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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

A portion of my thoughts from my last week home up to my first night in the college dorms. I'm not too far, about an hour and a half away, but it's enough for me to feel outside of my normal. And
then I think of others, the ones I've known, and the ones I have yet to meet.

I'm going on again, aren't I? Anyways, these thoughts are everywhere in terms of clarity, so don't pay them too much mind. Just felt like documenting something, because in the end, that's about as
much as I can do.

Keep an eye out for more content like this in the future, and until then, cheers.

Submitted: August 18, 2018

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Submitted: August 18, 2018





Day One






Sliding underneath

The weight pushing



Flicker once

For trouble,



Peace of Mind.




Had the two mixed,

Like batter.


All aboard.


Day Two


You who have stood,

You who have been.

You who will fall,

You who will win.


You who has everything,

You who has none.

You who has something,

You who stares at the sun.


You who have walked,

You who have run.

You who have lived,

You who have won.




--Daily Affirmations, it’s what I said


Day Three


Missed a day.


What’s On: Denim hats and cracked smartphones


What’s Off: Speakers that don’t ‘bump’ with the music, bright displays and coughing crows


Day Four


This should’ve been one document.


I’ll start that tomorrow.


Tomorrow I’ll start that.


Tomorrow I’ll start.


Tomorrow I’ll.




Day Five


Gosh Mr. I didn’t have anything prepared.


“This time, will be the last time, that we will fight like this.”

-Some Song from the early 2000’s, bet


Day Six


Today was the 17th, right? So when I do this tomorrow, I won’t be home anymore. No, I’ll be North.


Um, well, I tried, a swing and a miss. Like, a big miss. It’s okay, it’s out of my mind now.


I hope the drive tomorrow is long; it’ll make me feel better. I know when we stop for lunch, that’ll probably be the hardest, because we used to do that all the time, pop and I. Now, not so much anymore.


Still holding out for miracles.


Day Seven (today, around 9 PM)


Lunch was the hardest. I didn’t even finish eating. Just mulled.


Counting down the days. Not too far from home, but not terribly close either.


September 8th, godspeed.


© Copyright 2020 Dan Zuniga. All rights reserved.

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