Atmosphere to Earth

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The Fall.

Submitted: April 02, 2013

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Submitted: April 02, 2013



I'll wake in space, above the Earth
And feel my skin grow hard.
It's cold up here, the atmosphere
Is miles down too far.

But gravity, it sings to me,
It pulls me down on through
The whistled wind, its growing thin
And clouds burst into view.

The sky is pink, like fire lit
Above a burning lake.
The sun explodes behind the rim
And ripples like a wake.

The countries mesh, the air is fresh,
And oceans spill on out.
The salty air, the morning glare,
My life is filled with doubt.

This always was, I see it now,
The planet set a glow.
And where was I? And tell me how
I should have - could have known.

That on my way, still falling fast,
And screaming through the air,
I could have seen this, or should have felt
The God from way down there.

The birds fall fast, then darting left,
And flying with a friend.
I'll hit the ground, that awful sound
I'd lived the grisly end.

The fall, I think, was all that I
Had done that wasn't Earth.
Earth is safe, but up in space,
It's paramount like birth.

A slap, a thud, a burst of blood,
I'm dead and on my way.
The fall, I see, was all my own.
I lived my life afraid.

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