4 or less(Nov 22 2006)

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Here is a play on words-4 or less letters to be sure.
Try to make sense of it. It`s left to you. I`ll make
whatever sense I want. You`re free. I`m free. Happy
American Thanksgiving! Freedom is is the verse. Freedom
is the openess of expression. So it is here!

Submitted: November 22, 2006

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Submitted: November 22, 2006



4 or less so the way be
A word to say for day
Grey may be my mind set
but note will I-the way!

Hark will be the mark!
A car my come as a lark
Still, the will may be the way
To the dart-so do not bark
at the cart!

Less hart will not be want
to the font-but I will ply the sly
or die the fly to the eye of the rye!

Cry to the tie of the high rise of pine mash
for the dash will end the gash of the rash
mash ant cans
No way the same hay for the dull day
but do not quay the bay out of the way.

Land rote moat the moot trip but still
get the will and the way ok`d!

You note the game is play of the words
to the 4 or less and I will see best
when it is a nest of rest
Away dear hear ye, hear ye!
in the end best!

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