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*American Newspaper perspective, WWI, Battle of Verdun, class assignment*

Submitted: March 29, 2016

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Submitted: March 29, 2016



“Earth-Rending Battle! Events at Verdun Finally to a Close After Months of Conflict!”

By: Dan Zuniga, Reporter for The Daily Meme, December 20th, 1916

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*The Mass Burial Taken Place Hours After the Battle*


The recent events in Northern France’s Verdun area have finally unfolded and drawn to a close after German forces were driven back by French Resistance. The first of these assaults started many months ago in February as several hundred-thousand Germanic troops closed in towards France. It is only now, in December of 1916, that we see this battle draw to a close.


On February 21st, German armies headed by generals Erich von Falkenhayn and Crown Prince Friedrich Wilhelm crossed the border dividing Germany and France, within the Verdun area in the latter’s territory, and attempted to seize it. This crucial area known to the Allies as a fortified defense is one of few that currently blocks Germany from sweeping across France. Germany, recognizing this, wished to conquer this chokepoint. Additionally, they were looking to utilize their plans henceforth known as the Schlieffen Plan, a deadly strategy that we know little about. This attack was met by the previously-mentioned fortifications along with the addition of French troops, numbering some 400,000, against the head-strong opposition of nearly a million German soldiers. The reports on the death toll are said to number some one million souls; the most of any battle so far in the Great War!


We have managed to catch a word from a French army Reserve, Henri Barbusse, who gives us insight into the said fortifications within Verdun, including the brilliant use of trenches. “It was a network of elongated pits in which the nightly excreta are piling up; the bottom is covered with a swampy layer from which the feet have to extricate themselves with every step. It smells dreadfully of urine & blood all over,” says Barbusse.


His recollection also brings mention of the weather conditions during the battle, where our reporters noticed water up to their ankles, and the heavy sound of thunderstorms off in the distance. These trying factors were enough to make any man tremble, as we observed from Barbusse.


Truly, the recent events waged have taken a toll on our world as we know, and the events at Verdun will not be forgotten in a short time. It is best to assume that with Christmas around the corner, we hope that the wartime will end long enough to pray for the end of war.



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