The old man in hell

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The devil can be nice.

Submitted: July 01, 2013

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Submitted: July 01, 2013



A man and a woman met at an early age and fell in love with each other. After years and years of a long and happy marriage, the wife grew weak and eventually passed away. The husband couldn't deal with the loss so he decided to commit suicide soon after she died in hopes that he would end up in heaven with her for eternity.

The man died but instead of ascending into heaven he fell down to hell.

As he arrived in hell he noticed that there was a huge list on a large brick wall with names of people who had recently died. The list was divided into two categories: people who went to heaven and people who were in hell. The man searched and discovered his wife's name on the "heaven" side of the list. The man did not understand why he went to hell, considering that he was a good Christian throughout his entire life.

The man knocked on the devil's office.
The Devil answered the door and gladly welcomed the man.

"Why am I in hell and not in heaven?" asked the man.
"Well, you committed suicide, and everyone who commits suicide ends up here" replied the devil.
"Is there anything in hell that I can do to go up to heaven? I only killed myself to be wife my wife for eternity"

The devil looked up, rubbed his hairy chin and thought about it.

"Hmm, well there is one thing you can do, but there's a consequence. Once you leave hell you can never come back".
"Of course!", exclaimed the man. "I'll do anything! I would never want to return to this hell hole ever again!"

"Alright", The devil got out of his chair and walked around the man. "Right now I am going to present to you six random women, and you're going to have to choose the most beautiful one. After you have done so you're going to have to torture her in the most violent way possible. Make her life a living hell. Entertain me. Once I've had enough satisfaction I will let you ascend into heaven"

The man was willing to do anything, and this was anything, therefore he agreed.

Upon their agreement, the devil pulled out six women from the ground by their hair, as if they were carrots. The 6 women were all beautiful, but there was one that looked a lot like the man's wife on earth.

To the man, his wife was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on, so he picked her.

The man began to torture her physically and emotionally for a few hours until the devil was finally satisfied. The woman never said a word.

"Good job" said the devil. "You can go now"

Immediately the man ascended into heaven and arrived at the pearly gates.

He rushed through the gates and headed towards God. God was everywhere to be found.

"God! Where is my wife? I've been to hell and back just to be reunited with her."

God looked at the man and said "Your wife patiently waited for your death on earth to arrive. As soon as she found out that you were in hell she requested to go down there to spend eternity with you. She couldn't bare not being with you in the after life".

The man began to cry.

"God, can you please bring her back?"

God met the man at eye level.

"I told her she could leave heaven whenever she pleased, but once she left she could never come back".

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