Teens Commiting Suicide Because Of Bullying

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It is about bullying and my experience with it.

Submitted: November 02, 2012

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Submitted: November 02, 2012



Teens Commiting Suicide Because Of Bullying


OPINION: Teenage suicide is on the rise because of bullying at school, online, etc. Bullies keep preying on the innocent and it is wrong. They are told they are ugly, disgusting, etc. I have been bullied since grade 6 and I am now in grade 11. So 5 years. I know what it is like to get bullied for who you are and how you look.


It disgusts me that these bullies think they have the right to bully other kids just because it is fun. I disagree with that. It is not ok and needs to stop. Teens are cutting and becoming depressed because of these nasty bullies. And some teens commit suicide because they are convinced that they are worthless and ugly.


Which is not true. We are not worthless. We are all gorgeous. It took me a long time to finally get the courage to tell someone about it. But by time I had already started cutting myself. Do not wait to tell. Do it before you end up like me with scars all over your body.

Talk to your family and anyone else that can deal with it for you.


Families are losing their children, brothers, sisters, etc because of bullying. And they don’t deserve to lose them just because bullies think it is ‘fun’. They deserve to live and now many children have lost that chance because they have commited suicide. Which is not fair to them. Stand up to the bullies and stop the bullying for good.


There was a point in my life where I felt worthless and ugly. I didn’t want to live anymore so one day after school I came home and raced upstairs. I grabbed my laptop cord and tried to strangle myself to death. Luckily my stepmom came in and stopped me.

That was 3 months ago. I am so happy to be alive right now.


Listen to me people. It is not worth it. It will get better. It got better for me. I now am happier and realize I am gorgeous and great the way I am. Don’t commit suicide. You deserve to live and experience all the world has to offer to you. Killing yourself won’t do anything. It will just tell the bullies that they have won and don’t let them win.


When it comes to verbal bullying, this type of bullying is the most common type with about 77 percent of all students being bullied verbally in some way or another including mental bullying or even verbal abuse. These types of bullying can also include spreading rumors, yelling obscenities or other derogatory terms based on an individual's race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, etc.


Out of the 77 percent of those bullied, 14 percent have a severe or bad reaction to the abuse, according to recent school bullying statistics. These numbers make up the students that experience poor self-esteem, depression, anxiety about going to school and even suicidal thoughts (bullycide) as a result of being bullied by their peers.


Bullying is preventable. It will only go away if we stand up together and say that we are not okay with the bullying. We all need to stand up. That is the only way that will stop this. Ignoring it is not the answer here. Bullying is horrible and cruel. Do not ignore it if you see it. Stand up for the person being bullied and also go tell someone. Please help stop bullying. It is not right at any level.


Written By: Dana Thompson

On November 1st 2012

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