A Dilly(Nov 22 2006)

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I plan to write a dilly of a sci-fi novel eventually.
However, I have a lot to learn about presenting material
in a novel to the effect that it shines.

This poem speaks of my frustrations and mind states as
I try to approach this dilemma and some specific secrets.

The use of these types of long words allows me more
perspective in my presentation and confounds the reader
into explorations(this is my belief) into his own ideas
about approaches and dilemmas in writing blocks.

The spiritual approach attaches to the actual results or
just means to the end. "So be it"-mateys, and fall down!!

Submitted: November 22, 2006

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Submitted: November 22, 2006



So it rings in my ears
Echoes of future resonances
Concerns involving perhaps
"Sci-fi writer"
But sureness and clarity can
not be outspoken nor fate
Yet intestinal fortitude graces
the perceptions to come by
Would a foray be inevitable...would
the muse befit the expenditure of
cajoled perplexities?
Nonplussed vagaries aside cannot
the procured destiny chide the
millipedes of my labyrinth?
Questionable entanglements do coordinate
the mapping of the keystone establishment
and thus camping may be the strike!
Gold, gold may it be thus tantamount to
fingers of the vexed magnet-illicit
irrelevancies aside, will the pandemonium
subside to the enlightenment?
Dear reader this impinges on my
literary math.
If you thought otherwise would I be
impinged by your aesthetic confluences?
Might the instilments be tracked to
the embellishments of inner striations
of the neural waves of desolation.
So it is separation that hardly envelopes
the run on assignments to the rift
but should I actually secede to the
mash of the confluences?
Through intransigent myopia I deride
that the scores are signified by the
tracking of the time essences
and the hurdles of the congruencies.
So apply will I thus, portent to the
holistic and ephemeral ineptitudes
and succumb to the monstrous empathy
of my essence.
In relevant sharing so it will be in the
sci-fi encampment pillar but not
perhaps within the milled cycles
for the canopies of the intransigence.
Rolls on-it does-to the harp and the
vibes so I must relegate the assignment
or subjugate my validity perhaps.
Not seen-of course-but non-realized to
the extent of a dogmatic emptiness
which is lost to my ecstatic portfolio!
Hark, Hark-Creative instinct aside
have I gone beyond castling the
reader`s cage and perhaps annihilating
comprehension when the values could
have been cycled with simplicity?
Are these complications derivatives of
the supplanted migraines of my lack
of fastidiousness?
Leeway must be left for the assumptions
to the cataracts of the spilled brains
and rusting conglomerations of nobility!
So it seems??

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