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*The Code, a personal experience book written by Mawi Asgedom, alternately addresses the reader, specifically teens, to get the most out of life, and how to do so; this is my review/take on the book...

Submitted: July 18, 2015

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Submitted: July 18, 2015




I know you’ve always wished you had the best grades, most dates, and an unbelievable ego. Well friends, “The Code”, having guided countless teens to success, made possible through Mawi Asgedom’s beliefs, will bring you a rekindling with life. I am working towards stating that teens need the required amount of love and support from family and friends. To work towards this one main goal, attempt to review these smaller steps: Treat yourself and others with respect. Help you, through Mawi’s words, to respect the moments you live in your life. While along the way, teach and guide yourself through difficult times and learn even greater respect than you thought you possessed.

If you’re neither good at respecting yourself, nor others, “The Code”, urged by Mawi, shall inspire you to reach this simple and plausible goal. If you’re wondering how, let Mawi and I give you a little push in the right direction. In the 3rd secret, known as “Give First, Receive Second” it tells us a number of stories, yet I believe that only one of them truly matters. The one I have afore mentioned is of how Mawi’s father, Halieab, demanded that Mawi and his brother, Tewolde, would rise every Saturday to brush away the leaves off the abnormally long driveway, ¾ of which didn’t even belong to them!?! Their father’s reasoning was that if you did something without being told or expecting anything in return, one day that person would repay the favor. Tewolde took these words to heart, like you should as well, and continued to help the community. After Tewolde had been killed, at the funeral, Mawi was amazed that the entire community had shown up to pay their respects to Tewolde. Examples like these show that if you do favors such as this, and giving a helping hand with the desire only to assist, people will remember you and give back. Still, some people might say that you’d just be wasting your time reading about a man’s challenges and difficulties, and that it isn’t beneficial. I however, believe, as do thousands of other teens who have delved into “The Code”, that these are more than petty struggles. These stories hit the heart with a strong personal setting, almost making you feel like your experiencing it all happening from the sidelines.

“The Code” is built to help you in self-esteem, respect, and your life. To truly love these moments, you have to grasp the concept. In this manner, “The Code” and its secrets will be almost useless to you if you don’t understand the main purpose: The life you live. If you start small, and work your way up, eventually you’ll understand. Just open up your mind to possibilities. If you do open your mind, you’ll give way to changes in your life that you never even thought possible. Manipulate the information and help that you receive, grasp it firmly, and achieve the unthinkable and undoable. For this, some might complain that it’s too hard to grasp the concept and foundation of “The Code.” Yet I believe that perseverance and belief will ultimately carry you through.

Mawi Asgedom knows what it feels like to experience difficulties. Yet he lived through them. So why can’t a survivor help a struggler. Since he knows what it feels like, and even wrote a book on those moments, ‘The Code’s” 4th Secret, “Never Lose Hope” fuels you when you compare your troubles to Mawi’s past ones. If you’re wondering how to possess this useful tool, then follow three simple steps: Read it, Believe it, Live it. Like Mark Twain once boldly stated: Explore, Dream, Discover. Always, there will be contradicters who say hope and success can only be found within someone, not filtered from another. I say and believe that it is within someone, always, with enough to last those lifetimes. So why not give a little away, if you have so much. As stated by Helen Keller: “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.”

Within teens and young adults, it’s a striving desire for them to become what they want to be. With “The Code” on hand, it will, through Mawi’s beliefs, do that and more. You must respect yourself and others and honor them, regardless of who they are, because all are considered equal. You must picture yourself when an ordeal is finished and through forever, and you’re sitting atop a throne, laughing and leering at misery. Most importantly, cherish the times in your life that are packed with heavy emotions of all that’s good. I have guided you through the introduction of “The Code”, and can lead you no further. Only you can push on towards glorious victory. Farewell on your journey, and may “The Code” be with you.

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