class-survey: world war ii questions and reponses

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*class-made questions to which i respond, along with links to articles that helped me reach my conclusion; works cited not included since this is a non-formal assignment; effective 11/20/15 by the wpa*

Submitted: March 14, 2016

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Submitted: March 14, 2016




Questions and Responses for Class-Made World War II Survey


During WWII, the Japanese military placed the utmost value in not surrendering, so much so that they would rather die than than surrender. Yet the Japanese surrendered and retreated at the Battle of Midway, what caused this to happen?


The Japanese made a choice to surrender for several different reasons. According to authors Ronen Melloul & Graham Newick, the Japanese, “had retreated from all countries except Korea and Manchuria; they had lost their source of oil, and its navy and air defenses were weak and mostly destroyed” (Melloul & Newick 1). What we gather from this is their position as the Battle of Midway unfolded, leaving them with thousands of casualties, destroyed warships & aircraft, and a broken morale. Additionally, as the Japanese advancement into areas west of their country had gone awry, losing on not just one, but both fronts from the West and from the East proved to be a fatal blow to both country and morale, thus causing a lack of faith present in the soldiers towards their emperor, and thus a cause for surrender was present at the Battle of Midway.



What if Hitler never came to power in Germany?


To consider this question, we must see how far we can go back with it. What I wonder is, where, and most certainly, how far do we go back to determine Hitler’s rise to power? Based on the website below, they identify Hitler’s rise to power as somewhere during the 1933 post-Weimar Republic and rise to of the Nazi Party and his subsequent election as Chancellor. So, if we were to consider this date, then we know how far to go back. Now we identify the likelihood of the following events: The Nazi Party, without a strong-enough leader, would have fizzled out as nothing but a small electorate bid; The Jews would not have been persecuted, and ideals and laws within Germany restricting rights would likely not come to fruition; the economy might continue to struggle somewhat, although would eventually restabilize itself through the war, this time acting as a part of The Allies; and, most definitely, Germany would not have been left with a bloody reputation, would not have been left billions of dollars in damage, and would have gone down as heroes of the Second World War, assuming the war had still happened without Hitler.



Do you agree with Truman's decision to use atomic bombs on Japan? If NOT, what would you have done differently in his place?


Truman’s decision on dropping the atomic bombs is largely a matter of opinion, as is true with practically any question that science can’t overcomplicate and make it a solid answer. What we don’t know for sure, or perhaps that may just be me, is if Truman was the one to authorize the dropping of the atomic bombs. Most likely, although this would have been done without the consent of Americans, which, again, I would otherwise be oblivious to, as I had never heard of Americans making a huge fuss about the bomb drops until 70 years after the fact; then again, that is ignorance shining through, although who is to say? Not I, said the hen. So, to say whether or not I agree with the decision of a man who may or may not have made the choice in the first place is as bad as asking me would I rather have the ice cream or the chocolate on top first; both of which is likely a no. The question would need more clarification, although, based on the article below, I gather that there were certainly more than one set of hands on the bomb-making question besides Truman. Overall, will have to currently remain impartial.


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