Dammyr's Chronicles #1 Transformation

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The story of a man, forced to become a fox through the means of death and spirits. the first of many escapades intended to be written.

Submitted: February 08, 2011

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Submitted: February 08, 2011



The man took each step steadily, trying to make the least possible noise as he tracked the white-tailed doe that he had been following all day. He needed to make the kill so that his family could eat that night. He wore a loincloth, and carried a bow made of a strong piece of wood. His torso was bare, except for some hairs that bristled on his mighty chest. His dark hair was long enough to cover his ears. The only arrow he possessed was prepared on the string of his bow, ready to fire when he could kill his prey. The doe clambered slowly into a small clearing, the perfect location for her to be spotted and killed. The man continued, stepping lightly on his toes, rustling only the leaves that he had to step over due to the time of year – Autumn. In the distance, he heard the howling of a gray wolf, warning of winter coming soon. He ignored it, focusing only on the animal he was planning to kill for his family’s food. It had bent low and began to graze at the tall grasses which dominated the miniscule clearing. But when it looked up from its meal, the man knew there had to be something wrong. He smelled the air for a moment, feeling a burning sensation rise in his nostrils. Smoke. He turned to run, but in the midst of the forest was a giant of a wolf, large enough to pass off as a Hellhound. It just glared at him with feral eyes, watching his every muscle ripple with movement. Waiting for a moment where it could strike quickly and kill the man with easy precision. The man froze in fear, for having this massive beast staring at him caused him to become disconcerted. The creature breathed, creating heat through the air around it. The gas burned, haze filling the man’s line of vision. He could feel his chest becoming heavier, lungs collapsing due to the immense sear. The beast pounced, thrusting its head into the man’s chest, tossing him backwards into the clearing. A tree broke as the creature bounded into the opening in the forest, its fangs flashing in the sparse light given off by the vibrant sun. A great wind ripped through the clearing, followed by strange iridescent lights that swirled about like smoke. It was an eerie sight, as the lights rotated around the large animal. Hiding it from view long enough for a magnificent change to occur. Once the lights disappeared, there was a woman, naked, long ebony hair, piercing amber eyes. “I am sorry, for your life to end like this.” Is all she said before the man collapsed, eyes still open, body limp and lifeless. She frowned and the lights returned, causing her to change into a massive eagle. Her wings beat hard and she flew into the sky, rejoining the spirits that lived among the clouds.

It took the man’s family but a day to find his body, at which point they brought it back to their tribe, the Ojibway. He would need to be buried and given his dues. Before the funeral he had been washed, dressed in his best garb, and had been laid in a birch bark roll. The proceedings had gone with much crying and lamenting over the loss of a husband, father, son, and a good man. The body had been buried, and the people had given him such a good funeral. But what happened after the funeral, to the man himself, was the most bizarre occurrence anyone could have ever had.

