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Submitted: December 08, 2011

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Submitted: December 08, 2011



Discourse # 4

No one wants to admit the obvious, that we have woken in the street's of war. Bodies dropping one by one as the lights go out. Now admits the moon and earth blood will run down the flesh of the naive, confessions whispered to the ears of any believer. The cold sting of the Winter's breeze, strike the hearts of those who buckle at their knees. The beat of the drums, usher in the atonement, a grand mockery of war. Boots hit the ground, all marching in line, in order. A monster born behind the eyes of a soul in torment. The smell of gunpowder, the taste of bitter metallic as the cries of anguish wash the minds of the lost, of the dead.

“What are we doing? What have we became?
Destroying ourselves, killing for pleasure, killing for sport
Intolerant to any indifferences, Where wild animals
behave more civilized than a man who sets out to cause harm”

“We are the demons whispered about in the legends of old,
The monsters of history. The only devil that truly exists
Is the evil that resides within the minds of men.”


We have fallen into a coma, sleeping giants with no blankets. A bed of rocks as the den of thieves stole the sheets. Drugged the mind of our souls, told to believe that the door is not locked. When space creates the illusion of time, movements that become moments form memories frozen within that time. A regret then becomes a sin against yourself. The thought, the memory, a burden your consciousness must forever carry. Few are lucky, their regrets are light, insignificant to their bigger picture. Yet to suffer, to be tormented by that moment, day after day is to truly sin against god.

“Cowards on the march, fear trapped behind their eyes
They all stand, drones on the war path
programmed, brainwashed, a conformity to the obscene
One by One they line the walls,
Two by Two they take their aim.
Through the soldier's lifeless eye's a soul lost it's name.
Cries of sorrow echo through the rain
As sorrow and torment will follow this day.”

“Asleep my gentle friend, sleep for tomorrow
you shall wake within a world you no longer recognize,
comfort and security will be in the past,
A struggle will ensue, as war will ignite
a battle for survival, as you cling to the last of the dieing light.”


A Chaotic Dissertation

Discourse # 5

We dine in a nest of thieves, break bread with liars and manipulators, were we are the puppets and pawns in an even higher sadist’s game. The wager is our soul, our consciousness. Step up to the table and place your bets. It is only a matter of time before the fate of your steps and actions catches up and karma turns her head. Place your bets with ten to one odds your in favor to win and as the roll of the dice play out, your heart drops low as now your soul has been sold. The house always wins.

Fate becomes the path you walk today, for our future is only written by our actions we make now. You can find many walking that same path, amidst an entire crowd but as you travel deeper into your own soul, you find fewer and fewer by your side and before long your voice echos along an empty chasm. For in the end there is a void we find within ourselves and a dire need to fill. We are alone, a solitary voice within our minds eye. Many will say this is our soul, our consciousness, energy and transmitting chemicals. Our memories and even our thoughts, even the prospect of god all formulated within our ability to understand, to reason and to adapt. With all our knowledge we still fail to see the power of our most basic of gifts, to learn. Often the question should not be asked if there is a heaven, or if there is a hell but rather can energy in its most primal state preserve the tangible moment of a thought or emotion?


“The stars become a road map to the heavens
a spin of the wheel lands lucky numbers seven
In this universe of organized chaos
the sight of the blind can quickly become lost
when the road becomes rocky and hard,
you can always look towards the stars.”




A Random thought Caught within the web of my Mind

The world around me has slowed to a crawl, I know it is the cannabis and the pills but it has my mind trapped within its snare. No more pain, no more suffering. No more constant nagging, double doubting and second guessing my own thoughts, No longer do I care if what I think is considered "Strange", "weird", or even "disturbing".

So much time spent dwelling on things I had and have no power in changing. A wishful future that seems even more far fetched each time I revisit them within my mind. It's easy to quit, and many times I've wanted to give up but even with my face in the mud I struggle on, and up to my knees then to my feet. Always telling myself there is a silver lining within that dark cloud, or a bright light just over the hill. When all seems lost, or impossible; Hope becomes your mainstay, an anchor to what little sanity left in the heart of the desperate.

With so much negativity resonating from the very core of all the drama, we find that each day becomes a bit harder than the last and time becomes the enemy to a heart in misery. Opposites and attractions, The universe built on order and chaos, and searching for that equilibrium may lead you down the path to finding some form of enlightenment.

In the game of survival it no longer becomes a question of why; right or wrong but how, and will today be my last day to breath the air, touch those that touch your heart in a positive way...

I have lived long enough to know and to understand, that to live in misery and pain is to survive without purpose, To love and to cherish is to survive to live with a sense of belonging... Life is short and often ended before dreams are ever accomplished, To conquer the moment, the day is to seize your dream.....



'Just a Scribble'

 "We dance and sing in the land of make believe, We run and play with daydreams. We in all of our flaws can adapt to any cause, Lieing there next to you and bleeding, confessing to you what my soul was needing. We could swim the lake of fire but would still make you a silver tounged liar. Tell me this is all worth it, all your anger taken out on me. I can feel the knife slice the skin, and the pain becomes a silthering sin, twisting inside. You're twisting inside. 


The fallen angel sings no more, flys no more.
The fallen angel shatters into a million pieces, the darkness to adore

Skeletons tell no secrets in a land of war, children of destruction living in damnnation. Addicts to an obsession, where we must cling to possesions. Waking up next to you, I saw the blank stare, Comatosed without a single care. A fish fresh out of water, got excited and flew too close to the sun. Personal quests abandoned by what we have done. One day, You will see, I will know that ultimate question.

We dance and sing within the land of illusion, play in fields of dreams
understanding the complexity of ions and energies.
yet failing ourselves at every turn, killing off our muse
feeling more like saddists enjoying the abuse

like the chaos found within the abstract art, and history gives us a good start.
I cannot run forever in the forest, always confused and always lost
Scared of nothing but the turning of the page, pin me to the tree of knowledge
So I close my eyes to pray, but not your god I say. To the mother of creation, the conscious of the soul.
Give me the strength to face the things Ive done, and carry the regrets I know."



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