one's who got kicks from vandalism and running out of a gas station with a case of beer. We were by no means upper class, and we didn't have much money, but by god we sure as hell made the best of it. We listened to rock music instead of rap, and when our senior class was deciding what they were going to wear to the prom, we were just calling friends finding out where the party was afterward. We wore torn clothes and messed-up hair. We cam from all different backgrounds. We all knew each other. We all raised one another. We were each others family. We were the kids hopping hills drunk at 4am with no seatbelts. It was all we knew. We were dirtbags, and we liked it.

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