The Little boy

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Submitted: June 04, 2015

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Submitted: June 04, 2015



When I stepped out of home today, the skies were crying.

Tears of sorrow were falling from the skies.

You are still crying, dear sky?

For last night, when you covered the earth, and when I walked under your blanket you were also crying...

People were walking on the street, hurrying up, the tears of the skies were covering their faces, and it looked as if they were crying to.

Tears were dropping from the naked trees which woke up from the winter sleep, and the grass which awaited the rays of the magic sun to touch their naked figure, was crying too.


The skies embraced me under their blanket, and tears were falling.

Embrace us, the skies said.

Embrace us and cry with us, let your tears flow and wash your sorrow, cry they said...


And then a little boy ran towards me; his fragile figure was battling against the wind, his smile was encountering the tears

Such a small creature, so fragile and yet so strong.

He was holding something in his little hand.

What is it little boy, you hold in your hand so fiercely?

Is it a sword to fight the darkness of the sorrow and stop the tears?


But the tears were falling, their intensity was increasing, they covered the boy, and it seemed as if he started crying too...

The wind was blowing so hard, and the distance between us was growing and growing, he was fading away under the tears of sorrow.


With a last effort, with his last powers, he starched his little hand,

The pure innocent hand of a child,

The little hand of a hero, who dared to fight the sorrow and the tears,

His body was shaking, his face was covered by the tears of the skies, his eyes were imploring me not to give up the fight,

Was it the sword he was trying to give me?


Our hands touch each other, and I grasped it, I grasped it with all my power, I grasped it with all my essence and determination ...

And then I saw his face.

His face was mine...


For what am I trying so bitterly to give to myself?


It was a pair of glasses.

And when I wore the glasses, the tears stopped falling, and the sun was shining.

The little boy grasped my hand, and we walked together towards the ever shining sun....

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