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Tormented Child

Submitted: February 03, 2014

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Submitted: February 03, 2014




I remember being dragged through

the dirt in a tormented childhood 

I remember Dad’s words laced with poison

and Mom tossed acid on my tears

by saying no words to stop it and even joined it.

I remember that even though I was a small

and frail child that didn’t stop them 

these parents left me to

thrash about life with the pain

of their insults that tore at my soul. 

I remember because my spirit was crushed

I wore an unmistakable frown

visible were scars to my demeanor

the wounds of my heart were inimitable too

as was the damage to my character.

I remember Mom laughing

when I swallowed Clorox and

should’ve warned it wasn’t apple cider 

what I was left with was swallowing burnt tears

and I wondered all these years if anyone could tell.

I remember my sorrowfulness like

hot molten metal running over me but

what I never shared was the hurt

I kept it locked up and bound because

I only found judgment that silenced me.

I remember pressing on through to another year,

month, week, day and minute with

the blare in my head of the brutal belittlement

by my parents so evermore though

I carry the memory of those burnt tears! 


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