The man walked up a set of stairs, leading into the clouds, guided by the woman, though in the form of an arctic fox. She took each step as the man took his steps, perfectly leading him into the heavens where she and all the other spirits of the ancestors remained after their funerals. “I really am sorry for how you had to die,” the fox said, “but we have been watching you for a while now, and we believe you are not what you should have been.” The man ignored her words and continued, ascending with a slow, steady gait that belied his anxiety. The clouds came closer and closer, and lights had begun to appear, tinges of blue, red, green, purple, yellow, each pleasing the man’s eyes. He sped up, wanting to see the source of these beautiful lights. The fox’s paces began to equal his, accelerated, longer. She yelped a couple of cheerful yips as she neared the tops of the clouds. The man took the final step, and he was greeted by a sudden blindness. Once the light disappeared from his eyes, he was amazed by what he saw before him. A great communion of both men, women and animals, which seemed to be interacting like any other human community. It was a bustle of speech, most that the man could not understand. But what caught his eye the most, was a giant figure of a wolf, standing on its two hind legs, right in the middle of the communion, almost demanding the attention of everyone in the group, but it seemed as though it was a common sight, for no one but the man was paying any attention to the beast. “Welcome, welcome, welcome, Dammyr.” the giant wolf said, walking through the crowd, which moved away from his massive paws as he proceeded forward. He dropped to all fours, just before he took one final step towards the man. “It is a pleasure to see you.” the man stared at the wolf with confused eyes. “What did you just call me?” “All of the world’s peoples are given a name by the spirits before they are born, yours happens to be Dammyr. But that is not why you are here. We have noticed that you have some tendencies that are not human, but animal in nature. Specifically fox tendencies. So we had to kill you before you could be relocated to your new body.” the wolf bared its fangs, “do not worry, it is a painless process. Just come with me.” he turned around and began padding back through the assembled spirits, the man named Dammyr following quickly behind. They had already left the main area where everyone gathered and socialized, and were now floating on thin clouds in the rough shape of a pathway. “Dammyr, have you ever felt a connection with animals, like you should be among animals your whole life?” the wolf asked. “Or have you just felt different from the rest of your Ojibway brethren?” Dammyr remained silent, awestruck, amazed. He never would have thought he would have made it here, or at least, not this early. He took his steps slower than he did than when he was ascending to the sky, almost the speed of a snail. But each step he took, the less he felt himself, almost as if his spirit was ebbing away. His whole body was there, though it was becoming numb. He took one final step, his vision subsided, his legs gave out and felt like he was falling for eternity.

My eyes opened, only to see snow covered mountain caps. It was the strangest sight I had ever seen, for I was among those mountain caps, looking at the tips at an even eye level. My mouth opened in a yawn. I could feel a ligament above my rear flowing from side to side, so I twisted my head to see what was happening to me, and I found a bright auburn tail with a white tip attached to my body. A yelp escaped my lips, which was also strange. What happened to me? My legs came up and I stood, then I looked down. I had four legs. Four...furry...legs. And paws that were coated likewise in auburn fur. My foot, or should I saw paw, went forward into the snow, and I drew it back to look at the shape left behind. I could see the prints made by my own paw pads. I was a fox I released my frustration to the sky, giving off a long, loud sequence of barks that echoed across the mountain landscape. Off in the distance came a reply call, though not from another fox, but from an eagle. I looked into the sky, looking for the source of the sound. It took me a moment to see the great creature that had called to me. It was a giant golden eagle, with a wingspan longer than quadruple my body. It scared me. It approached with a steady pace, it would take at least a minute to arrive. I barked again, trying to get used to the sound, because I would have to deal with it for the rest of my life. This was a bit strange, I could barely remember what happened before this had become me, only recognizing a tall wolf standing on two legs, but other than that, I remembered nothing. It was strange how I just appeared here, not remembering anything from childhood or even remotely close to living before now. The eagle was upon me now, and it was magnificent. Its mighty breast bared, it was posed as a majestic creature. It opened its beak, and I half expected it to screech out a call, but to my utter bemusement, it began to speak. “Hello Dammyr, I have been looking all over for you. How are you feeling?” its body was then surrounded by tendrils of blue light. I tried to speak, but all that came from my mouth was some barely audible yips. “Do not worry, you will be able to speak in a short while.” the lights had disappeared, leaving the figure of a beautiful woman. The same woman that had been there in the clouds. She began to walk around me, examining me. Once she had returned to her original place, she said to me, “you are one good looking fox.” I just stared at her with my head tilted to the side. A small sound escaped my mouth and she heard. “you will be able to speak when you reach the bottom of the mountain. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine until then. I’ll be watching over you from above.” She went back to her original eagle form and flew off into the mountains, leaving me alone in the cold snow and the wind that nipped at my fur covered ears. I needed to get down to the bottom of the mountain now, or else I would be without any food that would seem anywhere close to edible. I just didn’t want to go anywhere, for I wanted to rest. I brought my rear down into the snow, and swung my tail in front of my paws. It was just too cold up here. I heard the woman-eagle off in the distance, saying into the wind, “Get a move on, it will only take a day.” My eyes closed, I just hoped to have a little nap before I continued on my way to the forest below. My mind drifted off, and my consciousness left me.

