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*Part of the final film release, in accordance with Step Outline Version One, released several months ago...*

Submitted: April 20, 2016

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Submitted: April 20, 2016




Art of Video Treatment

The Story of: Muhammad Aziz


Muhammad is shown sitting on the the couch with a bright christmas tree and holiday ornaments in the background. Dad calls him over to do some bonding; roasting turkey (Maybe Pizza)?… They talk and talk and enjoy the time together. Dad grabs stomach for a moment, grimaces, then waves it off.


Sudden cut to his friends house playing games together. They both have lots of fun, and Muhammad is shown to be a gifted and pro gamer. Muhammad makes kids on the other side rage and is seen to have an unbeatable score. (In game Footage)


A few days later (Christmas?) Muhammad is called back over to the living room; near him, a large, wrapped box...Muhammad opens package and discovers PS4 game console… Muhammad is ecstatic and gives his Dad a great big hug, opens box and begins to unwrap system, cords, etc.  Set everything up in his living room. Dad watches him unwrap, tries to help, grips stomach in pain and stands back up.


He calls his friend over to his house for a surprise. Scene moves to Muhammad and friend in living room, sitting on couch and playing, Black Ops 3, or something similar...Muhammad plays game and begins to amass larger killstreak; friend remarks, goes over to phone and puts in a call for Muhammad (game tournament)


Friend goes back over to couch, talks to Muhammad...Muhammad leaves to prepare for tournament...Scene moves to Muhammad home, showing him playing furiously...Dad walks in, talks to Muhammad, Muhammad ignores, then exits...Scene flashes to nighttime, Muhammad still playing...Dad walks in, talks, Muhammad does not look up; Dad walks away hurt and pained...Scene flashes to Morning, Muhammad lies on couch, asleep...Phone buzzes on his chest, then again, until Muhammad wakes up...reads phone, then runs out of house…Scene flash to tournament….kill off the dad, and the tournament is played in memory of him.


Scene flash to Muhammad room, playing live online in front of 25,000 people, finales of tournament issued from personal systems of gamers playing Multiplayer Black Ops III, going into game. Plays hard, ends in a win, and ends in confirmation email saying he won money, now he waits for man to come by and personally deliver reward prizemoney.

Scene flash to  man arrives at front door, Muhammad retrieves briefcase from man, and clicks open suitcase; case is full of money; Muhammad celebrates and scene ends.

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