Prince the Glutton

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At 4 in the morning, I heard the scratching of my cat's claws against the side of my bed. I awoke with a groggy understanding that something unusual was happening since he was usually patient until 8 o'clock. 

He meowed, with a sort of urgency.

“What is it, Prince?” I grumbled, popping out my ear plugs.

He meowed again, but this time a bit further away, wanting me to follow him out the bedroom.

For a moment I considered turning away and going back to sleep, but due to his highly unusual behavior I decided to let my curiosity take the best of me.

Did I feed him enough? I wondered, but that thought was quickly crossed out of my mind knowing that I had been properly portioning out his meals as per the veterinarian’s recommendations. Since he had been overweight for the majority of his life, I wanted to ensure that he was following a strict regime in order to prevent any medical issues down the line. Maybe he heard something that he wanted me to check out?

This thought had me on edge. I imagined an imaginary intruder waiting in the shadows to ambush me. But Prince's loud purrs had me grounded, reminding me that he would be throwing a hissy fit if a stranger was hidden inside of our apartment. 

“Then, what is it, Prince?” I asked, watching the cat trod his way over to his designated feeding spot, which was in front of a silver food bowl and a plastic bin full of dry food. “Are you serious?” I asked with a tinge of disbelief when I finally realized what he was so hung up on. 

I had forgotten to give him a lone kibble out of his usual portion. 

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Sun, February 26th, 2023 11:28pm

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