The Day America Vanished

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Children Stories  |  House: Booksie Classic

When Aki Kazou travels back to the past no one thinks anything is going to go wrong. But when she sends a very important boat and its crew forward to the future, every possible thing goes wrong. People dissapear, the world starts to collapse and one question must be asked:
"What would happen if America never existed?"

Table of Contents

The Day America Vanished

For Lenore Mazy, it's just a long flight. For Juan de Medina, it's just a normal day on Christopher Columbus's ship. For Aki, it's a simple excursion to the past. For Sandy Jones, it's just a normal tuesday. For Mr.kaito, it's just another student learning the ropes.
However, these young men and women are soon to discover that it's not a normal day at all. It's the day that will change the lives of everyone on earth in a complex and riviting story with love, friendship, bad weather, ships, and of course, time travel. Read Chapter

I'll Be Alright

Chapter 2: I’ll be alright. 18 year old Aki gripped her long costumes skirts and ran out of the document and permits office and dow... Read Chapter

Just an utterly, completly, entriely, normal day, Really

Chapter 3: Just an utterly, completely, entirely, normal day. Really. Lenore Mazy stepped out of her bed, brushed a hand through her ... Read Chapter

I've Arrived

Chapter 4 : I’ve arrived Aki went tumbling forward, air pressing against her in all directions, her body twisting and turning madly... Read Chapter

A Gift From the Gods?

Chapter 5: A gift from the gods? Juan’s eyes fluttered open and  he was met by huge burst of sunlight. He bolted upwards and s... Read Chapter

Something's gone wrong

Chapter 6: Something’s gone wrong. Mr. Kaito watched as Aki disappeared in a flash of light. A sick feeling overcame him and he col... Read Chapter

Going down

Chapter 7: Going down. Lenore practically collapsed, staring outside at the mass of trees and sky and nothing else. She clutched at J... Read Chapter

Hola, Adios

Chapter 8: Hola, Adios. “Como de Illamas?” The Spanish woman asked, approaching Aki. Aki stood stock still. That was Spanish for... Read Chapter