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Don't be to quick to judge someone based on their lifestyle,
such as a person who lives on the streets, or a prostitute.
You never know their stories or what they had to go through.

Submitted: October 23, 2012

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Submitted: October 23, 2012






Every street corner

Every alley way

There you see her doing her thang,

Trying to make a buck or two


As you, pass her by

Don’t be too quick to criticize

And hurry to the other side of the street.


She is yet human, like you and I

Show her a little kindness

And some respect please

There is yet a beautiful woman

Yet under all that you see


If you want to hear her story

Maybe she will tell you

Why she is out here on these streets

Ask politely and she will tell you why.


Hear her story hear her cries.

“I was rapped, and abused as a kid.

I was picked on, and never liked.

I was the ugly one in the crowd

I didn’t stand out.”


As she speaks, tears form in her eyes

As she chuckles with a grin

And wipe the tears from her eyes

Remembering her past that she buried

So deep not to remember it again


My parents abandoned me

At twelve years old.

No one wanted to take me in

Because of my promiscuous way,

The would say,

There is the tunnel of death stay away.


I have been beat

I’ve done drugs

Drugs I can’t even name.

I get scared with every Joe I meet

I never know what to expect.


Some days are good and some days are bad,

But I wish I had it good like you,

Nice house with husband and kids,

I tried to get a nine to five


But no one wanted to hire a prostitute

I tried to go to school and get an education

But fell way behind.


I dropped out in middle school

Trying to make it on my own


Now I’m 45, years old

And living out her on the streets

I’m telling my story

Because I don’t want to see no one else

Go down this dead end road.”

Copyright © 2012 by Darlene Danaby

© Copyright 2018 Danaby08. All rights reserved.

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