From Now Till Then

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
For the record.

I've probably already used that one before. Eh, still relevant.

Submitted: November 10, 2018

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Submitted: November 10, 2018



From Now Till Then

--A Brief Post About the Future--


[Insert thoughtful beginning]


[Insert Exposition 1]


[Insert Anecdote 1]


[Repeat as necessary]


[End with a quote, or something to quote]



This statement is false.


So, let’s imagine for a moment that I was a consistent writer. One who had a plan, with texts that I meant to be meaningful, and speak the truth, and speak of the occasion.


“To write in the moment for the sake of the future.”


Something like that.


And let’s also say that I could explain why possibly something didn’t get released, or was never realized, or never got past the title.


Usually, that would be the latter of the three.


A title is something though, right? That’s enough to make it work, to flesh out an idea, and then make something happen with, well, nothing much.


I would also like to believe that.


I would like to believe many things. I would like to embrace many ideas. I would like to pursue many ventures.


Except when I actually start to do so. Then, I grow unenthused. Disinterested. Bored.


Okay, so I can be forgiven for that. Maybe by others, but usually not by myself.


[Thing is, I was going to make this part much more drawn out, like the kind of thing you might see in a MAD Magazine, or the Saturday Post… I haven’t quite lost my sanity enough yet, just my ID card for school, so no worries].


I was going to stick to a plan for writing content on this site (Booksie, :/).


Point made, it didn’t work the way I wanted it to.


I could pin that on any number of factors, but in the effort to remain brief, I’ll say this: I am poor at setting a routine, especially one that demands me to think and to meet a standard.


I’m saying this as a record for myself, and am posting it for two reasons. I just gave one. The other is to get that glorious read count up past 21K (much appreciated by the way, to all the many peoples to stop by the page).


But seriously, the second reason I’m posting this is just so the record is set straight: I am not completely inactive on the site. I would like to continue writing for the time being, and I will do so until I no longer deem it necessary.


Earlier this year, I posted a list of texts by title that I wanted to get done, and gave specific dates on when they would be posted. Ultimately, very little got done, at least as far as the extended projects were concerned. Things came up, I went home way too many times, and in place of those larger texts, other posts began to build up on the page. Mostly poems. Probably all of them at this point.


So, those things didn’t get done. Well, like I said, it can be forgiven. It’s just difficult to, especially when I had a plan and all. Hmm, that’s too bad.


Let’s move on then. To the now. The right now.


I have no other plans for November as far as Booksie goes, so no text(s) are going to be released. If anything, the right now until December is looking like a break period, to take stock of all of the things I’ve learned this year (this year being 2018).


December I do have plans for. Or I have ideas (I seem to get those two mixed up a lot). I have ideas about what I would like to write in December.


After December, then 2019 is there. Almost here, too.


And when it’s here, then I can say I have plans. Plans that I hope will put me back on the right track to a steady balance of school, home, and writing. Also, work.


That’s all for now.


And until then, I’ve got nothing else for you.


“Almost free.”



© Copyright 2020 Dan Zuniga. All rights reserved.

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