The Galaxy

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The Galaxy

Submitted: April 07, 2013

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Submitted: April 07, 2013



Did you know that far away,
An ocean spits at the stars?
And did you know that in one day
That planet grows with scars?

Stripes of white light explode in the sky
They burn and they burst in the air.
Asteroids or rocks, all fiery hot,
Leave lines and holes and deep tears.

It turns and it hums, around the blue suns,
Those twins that glow in the sky.
Not blue, but light green, the ocean it seems
To live and to love and to die.

Like earth, this place, the creatures can walk.
Some fly and others, they swim.
It rains from above, but only because
The clouds are filled to the brim.

Oxygen no, not mostly, and so
They live on hydrogen rain.
The suns climb the sky - they never ask why.
The answer would drive them insane.

The fish, or some like, aquatic on through,
Tug at the seaweed and brine.
They spit at the sky - catch birds as they fly,
They die with nary a whine.

It's happening now, you'll see it or not,
It changes hardly a thing.
Look up at the stars, all riddles with bars
The world is stuck in a sling.

Like children at play, the wind on the bay,
The cosmos is teeming with life.
We're small and alone, but bridged by the phone
That swirls and cuts like a knife.

The thing that runs hot and swirls as one,
The hole that centers all things.
Deep at the core, the galaxies door,
Look up - we see the same thing.

We share it at night, through heartache and fright,
We love, we dance and we sing.
Our children live on, and bounce to the song,
Called \"Life and what does it mean?\"

It's far and away, but maybe someday,
The worlds will all be one thing.
One moon for one Earth, and so on through space,
One door that leads to their rings.

I'll knock if you won't, for who would give up
On such an impassible chance?
To make a new friend, a letter to send
That starts the cosmic romance.

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