When I awoke from my nap, the moon was at its zenith in the sky. Midnight. I definitely needed to get going, or else my hunger would drive me insane. I looked around the mountain top where I was, hoping to find a place of safe descent from the peak. When I had located a tiny slope, I began towards it, preparing to slide my way down until I was forced to stop due to unforeseen causes. I stood at the top of the incline, looking down the slope with cautious eyes, noticing some dangers that would await me on the way down in the dark. I built up the courage to launch myself off the peak and onto the snow slide that awaited me on the edge of the mountain. With a quick thrust of my rear legs, I threw myself into the air, feeling myself fall after only moments airborne. I hit the snow with a soft thud, then began sliding. A yelp of fear escaped my muzzle, it was dark, and I was in unfamiliar territory. There would be many things about here that could kill me, especially at night. In the distance, I heard the howl of a wolf, and I shuddered. I just remembered when I had died, there had been a wolf howl shortly before that massive beast had attacked me. I had gotten control over where I was going, and now was on my paws. It had been only minutes since I was at the top of the mountain, and I was a fair way down, but no where near half way. My legs began acting of their own accord, dashing from where I was standing, down the snow covered mountain. I was hungry and desperate, and I wouldn’t have any food until I reached the bottom. My heart pounded, trying to leap from my white-fur chest, but I wouldn’t allow it. My speed caused me to swallow some air, which passed straight through me. I leaped from the mountain onto a smaller peak, which had a safer way down the mountain. I dropped onto my belly, and began to slide down. I closed my eyes, hoping to not see the darkness and the dangers within. I hoped my mind would get away from me, so that when I woke up again, I would either be at the bottom of the mountain or dead. I felt the snow rush below my body, and it scared me too much to admit. I did not want it constantly being on my mind, so I needed to find a way to distract myself. My tail came around to my face, at which point I took a good hold with my teeth, my sharp, canine teeth. It created enough pain to distract me from the fear which dominated my mind. I dug my teeth further into my tail, causing blood to drip out of the wounds. The fear was becoming just too overwhelming, the snow below me had turned to ice and was bringing my body temperature down so low I was beginning to shiver. Shortly thereafter, the snow had disappeared out from under me to be replaced with rough, hard stone of the mountains. It had cut me across the belly when I had first come to it, but I quickly got over that pain as the real sensation of hunger came unto my body. I needed food quickly, more than I needed to get off this mountain. I searched around for a small platform that looked suitable enough for me to get to with a jump that could help me get away from the terror of the steep incline. I noticed one only a couple of bounds below me, and it would be easy to get to in a couple of jumps. I quickly began to descend onto the platform, tossing myself from point to point until such a time where all four of my paws were firmly planted on the ground. The moon had begun to disappear beyond the horizon, and the rays of sun was beginning to peak out from behind the curtain of the mountains. I looked into the sky and saw the golden eagle still majestically floating over top of me, watching me. If only she could come and deliver me to the forest floor below. It would cause me less anguish, but I could see why she didn’t, it would not help me in the long run. I needed to learn how to deal with my problems by myself, without help, for in life, you rarely receive help when you need it. I pawed the ground for a minute before I looked down the mountain. It was so far down, until the trees. I did not want to go down for fear of killing myself, but I needed to, if were ever to live. I was just thankful that there were a couple of smaller pinnacles that I could land on to get myself down to the forest below where I could get a bite of food. But it would still take me until the sun would be at its highest point in the sky for me to be down there, at which point I may be so hungry I won’t be able to hunt. I licked my lips in preparation for the insane actions I was about to commit. One deep breath, that was all I needed before I thrust myself off the platform and onto the smaller summits of the mountain. Each one I would grab with fluid grace, despite the pain that wracked my belly. I had gone through five before I began to slip and lose my grip on the rock that I hoped would