Life as I can tell you.

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Just a quick poem I wrote awhile back. Hope you enjoy it! :)

Submitted: December 31, 2011

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Submitted: December 31, 2011



I know you want to seeMy smile, my hopes, my goals and dreamsBut you need to really seeThe miles I had to run The lies I had to tell The ropes I had to cut The scars that show so well You need to understandThe pain I feel insideAnd that I can’t do this on my ownWith the hurt I have to hideYou see my life isn’t as it seems.Every now and then I have to sitI cannot hold on much longerI need to go, I have to quitBut this is life and I know I can’tThere are brothers I have to loveMy mother fell behindAnd a father up aboveAnd a sister who is blindI took on the duties that a mother shouldI lifted myself up and did what I couldI washed all the dirty clothesSwept and mopped the floorsI even put the food on the tableOh man it was it was such a chore I didn’t really have a choice I grew up mistreated And not appreciated So I never got the loving that I needed I had my ups and downs And cried myself to sleep I prayed because it helped And that part I know I need But I kept on falling, losing hope Forgetting life, I couldn’t cope I saw the blood and heard the screams And cried out loud inside my dreams Then he saw me coming to the end He grabbed my hand And said “not now my friend” The clouds had opened up As the sky got clear He promised I was loved And said I have no fear I looked up with this feeling in my chest Where right then and there I know I did my best!!


To a guy, who never understood what I went through!

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