The Ghost Story

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Working in progress. This was literally just a dream I had and I loved the way the story felt so... Here ya go! This will be the first of a few short stories that all go along together.

Submitted: November 10, 2017

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Submitted: November 10, 2017



There's a few bits and pieces to this story that are yet to be uncovered. If we start at the begining then it'll get too confusing, so let's start this from the middle.

All her life growing up Jessica's parents had told her this ghost story about a demented little boy who had a white pet hawk. One day the hawk went missing. Worried that the boy would be upset, the parents bought him another. The same thing happened, the hawk went missing, parents bought another, again and again and again. One day the parents wanted to know what was happening. So they went outside looking around. Their son had a tree house that he almost never left, and leading to the tree house was a trail of feathers. The parents went inside to investigate. Their son seating in a chair they had bought for the tree, eating the missing hawk. The hawk was decapitated, blood falling onto the snow white feathers, staining them bright red.

The boy who heard his mom gasp, turned to look at them, blood drenching his shirt, his mouth and his hands. He smiled at his parents proud of his success. His mother freaked out and started babbaling about disease before walking over to him to take it away. As the mother entered the room further she saw the rest of the hawks that went missing, all of them decapitated. One of the heads was still hanging by a chain, the eyes completely dead, glazed over, and it looked as if blood had pooled into the eyes, they were entirely red. In this moment, the mother was frozen with shock taking in what all her baby boy had done. The father came forward, threw the bird out of the boys hands, pulled him to his feet and took him out of the treehouse. The mother followed suit a moment later.

Once inside, the boy realized that his parents were upset, and he started throwing a fit because his dinner had just gotten taken away from him. His mother tried to calm him down, she tried to hold him, but when she put out her arms, she saw the blood on his shirt all over again and instead of hugging him, picked him up and put him in the shower.

While he was in the shower he started to plan. He knew what he needed to do.

After his shower his parents sat him down and tried to talk to him. They asked him why he had done what he did. He looked at them with puppy eyes and said he was trying to play doctor. He apologized for what he had done. His parents, still in shock of what had happened, seperated to calm down. Mother when to her room to lie down and father went to the living room to watch tv.

A few hours passed and the son started his plan. First his father. He went to his father and asked with puupy eyes, if they could play horse. His father recuctanly agreed and got on his hands and knees. The son climbed on his back and made him walk around the house. He then asked if his horse could go to the bathroom and drink from the tub; like a trough. Once his father started to pretend to drink from the tub, his son reached up to his head, hugged him around his neck, and slit his throat with a knife he had been hiding. The son finished his dinner.

In the morning when his mother woke up, she woke up in chains. Her hands and feet tied to the ends of the bed, her son sitting on her lap, dried blook on his shirt and mouth.

"You took away my dinner. Now you're in trouble mommy." With that he leaned down to his mothers stomach, lifted her shirt and took a bite. The son ate his breakfast.

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