hold me up, but I recovered as quickly as I had become unstable. I tossed myself from pinnacle to pinnacle, constantly getting lower each time. At one point, I had actually seen the sun rise over the mountain top, it was one of the most beautiful scenes I had ever seen. I could also see the forest below, and it was also an amazing sight. I barked to the sky, as I had done before, but with less frustration. It felt good like this, except for the pain and hunger I felt. But I continued on, until I came to the location where it would only take me one more jump to arrive in the forest, though at the top of the trees. “This feels perfect.” I said, which surprised me. I was finally able to speak, but that did not help me with pain and hunger. I tossed myself into the forest, catching myself on a branch which ruffled my imperfect fur. I clambered onto it so that I might descend to the forest floor without breaking a bone in my body. From this location, I could see the rest of what there was in this beautiful place. The conifers that dominated this forest were gorgeous, and the deciduous trees provided some relief from the constancy of the needles from the conifers. I allowed myself to absorb the views that awaited me here. I’m just thankful that I did not give up on the mountain. But I could not soak in the beauty for much longer, for my energy was being sapped as I thought and admired. I thrust myself from the tree into another tree, which was lower to the ground. And then to another, yet lower tree. I proceeded like this for almost a minute before I was able to just drop to the forest floor without issues. I was finally able to get such a small amount of rest that I could hunt for a short time before losing all energy. During this time, the eagle came bursting down through the forest canopy, and landed on a root in front of me. “Congratulations.” she screeched, “I took the liberty, knowing that you would be hungry when you got down here, to catch you some food.” her claw came up and she tossed me a dead rabbit. “I hope you enjoy it, for it took me a short while to get it, because of these trees.” I yipped in glee, and then tore into the meat that previously seemed beyond my reach. My teeth sunk into the flesh and fur, stripped chunks of muscle and fat from the bones. I chewed vigorously, ignoring the taste of the meal. I just needed the sustenance from the food. I noticed that the eagle just watched me, probably just observing how I was adapting to my body. When the body had been almost licked clean, I turned up to her and spoke, “Why am I here? How did I get here? Who am I?” “Why, Dammyr...” she froze, “I’m going against all that I have been told to do, but you are a fox, who had been brought to the mountain after your death, as a human. I was unfortunately the one who had to kill you so that you could be recreated and relocated so that you could become what you were meant to be. I have no doubt you can remember some things that happened before now.” she stretched her wings. “I can remember a wolf, and that is all I can remember.” I said. “You know, I’m really tired after such a long journey down the mountain. Would you happen to know where I could find a place to sleep for the night?” The eagle bared its beak, “Just follow me, there should be a den around here that has been abandoned.” she launched herself into the air with a great surge of her wings, and flew over my head. I rotated, and began running, trying to keep up with the eagle which had helped me so far. She was going too fast for my tiny legs to carry me, but she remained in my sight the whole time. I was really thankful when she stopped just barely before she disappeared from sight. I caught up quickly, taking about two minutes to get to her side. She extended her right wing out to the side, and my eyes followed. I was so glad when I saw the tiny hole below a tree in the root system. It did look abandoned, and I prayed that no one would come around later in the day, or even at night, because I would be in the open, for the den wasn’t very deep. “Thank you. Thank you very much.” I said, as I made my way into the small opening to my new home. “Just trying to help a fellow creature of the earth.” she said before she flew off into the forest canopy, leaving me to myself for now. I then heard her speak once again, “I will be back to see you soon, just to see how you are doing. Goodbye.” I collapsed into the hovel in the tree’s roots, laying my head on my front paws, and bringing my tail to my side. My eyes closed, I could feel peace settling over my injured body, and tried to smile. This was just too good to be true, I thought before my mind swept into a setting peace. I wanted to make a life for myself, and I would.

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